Gadget –O- King …Asus !!


Being a technocrat professional which demands quick updates on the embedded technology, innovative features, Pricing & finding out the value for money product has kept me on toes from past 2 years with respect to handsets /Tabs/E-Books .By the way, at the back of my mind ,PC’s or the desktops seemed to be a gone history ,with limited utility & usage mainly restricted to Offices .

But, it seems ASUS has inculcated so many innovative & interesting features in its All-In-One PC ET2040 that PC industry is gonna see a growth in its sale trajectory. Instead of All –in –one, I should name it, Innovative-Modern All in One PC suitable for all genres. I really loved 2 features of ET2040:

  1. 1 hour of Backup power, even when the lights turn off? Isn’t that good, to keep your work on the same pace without any hindrance ,especially when you know that it’ll last for an hour? I guess, you have ample time to complete tasks on hand ,to save & prevent sudden file corruption /lost data ,which is a major problem in areas with poor power backup ,with every line typed there has to be Ctrl+S with fear of losing the data worked upon! Hell, I’ve experienced what it calls for, energy drainer to know that the complete data worked upon has been lost ,& that too ‘coz of the power in today’s world! This PC is bound to ensure no such hiccups in your life 🙂
  2. The Brilliant Gesture Control system: “The NO –Touch feature!! Just a thumb up from max. Distance of 5mts, will play the video or the song, hey I bet U gonna have crush on these features! Shh…A hush sign to “mute”, waving enabling Flipping, & Fist to control volumes?? Great, now there is no need to rush from the kitchen to enhance the volume or play the video I love to hear. Thanks, Asus for making it a Techno –Modern day friend of mine. These two form the bigger picture ensuring initial crush ,but there are more to follow as Smart Charging with Ultra fast 3.0USB,recharging our very much used Smartphones cum whats app devices;) ,draining their batteries heavily upto 50times faster compared to USB2.0 & not just charging ,even transferring the data from PC to Tablet or vice versa is much more faster than the current & above all ,Intel processor ,synonym of speed is dam sure to lighten up our life ,enhance multi-tasking without any unresponsive pages. Its sleek design of 19.5-Inch HD screen is also a thumb up from my side. Isn’t it convincing from ASUS to have hands on & a must buy product for our home ,Do try out! Guys do check the links mentioned for a quick overview on these devices, come fall in love & nurture them by buying if you like !


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Along with the rejuvenation of PC ,I found ASUS Eee Book X205 equally convincing with its compactness of 1.75 Cm sleekness & light in weight modality ,which gives it an immense appeal .Built in with Quad core processor & Intel ATOM processor, ensuring again the multi tasking feature with great speed & much easiness for today’s women ,where in we need to be live on social media apps ,kitchen recipe apps &side by side clicking pics & videos & demand all of them to work simultaneously on a super fast speed. All this is ensured by the New Generation ASUS devices mentioned .

Guys do check the links mentioned for a quick overview on these devices, Come fall in love & nurture them by buying if you like !

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ASUS EeeBook X205TA & ASUS All In One PC ET2040.



Dil Se re…!!!

Valentine, Crush ,Love ,Romance ,Rosy feeling, Happiness. … Wow! This defines a fantasy world in everyone’s life which is sure to sparkle our eyes & create a sense of ecstasy in our lives.

SO, the word Love entered in my life some years ago,a slow migration from tuition mates to friendship to love. It all started with great sense of admiration wrt studies, solving those mind boggling Physics questionnaires & those Organic chemistry equations .Very slowly these equations started weaving in my life , me considering “My to be love” as a “Fire Brigadier” to all dilemmas of my life be it Personal & professional ,counting on him for all small mature suggestions in every sphere of my life .Living in different cities never played an evil sport & the cupid started playing the “clever game” ,the more we played ,the closer we got —As mentioned by Closeup J .

Some 2 years passed by posing the relation as of Friend but somewhere at the bottom, special feelings had started crawling ,finding moments by hook or crook, to spend some precious time together ,laughing on silly jokes , rejoicing counter choices ,huge impressive shopping sprees .But ,the brick had to crack one day ,those feelings highly nurtured had to be spoken of one day! But that was pretty uncertain if the same rhythmical feeling had been propped up on the other side, or was it just friendship or nothing , but just infatuation??

