Ray of Hope!

Life without child? Un-imaginable, disheartening, what so ever may be the scene in later life with respect to kids; they are definitely the most important part of our lives. But with changing lifestyle, delayed marriages, a tensed work environment, delayed kids planning, harsh lifestyles have led to increase in Infertility amongst the couples .It has been estimated that one in 7 couple faces the problem of Infertility due to the reasons mentioned below.

Approx 45-50% of the cases are diagnosed in females due to –

  1. Ovulation issues –Un-timely release of mature egg from the ovary
  2. Poor Mature Egg quality –As age progresses, quality of egg degenerates & results in un-sustained pregnancies.
  3. Polycystic ovaries – Development of small cysts in ovaries instead of production of one mature egg in ovary
  4. Blockages in Fallopian tubes – They prevent eggs to pass in uterus & hence no fertilization

Not just females, approx.30-35% cases are diagnosed with male infertility, & there are many unidentified causes as well. Few Male infertility causes –

  1. Male tube blockages which do not allow transportation of fertile sperms
  2. Low/No Sperm Counts, resulting in no fertilization.

Other factors as obesity, environmental toxins, and excessive Alcohol/Drugs intake can also lead to Infertility.

But with an increase in the probabilities, modern techniques have flown in & now there are many options available to get perfect treatment basis the symptom’s–

  1. IVF – In vito Fertilization in which Egg & Sperm are mixed in artificial lab environment & then implanted into the womb. This procedure is most helpful in majority of the infertility cases .
  2. Surgical procedures for Fallopian tubes in case of tube blockages
  3. Intrauterine insemination (Sperm injected in the womb)
  4. Surrogacy

People from small cities find it more difficult to find a suitable clinic to get resolution to their queries, hence I would like to mention few Infertility clinics in Jaipur ,few which have IVF facilities in Jaipur .

  1. Ridge Aanchal – A mother & care hospital working since 1991, with specialized Infertility specialists, embryologists, and High quality labs for IVF treatments. Most of the treatments as IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donation, and Male infertility treatments are available.
  2. Jain fertility & Mother care hospital –A specialized hospital, with all techniques to have a great parenthood.IVF treatment, surrogacy, Egg donation, Embryo banking, are also available there.
  3. Aastha Fertility care –Calling themselves an exclusive IVF centre ,they have published 38-45% as their success rate in IVF .With a well established team ,this centre provides all solutions .
  4. Shivani fertility & Mother care –Established since 2004, all infertility treatments are available here too.

The list is not exhaustive; there are many other Infertility clinics in Jaipur leading to Parental bliss.

Smart App!!

The world is full of Apps. My mobile is full of Apps. We all have switched to “App world” & why not, when they make things so much easier for us! Easy to download & install & then so easy to manage our lives. That’s the life of Smart person with the Smartphone.

So ,here comes again an interesting app ,to keep our life mobile i.e. “My Airtel App “ ,an all in one App to manage mobile payments to DTH ,buy Airtel products ,or hear out new songs & many more. This is an exhaustive app, with a shaky feature to get Exclusive offers as Full talk time or Free Data or even multiple Cash Back offers!

Well, to quote, there are many features of this app, but there are 3 main points, best suited for me & my lifestyle –

  1. In the hustle bustle of life, it has become so difficult to memorize all things & implement them. Nothing could be better if my Phone becomes by “Storage Bank”, which is possible by this app”. I want to – Recharge Mum’s account, get this new pack subscribed for my DTH, Order new interesting games for my little bro at a go & all this can be saved on Home screen as a shortcut icon. Isn’t that brilliant?
  2. Further, once the bell rings for the above requirements, it’s so easy to recharge my Mom’s account & to keep informing my dad of his “Uncontrolled Data usage” ;).Yes ,I’ll never forget that my DTH or Phone balance is low ,it’s such a sweet gesture for this app , to remind that I’m running low on balance & immediate recharge is required . Also , ”One touch Internet” of this app is so easy & quick to understand for new users of Internet. Earlier, all small queries had to be answered by me on the use of Internet by my mom, but now, she has this app to support & answer all her queries! Thanks Airtel.                                                                                                                                                                        Further, for a music lover like my dad, who always has a list of some 10-20 songs (old is gold) ready, which have to be browsed & downloaded from various multiple sites. This only creates confusion of download, mobile becomes more prone to virus attack & there may be memory constraints due to size of songs. This apps Wynk’ing’ has altogether made life simpler. A click on the icon & search the desired song & download & enjoy.All hassles are out of life now.
  3.  Last but not the least, my family is a loyal customer of Airtel, & any innovative offers for us are always welcome. So, a surprise of discount at CCD & E-commerce sites will be the most loved ones by me. Simply a recharge, post which shake it, can offer you a Coffee treat or you could bang on your shopping spree.

