As against the saying –“We are born to work & not just eat, for me the saying goes as we are born to eat & work later”! And yes why to wait for the lunch & dinner for something special when the category of breakfast was rolled out 😉

Well, for me breakfasts’ can be more relishing; they can be more of tongue twisters & can be great when clubbed with nutrition. For me, they pose as more source of energy & give me the strength to work out full day.

I have been a fan of Kellogg’s since I was in class 10th ,Kellogg’s cornflakes has always served as the best breakfast for people like me ,who have always been on the run ,either for education or for work while staying in hostels. Nutrition, hygiene clubbed with ease of preparation has always posed a perfect breakfast.

& now Kellogg’s has introduced wonderful ,mouth watering nashta’s by bringing “Guptaji’s family into picture (@guptajikifamily , #KelloggsWaleGuptaji) .Ranging it from plain Corn flakes to Strawberry & banana Cornflakes or their kewra Badam Kheer ,Or Mango custard or Almond coconut shake ,just hearing out their recipe has opened up my senses ,what all can be done by Corn flakes.. Simply delicious & that too for every person of the family.

Well, be it a public holiday or normal weekday off, whether I have the TV remote or not, I’m for sure goggle out Guptaji’s address for Almond Coconut shake..Milk, Soaked Cornflakes,Almond,chocolate syrup, coconut ,blended all together to form “remote wala nashta”,feels so fresh & yummy.

This shake is got to be my twice or thrice a week energy booster .Also being an avid lover of oats, I would also love to try “Romance wala nashta” with the recipe of Oats chanadal Payasam, a different form given to milk oats. Simple addition of chanadal cooked in water & added cashew ,milk ,oats ,gur ,all healthy nutritional items cooked together to give a wow taste & win the hearts of your loved ones.

Every recipe I read, I feel like I’m already indulged in its smell, its taste, banana Cinnamon cornflakes give me an altogether new freshness for the day.

Not just the recipe, their simplicity to cook & the little time consumed are also a big motivational factors for professional people like us.

Well, this would be a big thanks to Kellogg’s who has made every one of us aware of creativity with taste .My list of their breakfast would never end & I think I would be a permanent guest to Guptaji’s house if such delicious breakfasts keep coming my way.

Guys, I’ve given my feedback, it’s your turn to knock the doors of Guptaji or try out these simply amazing recipe’s by your end.. Just 5 minutes & all ready:)

Check out various other recipes on the links shared and

Also ,check out the advert mentioned below ,now just sit & note down these recipe’s

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