Being a management graduate ,I have more beliefs in graphs & PPT’s ,pulling me into a Love –friendship analysis ,a Multiple choice questionnaire of some 20 problems & me trying to answer them from 2 different angles ,one as a friend & one as a lover!! & the analysis is perfect & more happier..Cupid is playing games on both sides.. yes ,it seems love is flourishing ,& both of us are just waiting for a perfect moment to relay those precious ,valuable emotions to one another. But, how could that be a simple exchange of few words? This had to be special, something that would be memorable for life time, and something that would just express the quantum of Love which was flowing throughout me!

SO the creative mind began its work …sitting on knees to propose the guy ? Create a podcast proposal & upload in the mobile? Prepare a hamper of goodies with a sticky note of “I love U” in it? Call up for a Romantic dinner & propose by note in champagne bottle?? No,No ,No ,none of these struck my chords with the same zeal which I felt inside on having his first look. Something more creative had to be worked upon!

So, here comes the planning, a complete day,a proposal plan on the V-Day , since morning to evening, a 24 hr plan to relay my feelings ,to make him feel special & show the intensity of my love!

The morning will witness something very different, the rays of sun will bring sunshine in our life, The morning green tea will have a Red rose & a card stating “Thanks for being in my life” !! That’s definitely gonna create a buzz & expectation of more surprises J

I’m gonna Steal his Digi camera & head straight to his favorite spot “Majestic Fort” carrying the posters of several words as “Do you Love me? Will you be the special angel of my life” ,A video of them holding each one in different pose with just my hand & those posters to be filmed by my friend & the keep it back in his laptop bag ..SO that would amuse him all the more…God, would love to capture his expressions, No. .It has to be a surprise, I’ll not be close to himJ

Then would be a hand -made sheet letter ,a letter stating his significance in my life ,why he means so much to me ,why I wish him to be my part in every corner of my life ,why I just want HIM!! A letter placed in his Amirah, which would be bound to be opened by noon;)

The next on plate ,In the eve something fascinating ,Turn off the lights of his apartment & the path leading to it ,lightening it with the trail of candles forming the boundary of something special baked by me ,A chocolate strawberry cake with the wafer quoting ,DO you love me?& heart shaped cookies, mentioning my love  for him! That would be scintillating, won’t it be? Every moment he would be wishing for the next round of sweet surprise, expecting a never ending day ,I guess so;)

Well , shouldn’t a small Invitation card be attached inviting him for the special gala dinner party hosted by me @ one of his favorite cafe? Yeah, that would work  ,so while penning down ,I wish to make a small invitation card with “ Meet you My Love @ Hotel ,would love to wait & get your glimpse at 8:00Pm”

Butterflies in my stomach, feeling myself super-duper excited, thrilled to propose him face to face ,energized to give him my best look. .Amongst, this entire clock will hit 8PM & yes I’ll be well ahead of time.

Hopefully ,No nervousness would cloud ,the round table with silver white chairs ,decorated with red roses ,red & pink rose bouquet awaiting Someone special ,His arrival to be marked by hotel staff receiving him ,presenting him with a ”Collage & a small pictorial representation” , reflecting the highlights from the time jab we met ,the first glimpse of a serious studious guy ,to the mentor ,to the problem solver ,to the most amazing friend ,& now Love of my life ,& I would be there behind him ,enjoying every moment he looks at the video & for the first time in day to smell him ,to smell his feelings ,his love! Can’t I pre-pone V-day? I’m high on my tunes, on my plan 😉

So the end of video will embark me bending on the knees & offering him a rose & propose him & hear a YES to get his warm hug!!

Plans disclosed till now, Post that, my experience will be shared later 😉

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Lost passion to Lost in Passion

Things that Define me?!!
Working Marketing professional ,A mother &homemaker wandering across on weekends ,narrating them in the form of my writing passion ….This relates to my small world with lots & pots of zeal to conquer every moment ,to explore the unexplored ,to spend life travelling across ,kicking myself into acts of adrenaline rush ,& at the end of the day to be an innocent & lively girl of my parents ,to be the best love of my hubby & the Best mother of my 5 month old kid”!!!