Guys doesn’t this app provides a bouquet of services & interesting features on the go? So, to know more & download this app ,click on the link –http://www.airtel.in/myairtelapp/ , Recharge your account & sip your coffee at Coffee Café Day! I’m rushing to grab my seat at Coffee Café Day!

Hyderabadi Biryani -With secret spices!!

What ..How can you expect my son to help you out in kitchen. He is the king of home. He’ll just sit back ,relax & enjoy his life.. It’s you who ought to do your daily chores & keep your men happy!!

A distressed Sonia on hearing out these words went back to complete her routine life ,a life which starts with giving her better half, Kareem & in-laws a cup of bed tea ,cleaning the house ,preparing breakfast for them ,serving them hot breakfast & then it’s when she gets time to take breakfast herself. But not in a relaxed manner. It’s hardly 10-15 minutes time as here comes the voice.. Do remember you need to wash the clothes & then prepare sumptuous lunch for us on time!! It had just been 3 months of her marriage & she was completely exhausted .

Oh. What the hell. Am I a work Machine? Don’t I want some special time for myself? Am I not a human & don’t have the right to sit back & relax like Kareem? Why is this male dominated society so self centric? Why are these men not so poignant? Will a small helping hand at cleaning the dining table or washing the clothes not lower down her pressure & she may attribute more time towards her family, a quality time to look at some creativity she has within?

Half day passed on with such thoughts lingering her minds ,when she finally got an hour to relax .Switching between the TV channels restlessly ,she broke into laugh ,when her restless mind saw something unusual…A lovely narration of #Sharing the Load …Instantly she hopped ,pounced ,sat back & started hearing to the poetic lines —

My Better Half, is my best half,

He loves to make me merrier,

He loves encouraging my creativity,

He loves “my quality” time,

He loves my social indulgence,

He loves my poignancy,

He loves discussing matters with me,

& all this is feasible as,

[ “Soniya couldn’t resist…Tring Tring..Tring..Yes soniya, What’s up ?Kareem ,hear out something unusual on the TV & believe me your mind will be forced to accept the truth ,stand for it .But Soniya ,what is it all about? Kareem for just 15 minutes, quietly sit in a closed room & watch…Beep…Beep”]

He is there to give me morning tea, while I’m high time with my kitchen spree,

He is there to cut my veggie, while I’m hunting after our kidzee ,

He is there to clean the dust, while I’m cooking lunch at my best,

He is there to do the laundry, while I binge on the utensils cleaning & drying,

While I pounce on fresh veggies, he is there to catch on Fruits ,

Be it night ,be it day, Be it hot ,be it cold, Be it Rainy ,Be it Dry,

Be it alone, Be it in family,

He is there for me in every need, every pain..

Just to give my life a beautiful name… With #Sharetheload

[Huh!! What was Soniya pointing at? What a home it would have been, where all members do the work equally…How & why had I closed my eyes & mind towards her pain? I took so many vows with her. Why have I left her in a lurch? It had been very mean of me..I’ll apologize, for sure …]

“Tring Tring..Hey mom!! Give receiver to Soniya Pls..Kareem Baba, you are aware that at this time she is busy preparing snacks & tea for us, I cannot ask her to leave it & have a lovely gala time with you!

Mom, pleading..Just once…Here came Soniya with a hiding smile..Yes Kareem, I’m there to listen to voice, I’m there to listen to your Orders..

Soniya ,No…Pls I apologize ,I heard ,I thought ,I co-related & I felt your pain terribly..You will no longer face all this, as I’ll be there for you from today itself..Hung up!

Couldn’t believe her ears …Will have to wait & watch, just then door bell rang.Kareem..So early ..Yes dear, I’m there to cook special Hyderabadi Biryani for you today…”[And the secret Spices were that of Love ,Care & respect for Soniya]

Tears fell from her eyes ,with a heavy heart ,Kareem & Soniya hugged each other & again vowed for a new start!

