Painting the life RED!!

Learn from past & Hope for tomorrow, dream & hope to live your dreams!!!

Well , this world is so beautiful to live in ,to love all ,to bring smile on the faces of loved ones ,to enlighten somebody’s life, yet there have been ample of superstitions & practices prevalent in the past & yet in the current scenario ,which have changed the beauty of this world ,which have deteriorated the word Innocence & have shattered the beautiful dreams into a painful one.

A little girl (Munia),with the naughtiness in her eyes ,with the wish to study & become as big as her “Memsaab” ,came in my life some 10 years back at the age of 6years ,the only daughter of my maid .Such a loving kid she was ,no one could have differentiated her & she proved to be a bundle of joy ,so charming ,so enlightened ,so lively..She was there with me for 3 long years ,wherein I admitted her in nearby municipal school ,taught her drawing of which she was very much fond of, but this union was of a short span as I got transferred to Ahmedabad .

Hard to shift, but job forced me out of my most loved place “Jaipur” ,my precious home & Munia. It became hard not just for me to settle down in a new place, but even for Munia, for whom the doors of school closed due to the lack of money with the family . Before moving out ,I had requested the family to ensure her studies ,giving them the complete fee amount ,but the destiny had fallen hard on her.

Settling in a new place & job engrossed me & pulled out my leisure time. Though Munia was at the back of mind, but it had been some 6 months that I had lost all my contact with her & her family. As I was passing by my snaps of Jaipur ,memorizing that lovely place ,I had an immediate urge to hear voice of my little Munia & I instantly picked up my cell & dialed her mom’s no. To my despair, call went unanswered. I tried twice but the same answer made me a little worried, thoughts of pessimism surrounded me .

Rushed to my table drawer, I turned my old diary pages ,searching for the mobile of my maid’s relative & without losing any moment I dialed her number. “Namaste didi ,How are you? I’m good Rekha ,but where is Munia & her mom? Why aren’t they receiving my call? Didi ,they all are busy with the preparations of marriage ..”Marriage,whose marriage? Didi ,Munia’s ..Rekha, what are you speaking of? Are you in your senses? That girl is just 10 years old? What about her schooling? How can they do this to her?”

Questions overflowed! I was at utter dismay & shock..I could have never seen her in this condition, but the answer was very simple, her family couldn’t afford & thus they planned to marry her off .My mind couldn’t rest in peace, I was shattered..I could hear just one sentence…Memsaab ,mujhe aapke jaisa banana hai (Memsaab ,I want to be like you),I felt as if I’ve lost that little charming girl ,that girl whose age was of playing with Gudiya ,whose ambition was to study ,earn ,become independent .How could her family do this to her..Such a harsh reality it was, completely heart breaking!

A day passed on, but I could not concentrate on any of my work, neither cooking, nor office nor painting…Nothing. I had to do something, I had to book my tickets & go to Jaipur .I had to somehow intervene & plan a bright future for Munia, I cannot leave that kid alone, a kid who had so much of love for me. The very same day, I started my journey & landed @Jaipur by night .Next day had to be challenging & well planned.

The morning ,bright & sunny ,birds chirping on the tree next to my hotel ,seemed to be so full of hope ,happiness .As I walked upto my maid’s rented small portion some ,5 kms away from my hotel ,I saw some 7-8 people around the house ,which I assumed might be Munia’s relatives .I somehow managed to enter the little hut ,& went in tears on a single sight of Munia ,she was not the same girl ,she had lost the charm of her eyes ,she had become more silent , her look distressed me .She ran, hugged me & shouted ,Memsaab ,I don’t want to marry ,I want to study! Yes, I’ll make you study ,that’s my promise .

Yes ,I faced hell lot of hesitation from her parents ,relatives ,some argued & urged me not to interfere with their matters & to get out .I did feel insulted for the first time in life ,but I couldn’t have left my battle of educating her.

Immediately, I asked her to join me, & I took her out of her house, & got her with me to Ahmedabad that very day, against her family. To be on a safer I did raise an FIR against her parents. From that day, till today ,it has been 10 years that she is with me , doing a job along with her degree .I did had a chance to interact with her parents ,but for her sake,did not sent Munia but asked them to come & meet.

Lot of things have changed, my dream to see Munia ,educated & working has come true ,Yes, I was a ray of hope for her ,but indeed that little girl is a silver line in the cloudy sky. With a big heart ,she sends 50% of her salary back home ,she send gifts for her parents ,& wishes all happiness for them .She reserves rest amount & wants to use it for girls like her ,who are in the cruel hands of destiny. Once graduated ,she wants to bring her parents along ,she wants them to live a life with head held high ,a life of self-esteem .It really pains when I look on this side of Munia ,who despite the wreckage her parents wanted to create in her life ,has ample of love ,hope of togetherness & an ambition to fight against this blind &malpractice . Along with her, it has been my resolution to stand firmly against these age old practices & help these little girls live their life. Munia is an optimism & hope for such girls to come out, stand against the cruelty & lead a life of dignity.

This story has been written for “ – Look up stories” ,a beautiful topic with a beautiful motive.

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