Every person on this planet has some passion, some innate distinctive eminence which distinguishes one personality from another. It’s not just the uniqueness of the finger prints, but matchless adjectives ,exclusive hobbies that group together to form an identity.

The generalized formula to describe one would be : Adjectives +Passions & Hobbies

Well ,the adjectives that form me ,my personality ,in accordance with my name – JHILMIL = Joyous or Jocular (for my KID), Hearty, Intellectual, Lively, Meticulous Mom ;), Industrious, Lovable Wifey;) !

& Indeed most of them in some combination & with some extra’s as Possessiveness, Care, Responsible are innate qualities of a Women ,of a Mother.

So being a working Mother of a Kid ,it is not just a single passion yet alive in me ,but complete bouquet of passion to cater to my “Chanchal Mann”. Being grown up in a service class family ,with both parents working ,independence reigned me very soon .Being the youngest & the most loving kid in the family ,I was a victim of high expectations ,&targeted as “Parents dream Achiever “not just with respect to studies ,but in all extra-curricular activities be it sports or Dancing or Singing or Elocutions ,or Poetry or Drawing. Dragged into all ,I was not just a trained Kathak dancer but at the same time was Black Belt in karate ,100m Winner athlete, fine skilled in sketching (winning many competitions in School & district level) ,& a poetry reciting girl in many “Kavi sammelan’s” (poetry formed by my dad ,with great work in Urdu & Hindi) .All this instilled a sense of all round ambition in me! This ambition further grew as I went for higher studies & gave me a great success in my Graduation& MBA by winning a Gold Medal in both!

But all this while ,to fulfil my parents dreams, dreams which I saw in their eyes , which they could not achieve for themselves & in this journey of achieving immense happiness for them ,I somehow lost myself ,my & only my passions (which were sketching ,Writing articles & Blogs ,Travelling & opting for adventure activities ,exploring arts & local cuisines)

 So, losing on my actual passions in the passage of Life , I realized some time back ,with my husband pitching me strong enough to re-live my happy moments ,to enjoy what I actually love doing the most ,& then started my journey of so called “What it calls for -To re-live passion” !

I started all through, beginning with my profound love for pencil sketching ,which grew leaps & bounds ,from writing up my personal diary to Travel blogs & now to tech & Motherhood blogs ,from not just travelling for the sake to see but travelling for the sake to live my life on thrills ,on adventure ,to pounce on food not just to fill tummy, but to relish delicacies (although Veg. ) wherever I’am:)


Me being adventure Junkie, made me opt for activities as :

High tide rafting in Rishikesh ,Ladhak ,Teesta (gangtok) ,which unnerved my notion of rafting as a “Joyous merri -time ride”, while exploring level 3& 4 Rafting , Splendid, simply superb my heart pounding loud enough upon this achievement ,as I screamed , yelled ,tears flowing down the eyes with a smile on the faces thanking GOD for giving me such a scintillating memories of all our lives.
 40ft high Cliff jumping : An unnerving, sensation less feeling ,sudden shivering of hands & legs, face turning pale & driving me numb all  through, standing at the edge of the hillock .Thinking & praying all the Gods & pardoning for all misdeeds ,I just wished GOD to be my saviour  & yes I did it ,I plunged myself from this height into the hands of Ma Ganga. No words of Oxford could have ever described those flash of moments ,as soon as I bumped deep in the river & came out with loud thump with a sense of satisfaction !
 Under Sea Walk : With the turbulent water currents, strong weights put around my waist ,huge mask ,I was not even able to stand & I had to walk  ,this took little time to understand the underwater moves but it became an auto function soon, once we were surrounded by colourful corals ,beautiful yellow ,blue fishes  swimming around us & we giving small bread pieces to those beautiful free living creatures. Amazed to see huge corals ,all of different shapes! Simply Incredible tour of the under sea life !
 The Ultimate Sky Ride “Parasailing” : Tied up from our legs holding the strings of parachute set in a specific pose ,marked our readiness to fly high in the skies..1 minute more & yes it went up ,up & more up ,more high in the deep blue sky.Amazing ,no word could’ve explained that moment ,eyes wide opened ,peeping the surroundings ,across the vast ocean down ,our friends ,waving at us. Peeping down just shivered me ,as we sensed highness from the ocean. Simply Scintillating!
 A Gallantry act of Walk with Lions for 45 min: How to explain the moment seeing at two huge Lions coming out & marching straight towards us ,What a moment that was ,hearts beating in sync (more than 200 beats) ,body shivering & turning pale , but at the same moment this fabulous scene made us fall in love with the Majestic beasts. NO reservations against calling this as “WONDER OF WORLD” ,an adventure never to miss ,FEAR FACTOR & enthralling moment ,Panic & ecstatic feelings ,all gushing at the same time !

