Hang ON! It’s besides you!!

Doctor Happiness:

Avoid Negativity; Promote positivity,

Hate less; Love More,

Glare less; dazzle more,

Talk less; hear more,

Criticize less; appreciate more,

Misinterpret less; understand more,

Disdain less; Empathy more;

Ignore less; Praise more;

Don’t give up these Dr. Happiness remedy lines & you’ll never fail to achieve a bouquet of happiness! To be happy, one need not rely on another person, one need not look out for happy moments once a while, but it has to be you & just “YOU” that must be your own “Sunshine” & spread the rays of energy. Happiness is a long continuous journey & not a destination which comes & goes for a while, for few days in life.

Find out where the joy, ecstasy, merriment resides, give it a voice, give it a smile, give it a thumbs up!

It’s not about how much we have but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness! —Charles Spurgoen

In this busy world ,every one sinking in their own desires ,desire to earn ,desire to catch hold of ambitions ,most of us have forgotten where our happiness lies within ..We plan for some trips once a quarter, we take break from our routine lives, and we go out for dinner to take break from kitchen to be happy? But are we so happy during those “we” moments? Are we laughing out loud during these once in quarter moments? Guys take a deep breath, think over & we are damn sure of the conclusion…Those are our very own moments, moments of relaxation more, rather than moments of happiness…

Let’s engage in a situation test: 

Situation A) I’m just soaking in the sun, getting a sun bath, lying besides on the pretty beach, my eyes engaged with the tourists kayaking in the sea …

Situation B) Returned from work, I’m sitting besides my family, my little kid, a wonder of joy who hugs me as soon as I return back & gets excited to detail his day’s activity …

Which situation you guys feel, I’m happier in? Damn sure, its Situation B. So, why do we need to look out for happiness, its embedded deep within small things we encounter in our lives daily? A cool breeze of Morning walk with sun rising slowly in the sky ,a morning cup of coffee ,being  a bathroom singer ,laughing out when your kid plays pranks to not to go school  & remembering the ones we used to during our days ,getting the little one ready for his next important day to gather his/her life experiences & making him eat almonds (for a super brain ;)) ,Doesn’t this first very hectic but an important & happening part of your day makes you feel complete ?Doesn’t it gives you a sense of accomplishment?

Doesn’t working in the office & receiving compliments make you happy? Rather than waiting for the appraisal time to decide your happiness Quotient.

Doesn’t making your subordinates feel important & special, make you happy? Their comfort in having an understanding colleague, doesn’t makes you happy?

Doesn’t jokes cracked down during lunch hours make you happy? Do we have to wait for Comedy nights to instil laugh in us?

Doesn’t a look of your kid/better half brings smile on your face after a day at work? Do you have to wait for a holiday together or just a dinner together embarks a feeling of happiness?

Doesn’t singing out lori /rhymes/self –formed-deformed stories for your kid makes you smile & laugh? Or do you need to go to club & DJ’s to enjoy your life?

Doesn’t listening to Arijeet Singh/Mohd. Rafi at the end of the day brings peace in your life? Or do you need a days off from work & get that peace?

Doesn’t a visit for few days by your parents or siblings bring a smile to your face? Or do you wait for any marriage or get-together to enjoy the togetherness?

Doesn’t writing blog once /twice a week, satisfies you?  Or do we need special contests & interesting prizes to write ;)?

Well for me these petty seeming things score 100 out of 100 when questioned for Happiness. It’s not far.. It’s not to be searched off.. But just to start finding pleasure in these “Happy little moments” of everyday life.

                                                   Here comes my Happiness Chakra :
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