Part II -.My road to Motherhood!

Continuing from Part I—-

Finally ,I welcomed the D-day ,receiving good luck wishes from all dear ones ,& pretty confidently approached the Maternity care .But hell ,just a look & though of the operation theatre swung my BP to 160+ (I had never been admitted to hospital before that & never saw OT) .

But as destiny wanted ,all went well & I gave birth to lil baby boy. Just heard from the doc that it was a sweet baby boy & no one could have imagined the question I asked ,Doc ,does he have straight hair or curly & to the utter surprise of doc on listening she told ,its straight( this question made her laugh & curious in OT until she came out& saw my hubby with super curly hair ,which made her curiosity clear & she just laughed away;)).Post knowing the weight ,hair & the gender ,I was into deep unconscious state & in pain when I regained my consciousness ,I just exclaimed..OMG! Look he is so small, so delicate bringing smile & a sense of joy within me. Till 3-4 days there was not much I could do to my lil one ,not even love him as he had contracted jaundice ,so I was eager to return back home post his recovery.

Day 5th ushered a new emotion in me ,that of a mother ,a synonym of Love ,care ,hope ,smile & that was what I felt on hugging my Little kid ,on having such a serene look on his face ,on touching his tender fingers ,on pulling him so close to me ,to feel our shared warmth & that was the moment of such a pleasure ,of fulfillment ,of a strong bond of love towards him. No word in oxford can ever describe those feelings .It was such tender & affectionate moment ,that I felt ,if I wouldn’t have opted for this new phase in concern with my career ,it would have been an unwise decision out of me!

The test of patience begins henceforth ,test of understanding ,tranquility & love .The biggest fall out is unable to empathize the cries of child (when all potential reasons have been tried) ,to shower the love along with the frustration of hearing out cries;) ,to get aware of unending sleepless night trails (I’m still facing it ,even when my child is 4.5 months old) & if suddenly you get chance to sleep cozily ,you get bouts of something wrong;) ,Well these are just small parts ,crankiness ,cries ,waking up at nights ,frequent nappy/diapering changes, potty washing ,drooling ,feeding frequently ,which takes away 80% of your time & your life ,but those remaining 20% of the time ,in which your kid smiles ,plays ,talks(words not yet de-coded;)) ,does various activities ,with a new activity every day actually drains that 80% somewhere in the corner which you don’t even remember or wish to;)


SO this is the first part of my blog on Motherhood experiences, & in this short period of 4.5 months I’v definitely become a mini Joker , little kiddish & a big big chatterbox, singing all self –formed lullabies ,talking all non sense ,making silly faces & laughing from nowhere..Guys, don’t treat me mad reading this out as I guess this has just begun as my lil one has started recognizing the surroundings& enjoying our exclusive company now & will become more playful & expressive soon .I’ll share many more posts every quarter sharing up my feeling, expressions & even more notable journey in coming months when he’ll be able to sit ,crawl & make life more arduous but more n more exhilarating!!

Till then no Adieu(as this is just the start;)) ,looking up for more frenzied memorable moments!!

2 thoughts on “Part II -.My road to Motherhood!

  1. It is not an easy task to express your feelings on motherhood which you are living today.but you have expressed your feelings beautifully. Keep writing


  2. Truly Truly Truly amazing…loved every bit of motherhood experience with my cutiest Aaru.
    Keep expressing….wht it is like growing up as a mom


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