& many more thrills as Kayaking ,jet skiing ,Swimming with Dolphins ,Submarine ride ,Jungle adventures !

Apart from the thrill ,I found a love with my newly discovered Passion post marriage, that of cooking ,specially Baking Cakes (from the simplest vanilla cake, to have with coffee during leisure & reading time ,to the Apple crunchy cake, Carrot cake ,Marble &strawberry –Choco cheese cakes ),muffins as Choco & Banana muffins ,Garlic breads ,Various Italian delicacies (turning out to google for all brilliant recipes & copying with pride) .This has soaked me with immense happiness as a great cook & an ever-learning cook:)

It seems ,with the advent of every new phase in life ,with a broad open mind one does fall prey for many interests ,& I discovered a new passion of “Human Photography” with the onset of my Baby ! Well ,never into the pictorial mood for humans( yes ,I was an Avid photographer of Nature ,Of those humongous mountains, barren or snow clad ,free flowing river ,mesmerizing Flora & fauna during Safari’s) ,but arrival of my baby turned on my Photography genes which indulged me to upgrade from click & shoot camera to DSLR camera .Now the day passes photographing my kido in different swings ,moods actions & this is growing further to capture surrounding human emotions & art related to it.

Well, my list of passions is never gonna recede but will keep on flourishing with new statures ,new endeavours in life ,to give life a new meaning ,a new definition altogether.

 So ,I guess I can dynamically term myself ,A Traveloholic Professional Mother ,with great interests in Sketching, Photography & Food tasting cum cooking!

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Child Health & Dabur Chyawanprash…Janmo ke saathi!

Well who could have explained Motherhood in this world? I believe this emotion, this word “Motherhood” is impeccable & a divine word in the Oxford!

All the adjectives ,beginning with the Pain (a mother takes during labor) ,to the tears of happiness (once the tender fingers of newborn touches her) ,to the inquisitiveness(of rearing the child) ,to the ecstasy (on seeing the very first smile) ,to the anguish(to hear the cries) ,to the merriment (when he hugs you for the first time)describe the road to Motherhood.!! Well, I never knew that my expedition to “Motherhood” could actually be such a thrill in itself.

The pleasure a child brings into the life, just like a rose blooms from the petal, so naïve ,so bright ,so delightful, so beautiful, so charming ,it twinkles up your smile.

To enjoy that beauty of Motherhood, a Mother is always into the action mode for her kid, from making a kid comfortable ,to dressing ,nursing ,playing ,loving ,hugging  ,caring & so much more.. But amongst the happiness, there comes pain when that tender bud gets sick, when our source of happiness becomes sad, unable to express the feelings& the family gets panic stricken.

Well, nonetheless how much care parent takes ,& especially in the Delhi winters ,it seems a child is bound to get could ,cough ,fever & here comes the real challenge & the fight .In current scenario ,as soon as the child contracts sickness, one rushes to the diagnostic centre & all forms of antibiotics are given to the child ,so that an early recovery takes place. But, are we aware that these antibiotics cum medicines are destroying the Immune system from developing more strong? These are the initial pains from which a child & parent suffer, but instead of introducing the child to Medications (which become resistant very soon in life), why can’t we opt for Home /Natural remedies ,which believe in removing the disease from the roots.

