Cupid…Love…Electrifying tenderness!!

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” William Shakespeare

Love knows no boundaries; Love knows no limits.. For me ,Love is the synonym of limitless craziness!!

Well! The fragrance of Love, Valentine, Crush, Romance ,Rosy feeling, Happiness smells so soothing. Wow! This defines a fantasy world in everyone’s life which is sure to sparkle our eyes & create a sense of ecstasy & sensational merriment in our lives.

                                       Here goes the Cupid Play..


Hey gal, how long you gonna just keep those beautiful tender feelings within you..I don’t like bondages..Set me free..Express me out ..Don’t be too late..

   Ah Dear Cupid! I agree, my heart is thumping heavily ,my hormones are gushing ,My eyes are sparkling ,My lips are smiling ,My mind is strolling in the lanes of memoirs, Cupid ,I’m deeply in love…You are such a breathtaking emotion ,so pure ,so live ,you are a bliss ..

Oh yes ,I’am ,I elate your life ,but render the feelings to better half ,What are you waiting for?

  Nothing my angel..Let my proposal have a base of craziness, Flavor of madness, essence of amusement, with the topping of overflowing extra cheesy Love..I’m in search of such proposal to ensure it as the most prized moment of our lives!

Come !Let me go Wild! Let me show you the path of wildness …the path of Electrifying Love!!

electrfying love

So, the word Love entered in my life some years ago,a slow migration from tuition mates to friendship to love. It all started with great sense of admiration wrt studies, solving those mind boggling Physics questionnaires & those Organic chemistry equations .Very slowly these equations started weaving in my life , me considering “My to be love” as a “Fire Brigadier” to all dilemma’s of my life be it Personal & professional ,counting on him for all small mature suggestions in every sphere of my life .Living in different cities never played an evil sport & the cupid started playing the “clever game” ,the more we played ,the closer we got.

Some 2 years passed by posing the relation as of friend but somewhere at the bottom,special feelings had started crawling ,finding moments by hook or crook, to spend some precious time together ,laughing on silly jokes , rejoicing counter choices ,huge impressive shopping sprees .But ,the brick had to crack one day ,those feelings highly nurtured had to be spoken of one day. Cupid is playing games on both sides ..yes ,it seems love is flourishing ,& both of us are just waiting for a perfect moment to relay those precious ,valuable emotions to one another .

The creative mind began its work …sitting on knees to propose the guy ? Create a podcast proposal & upload in the mobile? Prepare a hamper of goodies with a sticky note of “I love U” in it? Call up for a Romantic dinner & propose by note in champagne bottle?? No, No ,No ,none of these struck my chords with the same zeal which I felt inside on having his first look. Something wackier, more crazy had to be worked upon!
Hey Cupid..Let’s have a KINGLY Proposal… in the mid of Jungle with those majestic lions? Guess that would be a thought of immense wilderness & no corner of mind can ever struggle to forget!

crazy love

So this would be a definitive part of my sojourn in our planned “Friends group trip” at the very much Beach City, The exotic Mauritius, Ile Maurice”:)

Boarding the flight, enjoying with some 10 friends,we landed to have a splendid retreat on the Mother of beaches & my bombshell day with stupendous planning woke up;)

The morning would witness something very different, the rays of sun amidst those clouds, will bring in a Red rose & a card stating “Thanks for being in my life” !! That’s definitely gonna create a buzz & expectation of more surprises 🙂

I did steal his Digi camera & headed straight to his favorite spot “Majestic Beach besides the blue green waters” carrying the posters of words as “ Do you Love me? Will you be the special angel of my life” ,A video of them holding each one of the poster in different pose with just my hand & those posters to be filmed by my friend saved in his Camera ..So that would have amuse him all the more…God, would love to capture his expressions, No..It has to be a surprise ,I’ll not be close to him:)


Our Initials:)


Then comes my entry for the KINGLY Proposal ,a twin ticket , booked just for us two (under the perception that none of the other friends can accompany with the fear of Wild), at the “Casella Nature Park “ ,to have a 45 minutes’ walk with the Lions & my ultimate proposal to him!

Well ,the Idea itself enthralled me but the entry in the park questioned my instincts & panic struck me when we were asked to sign up the undertaking form (of our lives) ,with lean sticks as the lone saviors. Literally shock waves traversed throughout my body. Here came,2 guides , to pass upon the directives (Don’t look directly into Lion’s eyes ,Don’t tease or shout ,or make sudden noises). God all these verdicts seemed to be passing through my head, as the announcement came of 2 new Members coming out of the protected area to Join us & take us for a walk. 1-2-3 & here I saw two huge Lions coming out & marching straight towards us ,What a moment that was ,hearts beating in sync (more than 200 beats) ,body shivering & turning pale ,each trying to hide behind another, but at the same moment this fabulous scene made us fall in love with the Majestic beasts & in next 5 minutes ,I resumed my senses & CUPID became strong to ensure my Wildness comes true!


Fear cum crazy Love


Next 20 minutes passed, progressing in deep jungle ,our VVIP’s climbing the rocks ,playing in the field ,trying to get hold of the bait ,we walking besides them ,touching their manes ,gracious tails one by one ,but (as planned) to my mate’s utter surprise, he found that only one of the lion was ahead of him & the troop & he was at the last & could not see me besides him. As soon as he turned, he saw another lion just behind him & me behind the lion so the trail followed as …Complete troop..My soul mate..Another lion & then at the last Me,The bold me 🙂 ,Sitting on my knees ,holding a rose hidden in my pocket ,with eyes full of tears ,of love & fear together ,A fearful smile on my face ,a Hope of love & life in my heart ,& here came my voice trembling Out… I’m madly in LoVE with You sweet heart! Do you love me ? The moment was a bliss ,the lion in mid of us walked past through ,ahead & he could just not believe this impromptu declaration of my Love in the midst of this fearful walk .So for 2 minutes ,it was just both of us ,we ran in each other’s arms ,very silently , very peacefully hugged one another ,reciprocated our love & rest 10 minutes of the walk became simply majestic ,with my majestic better half & those majestic lions!

My Hands wanna you..

My feet wanna run to catch you..

My Mind wanna bind in your thoughts..

& My heart wanna pop out to say..I Love you!!

I may not be so close to you but I wanna get hugged in your memories, to feel you, to sense you, to smell you, to desperately love you!!

Indeed ,I was acknowledged for my act of gallantry ,for the act of LOVE among adventure ,for me ,his love was the best gift of GOD .

Hey Cupid ,you aimed in the centre ,Guess you would be the happiest …You made an electrifying debut Indeed!!


 “I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone” ,watch out the video embedded!


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