The love of First!!

“The moment I saw you, I wanted to hold you,
The moment I held you, I wanted to use you,
The moment I used you ,I fell in love with you,
I love your sound & the way you touch ,
I love the warmth of selfie captured by your touch,
I love the long life that you vouch,
I love the way you make me feel grand by your curves,
I love the way you make my life colorful by your grips,
I love the fantasy to capture the beauty by twists & turns
& the speed with lollipop to play on phone apps,
From that day till forever I will cherish my First ever Smartphone “

Crash..Sound of glass came across from the floor..I just turned to look what made such a loud thump, only to find it was my dad’s possession, his mobile, his Nokia Asha handset which was into crash by the hands of my younger brother ;). It had been some 6-7 years & this handset had been close to his heart, with all his memories bound in it..Many a times we urged him to upgrade to new smartphone, but he never wished to switch from his beloved Asha ,his Nokia Asha;)

But, now the time was there, he had to upgrade to his very first touch screen smartphone, but how to zero in that one could be a very difficult task. For whatever we zeroed in upon had to be something great, something towards which he falls in love at first sight.

He had always cherished the memories of his firsts in life ,be it his first moped he rode ,first salary (which is still in his bank balance) ,his first gift from mom , so Google seemed to be our role model to guide us & ensure that his very first smartphone becomes his prized possession.

Searching…Best smartphones ..results browsed were very saddening. Highly overpriced Samsung’s ,Nexus just bowed down my head ,since it was his very first ,It had to be one which did not pose a dent in my pockets & had all the very best of this community..I had been actively following tech blogs ,NDTV gadget reviews & other ET news, which gave me a first impression that something called “Moto E-2nd Gen” was on its way ,& me being a smart lady ,took the opportunity to wait for few days . Yes,Flipkart ,tech news made rounds daily on my browser & it was saved as bookmarks ,just when I heard the launch of Moto E ,my most awaited handset . Pledging GOD that it stands firm on the specs it was rumored to be, I just flipped over Flipkart & site, highly impressive, recalling my first expression as..WOW.. Seems I’m on the right track.

So what my dad would love?


His Long lasting Battery:


“Yaar, my battery drained again…No mine too is on the verge of dying, first let me charge, then you can”..Dad was really worn out over our daily cribbing over the battery & fighting over the charging point.He definitely did not want to be amongst one of us but just wanted to enjoy our fight;).So, the very first he would wish that the Battery does not drains (as he had great experience on Nokia multimedia phones) .The very first look ,2390 mAH seemed pretty decent compared to other handsets in this range..

His interesting Selfie Mode :


“Papa…Lemme take Selfie ..Guys ,let’s just have a group-fie(group selfie);)” …God ,he had been hearing these terms so frequent ,hence ,I wanted him to cherish his first selfie from his smart Phone..Flipping on camera points, 5MP, cool..Just twist the wrist & here you get front & there back camera..Ha ha, seems interesting..So here it garnered my next exciting move.

His “App World”


Pic Courtesy :

“Ma,send this pic on my whats app ,hey bro ,just have a look at that wonder travel app ,mum it would be rainy today”.. All these things had envied dad always as he had never been that techie guy, but yes he would have loved to be a part of it..It would be great to see him starting with Lollipop, & 1.2 Ghz Quadcore processor, helping him to have a superior experience on data & apps with perfect speed.

Chew up the Lollipop;)


Being music freak, all those Kishore kumar & Mohd. Rafi melodies with live streaming would be on the move for him..Just a 3G connection paired with Moto E would rock his life & why not add colors too? Wouldn’t that be interesting to get couple of bands along with it, so that it matches mum’s dress in the function ;)? Fiery!!But yes, that would be amazing for sure. I would love to pair it up with raspberry & turquoise bands to add up splash of colors in his vivid life.

And above all, he never wanted a phone that would be larger than his hand/pocket size, so this would be perfect with 4.5inch, corning gorilla glass & a handy design for a firm grip.

Well, my love at first sight was turning crazy..This smrtphone has all the best of features embedded in it, this had to be in dad’s hands immediately, & it was certain to #ChooseToStart his life’s moment with MotoE, the new 2nd Gen MotoE .

Guys, for a detailed look at the creatively narrated story, have a visit at the URL mentioned below:


Moto E Pic courtesy :

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