Presence& Importance of various Jadi booties, various fruits has been narrated not only in Ayurveda , but has been of International importance. Since a kid ,I have always seen an importance of natural remedies ,& in every winters for 4 months we were always introduced to “Dabur Chyawanprash”to boost up our Immune system due to the presence of ingredients as “Amla ,(a major source of Vitamin C ,capable of healing many problems & increases the immunity towards any disease );Pippali (a digestive ingredient & immune system booster),Bala (Improved Metabolism),Mustak ( An anti inflammatory agent),Honey (a natural form of sweetness ,strengthens circulatory system, prevents cough, boosts Immune system ) ,Turmeric (Treats Cold ,has anti fungal & anti bacterial properties, a great anti-oxidant in itself  ) & so many more than 25-30 herbs & plant extracts

Now just question oneself, is any medication required, when we can find that many beneficial herb s& that too in just one mixture i.e. Chyawanprash? Shouldn’t it be a compulsory & mandatory in Kitchen shelf & a regular consumption in our lives?

A strengthened immunity cuts the diseases, protects against illness & energises one to lead a hearty & healthy life!

Opt for Chyawanprash & opt for Illness free Life to enjoy all the ecstasies of motherhood, of a parent & forget what disease means to a kid!

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I’m MOM -Master of Multitasking: My Journey from Or to And

 My Journey from “Or to And”

There cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard. There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives” – Hillary Rodham Clinton


Is women born to make sacrifices, to forgo her plans of life initially for the happiness of her parents, then for Husband & In laws & then for her Kids?
But the question comes as to Why only Women?? It has more to do with the Indian culture, the society we live in & the values in which we have been brought up ,the society which still assumes woman handling the sole responsibility of taking care of home & her family ,of nurturing the child ,but it has never ever thought of the working woman looking after home & nurturing the child .

Men ,if you ever wanna know what a woman’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2857 tabs open all the time ! She is multi-tasking!

Why are we assumed to perform only one task at a time ,Is it just an extension to the older times when women were confined to homes & men were treated as bread earners ?Why even when researches dominate that women are Multi tasker’s, as a result of their better planning & strategies ,our families still constrain us to go for the option of “OR” & most of the times that OR ,as per the family is opined towards betterment of family ,but to ask us ,it actually dwindles away the hopes & ambition of a women .A woman can easily manage a Lion’s share of household & childcare chores ,along with the sense of full or part time work ,which is because we tend to equate priorities ,organize our responsibilities& don’t just jump into. Studies say that “women might possess higher level of cognitive control than men wrt planning, monitoring and inhibiting behaviour”.

Well I believe ,that most of the Indian women might have faced these challenges in their lives & post resentment ,One would have fallen prey to family wishes discarding self inner feelings to pose as an idealistic Daughter or Wife or Mother. Bust ,just ask yourself ,are you so weak that to explore & nurture your ideas ,your ambition ,you need to fall prey to those emotional stings? We, The women have the qualities to dissuade, to convince our families & we are the best force to prove that we alone can handle & justify numerous tasks with 100% efficiency & competency.


Well ,like all I have also faced few instances wherein I was de-motivated (on the name of justice to role)& forced to opt for single role in the family ,but I was not the one to let my ambition pass away that soon ..I went ,I ran & caught them ,savoured the fruits of my ambition & corroborated my success not by judging the best responsibility done ,but by exemplifying myself as an “Epitome of Modern day Women ,a confident women ,who can manage her numerous roles hand in hand & that too with utmost ecstasy & excellence”.

So it all began ,(post 3 years of marriage)with elderly pressure flowing in on high, to expand the family ,but as these days ,wherein both the partners are working ,ambitious about their career & growth in life ,this tricky situation calls for a genuine delay & takes a toll on one ,especially on the feminine part of the wheel…But yes ,few questions kept pondering me then ,How long will I delay it? One day I’ll have to enter Motherhood & sensing a strong signal of taking a sabbatical from work to be a care taker. Would any of my family be there to support my desire of working post baby? Am I ready to take the responsibility of entering into the phase of motherhood? Can I nurture the child with full justice? My ambition towards my career will anytime be an impediment to this decision, whether it’s taken today or later on.
All these questions hovered around my mind, & after a huge bewilderment ,I was firm…My decision was yes ,I’ll enter into the phase ,let me take the life as it comes ,I’m not that weak to surrender my passion ,my charm. There needs to be 200% justice to both the objectives of Motherhood as well as of the Profession, the profession which gives you everything, from leading a desired lifestyle to the social significance & Motherhood ,which gives you the immense pleasure of life.

