Memoir :: A Splendid retreat -Part 1

Memoir :: A Splendid retreat -Part 1

Let me quote a saying –You can always make money but you can’t always make Memories! So let’s indulge &create a memoir for us to relish our lives 🙂

So it started with evaluation amongst  –Beaches ?? Snow ?? Historical places?? & we settled with a combo of Beaches+Adventure , hitting the land of Sugarcane ,land of scintillating beaches ,the Island of “Mauritius” –ILE MAURICE

Handling butterflies in stomach for nearly a month, with mad waves gushing my face, finally the D-Day had arrived which brought along with it an “eternal one week happiness” In me 😉With last moment packing on the cards, our journey to Delhi Airport began, to catch early morning flight of 5:00 AM.

No sense of drowsiness in the eyes; glittering all around with the sense of adventure hidden in the days which were to come. Flight took off ,with an estimated time of travel as 7.30 hrs ,every moment on the map on the screen depicted the movement crossing Mumbai ,Indian Ocean ,Maldives & then we landed on our destination :Mauritius .

Local travel agent picked us from the airport to start a 40 min journey to our Hotel.Those 40 min never seemed tiring ,so enthralling while moving from the natural passages ,agent narrating the history,likes ,dislikes of the place .

Glimpse of Beach side view

Ever heard of Mountains as “Sleeping Lady” ,Gorillas? Astonished ,how could mountains be called so? But oh! It was actually, the shape & the curves of the top of mountains actually made us felt of a lady sleeping on the mountain. Giving an ear to the facts viz-With a population of 13 lacs ,with 52% Indian origin ,economy thriving on Tourism & Sugarcane cultivation ,Compulsory French & English languages ,came our Hotel “Sofitel” ,with one of the Most stupendous private beaches of Mauritius.

It earmarked with an affectionate hospitality with the Welcome fresh drink & Luncheon ,post which we landed to our alluring beach.

Sun shining amidst the clouds ,playing hide & seek ,gigantic ocean ,elegant “nariyal trees” on the sea shore ,multiple sea beds & tourists having  a leisure time  sunbathing firmed our decision to land here & while pondering on the corners of sea, I just exclaimed “What a Gorgeousness ,delighted to be in the Lap of Nature”!

A slow Kayaking, little steps in the deep sea acted as preparatory for the forthcoming days full of escapades & soon we landed for the dinner , a lip smacking buffet ,with wide assortment of delicacies.

Sofitel’s private beach & sea side!! Huge tides coming..Day1:  Next morning was symbolized with the broken silence , birdies chirping all way ,huge waves gushing the beaches ,light yellow orange rays coming amidst the clouds .Enticed by the picturesque landscape ,we captured those moments .

This day was embarked with the Stop over to One of the biggest Botanical Gardens (Pampelmousses),crafted by never seen varieties of trees as “Bleeding tree” ,Snake tree ,Star tree & many other century old varieties planted by the biggies of various countries(even Indira Gandhi ,JL Nehru) ,which was followed by a lone “fort” of Mauritius located at the heart of Port Louis (Capital city).

Look the Snake/Star shaped trees…One of them planted by Manmohan Singh!

Little related with the history ,this visit was marked with capturing the island & nearby industries on the port from the top via telescope. This was followed with the most happening & prime location of Port Louis –”Caudan water front” encompassing the most famous Casinos for the try & Multi flavored alcoholic/Plain Sugarcane juice(pretty costly ,a glass of plain juice would cost nearly 100 Mauritius Rupee) .Hustle bustle place with numerous factories for export& import ,a place with great eateries ,all Pizza Chains ,Indian Restraunt ,Money Exchangers ,& few walk down the lane leading to Local Mauritian Market encompassing Clothing & Electronic lines.

Look of “Caudan Water front” Port from the Fort!This pretty relaxed day was stimulated with the “Evening Beverage pool& beach side” Party .Light Instrumental music, soothing milieu ,mesmerizing & calm beach ,light drinks in the moonlight, followed with the Dinner ,live rock band performances ,all the way singing & dancing! Fully tranquilized, this can be called as “Love at first sight” & I had to believe this love all for moreJ.

Musical Evenings!!

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