Lonely trails!!

Gods bestows each one of us with special powers, some of which gets exposed, while some remains hidden throughout the life in our heart, some become the strength of our life, keeping the weaknesses in our hearts! But it is on this earth that these special powers are nurtured, matured, the seeds of which are sown at the time of birth & blessed upon by God. Similar is the story narrated here, a story of GOD’s  own special child, of a very dear friend of mine, exactly narrated out of his golden heart & mind.

So pure, so bliss, so loving are these children ,I had a chance to closely watch & understand them ,their ambitions ,their hopes .It pains to see how the world treats them ,so agonizing to see world’s ignorance towards them &their hopes ,a confidence that these ambitions are bound to be defeated & overpowered by those of common man . Deeply depressed to see this ,but as stated ,these powers are nurtured here on the earth & the love of the close ones ,hope to see a ray of light in lives aroused by their well wishers along with zeal to achieve, can take not just common man but even these special children to zenith.

I met him when he was some 4 years old kid ,although 4 years but the mind ,the acts were that of a 2 year old kid ,so innocent ,so pure ,his presence around us made so lively ,full of happiness..Little did he knew that he was not growing normally, but since then he had a persistent quality to be independent, he hated when his closed ones kept him within boundaries ,for the fear something wrong towards him. He had always wished to go out ,to do things on his own ,he never longed for any support which he used to get ,but it was this seed of self confidence ,which has made him a man of today ,a man grown much higher than common man ,a man full of flowing love towards the downtrodden ,towards the needy but with high hopes to take this community to an altogether different levels.

Time passed on ,schools denied his admission into normal class as per his age ,Kids started teasing him over cricket matches in the colony ,aunties started ignoring him & asked their kids not to get close to him…He could not understand the reason ,unless he questioned his Mom one day..“ Mom, why such differential behavior? I love playing ,I want to go school ,I want to be a big human ,I want to enjoy my life.. “These words shook the feelings of a mother, who never wanted to burden this tiny life with the pessimistic aura, but that day she, the mother,a strong woman ,stood firm &took a decision to nurture all the ambitions of her kid ,& ensured that he reaches the peak that the kids of the colony won’t  & their journey started.

It was she who taught him for the first year, made his basics clear, daily struggled with him to bring his intellect level at par with kids of his age (as that would ensure his admission in best school) ,the teachings involving practical study ,through the regular day objects which made learning so simple for him. It was the first obstacle which they cumulatively broke through when he got admission the very next year & that too not in the quota of Special children or junior class, but it was in the same class as that of the kids of his age. This was a big morale booster for him & got tears in the eye of his lovely tutor, his mom. But this was just the beginning; many bigger obstacles in his life had to be crossed.

To see him at pinnacle was the only motive of his mom ,who not just daily educated him of the qualities ,mannerisms ,but for hours daily educated him to love the humans irrespective of their flaws .It was she who got him enrolled into painting classes as he loved painting his imaginations ,it was she who enrolled him into swimming classes ,as he wanted to swim ,it she who made learning Math’s , Science so easy for him ,that he excelled with more than 70% marks throughout his schooling .

To pass out the school at 70% without a year loss was a big achievement for him, but how could that put a full stop? His ambitions were not that diminutive. Soon, he started coaching for IIT’s, but he couldn’t crack the IIT’s, which did make him nervous, but there was his mom standing beside him who ensured he did not broke up. It was her motivation & his hard-work that got him admission to one of the best Engineering colleges & that too in Computers, his main field of interest, which made him move out of his house for the first time & face the harsh reality alone.

Moving out did made his dreams come true to pursue his degree ,but he soon became an object of laughter ,of joke ,of fun for his “so called Friends”.He was an object for these youths, who was born to entertain them. Soon, he started losing his confidence, his mind started regressing, and he started passing through the narrow faint lanes of rejection by his colony kids. Although he did not disclose any of these things to his mom, but the love of a mom towards her most special child, did hint out that her kid was going through some rough phase & needed her. In a week, setting aside all her tasks, she moved in with her kid, to ensure he completed his dreams &ensured no dwindling on this path. She still taught him to love his batch mates as only love could transform their feelings & force them to pass on their love, which could take 6 months or even a year, but yes when maturity would hit them, this love would be reciprocated.

With his strength aside & with special blessings of GOD, he was campus placed by a company in Silicon Valley, much ahead of his friends, some of whom did envy him, but some actually understood that special children are not objects of laughter, that they too have feelings & can live like a normal man.

His placement changed his life completely, as he was one of the most loved one by his colleagues ,he worked there for some 2 years & then decided to return back to his mom & open up his most thought of learning centre for special children .Yes ,he struggled to get land ,fought with many government department ,took loan & started off his journey on the path of Social cause ,No ,he doesn’t calls it NGO or Social service ,but he calls it Service to GOD which is Love to humans!

Today,people look at him as a successful entrepreneur from past 5 years,running his learning institute with ample love towards humanity, as a successful swimmer wining many state championships . Seeing his dedication towards all, I just cannot stop my tears,I just cannot stop myself thanking his mother who made him what he wanted ,who gave him the independence he longed for when he was 4 yr old kid & can definitely say that behind a successful human, there is a hand of every mom who has insured her kid’s every happiness . Love all the only motto & learning is what I got from him:)

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