As was expected ,with the happiness ushering out of the little innocent tender baby ,it was at the back of the minds of my family ,to define & restrict me to only one role ,that of motherhood. & one day over the discussion ,this decision was enforced on me to quit my Profession & be a good Homemaker & caretaker of my kid ,none bothering to question my aspirations ,none hoping to find some mid solution to my ambition ,instead I was filled with so much of scepticism ,that if I opted for Job this time ,It would have filled me with deep guilt & would have proved that I could not be a good mother & been fair with my little kid. In their thoughts, The duty of a mother is only to care & up-bring her child.

Days & weeks passed by ,with the same thought pondering me ,but as my leaves came to an end ,I wanted to face this world booming with self confidence & make a new start by handling my profession as well as enjoying motherhood..

Our female leaders have all emerged out of these situations & this is the moment wherein a women needs to be balanced emotionally as well as intellectually! If Arundhati Bhattacharya ,Chanda Kochar , Kristin Armstrong could have done it few years back ,why can’t I? They have been my role models & I have to earn my name for the uphill tasks I’ve dealt in.

Few battles are worth fighting ,so, pretty decisive of not calling it a quit & enter into sabbatical, I went for a discussion with my management to impart some flexibility & I was so very thrilled on the first few words of my Manager ,A senior Vice president of the organization “ We feel women can handle multi-dimensional things & all at the same moment ,we believe that you are capable of doing justice to both the arduous professions & we ensure to be completely flexible & lend out support to fulfil both the chores” ! What else God! These words radiated a new Joy ,new shine & acted as morale booster to be proud of my decision to join back some 15 days later.

Well ,there was no looking back ,I drove swiftly back to my home to share my happiness with my husband & to my belief ,my husband stood out with me ,embracing my thoughts ..What a respite that was! Suddenly winds seemed to be blowing from other end ,calming me down ,inducing productive thoughts ,ushering a new ray of cheerfulness around me. Quickly entered into the mode of employing a fulltime helper (known to me for past 2 years),training her to feed my baby ,sing lullabies , to make him sleep, play with him, during few 3-4 hours when I would be at my office .Observing her for a week gave a thumbs up ,as my darling gelled with the good caretaker. Belief was the biggest factor ,in the absence of any family member ,keeping the kid alone with the helper even for an hour was tedious ,but yes our mutual faith made it happen!

Preparations for my Day1 at office began ,rescheduling all the work timelines ,prioritizing them ,making my baby comfortable ,feeding &massaging him ,cooking lunch was what I was supposed to do before my day started at office & I did complete all the tasks in hand on time ,with very much the same passion& warmth as it was earlier! Returning from office demanded my baby’s bathing ,changing ,feeding ,playing ,to be his mini Joker , more kiddish & big chatterbox, singing all self –formed lullabies ,talking all non sense ,making silly faces & laughing from nowhere ,just to see smile & happiness on his face, sharing all these intimate moments with him to show my love ,compassion & care for him.(& yes making presentations ,data mining, in between for the office work)
Day 1 was super anxious ,meeting all the colleagues ,answering their queries ,it was a wonderful re-union I felt !It was also an inspiring moment for 2 of my female colleagues who were expecting in some time(& with the same circumstances of family apprehensions ,nuclear family stand) ,this feeling to motivate them ,to steer them towards their sense of independence became my aspiration ,I yearning for them to not chose “OR” but be a part of “AND” fraternity & celebrate the happiness of life!
It’s been some 3-3.5 months now ,though things have become pretty hectic but it has not drained me .A look at my life ,my baby de-stresses me out completely & I’ve discovered a new energy in my working styles. I can proudly say that I’m giving my 100% to both my love (Motherhood & profession) & none of my responsibility stands out neglected or undermined. My aspiration to touch pinnacles in my career, along with blessing my kid with all “Sanskaras” ,all support to let him grow into a confident,responsible young man remain intact!
Well ,on a lighter note ,I’m not just managing 2 biggest tasks hand in hand…But yes my first passion ,my first love (before my profession & kid came into my life) –my write ups in the form of Blogs ,keep kindling me up & spreaden the aura of radiance around me..

So I’m a happy Manager ,An ecstatic Mother ,A thrilled Blogger ,A magnificent Home maker & A Contented Human Being!

Hats off to the modern women!! Welcome us & help us inspire many more!

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