Child Health & Dabur Chyawanprash…Janmo ke saathi!

Well who could have explained Motherhood in this world? I believe this emotion, this word “Motherhood” is impeccable & a divine word in the Oxford!

All the adjectives ,beginning with the Pain (a mother takes during labor) ,to the tears of happiness (once the tender fingers of newborn touches her) ,to the inquisitiveness(of rearing the child) ,to the ecstasy (on seeing the very first smile) ,to the anguish(to hear the cries) ,to the merriment (when he hugs you for the first time)describe the road to Motherhood.!! Well, I never knew that my expedition to “Motherhood” could actually be such a thrill in itself.

The pleasure a child brings into the life, just like a rose blooms from the petal, so naïve ,so bright ,so delightful, so beautiful, so charming ,it twinkles up your smile.

To enjoy that beauty of Motherhood, a Mother is always into the action mode for her kid, from making a kid comfortable ,to dressing ,nursing ,playing ,loving ,hugging  ,caring & so much more.. But amongst the happiness, there comes pain when that tender bud gets sick, when our source of happiness becomes sad, unable to express the feelings& the family gets panic stricken.

Well, nonetheless how much care parent takes ,& especially in the Delhi winters ,it seems a child is bound to get could ,cough ,fever & here comes the real challenge & the fight .In current scenario ,as soon as the child contracts sickness, one rushes to the diagnostic centre & all forms of antibiotics are given to the child ,so that an early recovery takes place. But, are we aware that these antibiotics cum medicines are destroying the Immune system from developing more strong? These are the initial pains from which a child & parent suffer, but instead of introducing the child to Medications (which become resistant very soon in life), why can’t we opt for Home /Natural remedies ,which believe in removing the disease from the roots.

Presence& Importance of various Jadi booties, various fruits has been narrated not only in Ayurveda , but has been of International importance. Since a kid ,I have always seen an importance of natural remedies ,& in every winters for 4 months we were always introduced to “Dabur Chyawanprash”to boost up our Immune system due to the presence of ingredients as “Amla ,(a major source of Vitamin C ,capable of healing many problems & increases the immunity towards any disease );Pippali (a digestive ingredient & immune system booster),Bala (Improved Metabolism),Mustak ( An anti inflammatory agent),Honey (a natural form of sweetness ,strengthens circulatory system, prevents cough, boosts Immune system ) ,Turmeric (Treats Cold ,has anti fungal & anti bacterial properties, a great anti-oxidant in itself  ) & so many more than 25-30 herbs & plant extracts

Now just question oneself, is any medication required, when we can find that many beneficial herb s& that too in just one mixture i.e. Chyawanprash? Shouldn’t it be a compulsory & mandatory in Kitchen shelf & a regular consumption in our lives?

A strengthened immunity cuts the diseases, protects against illness & energises one to lead a hearty & healthy life!

Opt for Chyawanprash & opt for Illness free Life to enjoy all the ecstasies of motherhood, of a parent & forget what disease means to a kid!

This post has been written for Dabur Chyawanprash in association with IndiBlogger

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