From that day till today ,Kareem has held Soniya’s hand to make their struggling house a beautiful home ,to part away their miserable lives with enchanting ways ,they watch movie every week & dance together every night !

Such a bliss has their life become ,Soniya’s Treasure Hunt “Smile” has become an all time “Shine”. Every minute is a rejoicing moment whether they are working separately or together!!

Well ,It would have had been such a lovely family ,if all Indians would have come out of the mental blocks & recommended the #ShareTheLoad initiative. But still behind in the society in many towns & cities ,many such Soniya’s reside ,for whom this is a brilliant initiative taken by Ariel.

Me, a working mother living in a nuclear family has seen ample of challenges with respect to prioritizing house chores or Managing office work ,there has been many moments wherein you have in-laws & relatives coming over to spend a quality time & then it becomes a task to manage but with support ,its so easy to manage!

Well, every female including Soniya deserves a partner/household who is there to share her load physically as well as emotionally. With the changing times, when women is multi-tasking, when she has started ruling corporate life, there has to be an environment of equality within the household, be it a nuclear or a joint family.

My better half #SharetheLoad :)

My better half #SharetheLoad 🙂

Sharing the load is not just between a husband & wife ,rather it is between a family ,every member of the family ,It is the very beginning for the foundation of a happy home ,a basic seed which grows into the tree of care ,love & mutual respect .Be it Joint or Nuclear family ,all basic chores as Cleaning ,washing ,grocery ,Kids need to be divided amongst the couples/members basis the time & life style.

All these acts need to be mutually decided & carried on with a consistent “SMILE” which would ease up the load of life & make it more enjoying!!Such a house would definitely be called a “Paradise on earth” ,wherein the space is occupied by “Love” , “care” , “Compassion” & is devoid of “Rude” , “Jealousy”, “Self Centric” !! Let’s enliven our HOMES:)

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.”


Brainy googly!!

KD From past few days there has been a mad rush on twitter, many new joinees have cropped up, but all for what? Well, the great Indian legend, Mr. Kapil Dev is there on twitter, chatting with the common man to use their minds & guess out what is this #EkNayiLeague all about?? Well ,this #tag has gone viral ,his videos have gone viral ,it makes one think & think .Social platform used by Mr. Kapil Dev has targeted audiences from all spheres & majorly Indian youth to put their brains into work & make wild guesses. Having a look at all the four videos shared by the legend, wherein every video he narrates is related to the soft corner of every Indian,to the happiness of rising above the fear & depression ,but with an end message..Think with heart & you’ll get bowled down! This seems all the more interesting, the contrast of stories & logic of #EkNayiLeague seems to be totally opposite. But with every story, there seems to be a strong mindset which needs to convey the message to the common man, to the youth of this country –

  1. The video speaking of Retirement ,shares the insight that a person never retires from life ,there is no age post which a person gets liberated from all his responsibilities ,hence with every day passing along ,we need to be passionate ,hardworking ,& think of reaching the pinnacle .
  2. Next video which states that, Sania Mirza holds a special place in India as she has out shown herself to the world from a country wherein hardly few odd females play this sport & have very less facilities to promote them. This video so easily conveys the messages that think right, think bright, no matter whatever situation comes across.A firm mindset & a strong passion can lead to heights & create a regard for one in the heart of all.
  3. Then comes the video of Yuvraj, the man of aggression, the man of four’s & sixes, he rose & rose .Although destiny tried turning him down with the disease ,but he came back strongly & became the highest paid IPL player. Similarly ,a strong will powered person ,working with his mind & again with passion succeeds & reaches pinnacle.
  4. Finally ,Kapil ,the great Comedian ,he came from nowhere , with smart marketing ,intelligent working & great instinct has made himself a man with one of the highest fan’s .He not just worked with his heart ,but his mind played an important role to ensure that his passion gained him great heights.

Post analyzing all these videos, I could definitely link that this new league would be for a common man, to make them aware of their passion & how to intelligently work to convert their dreams into a big success.Emotions have their space, but here what will work is Mind..Think with heart, get emotional & you are bowled down. Think with mind, get strong & go to chase the dreams & enliven them! There can also be an all-together different thought, which actually came to my mind while making this write up. Can it be a hard hitting league related to Wrestling /Kushti? A soft punch can make you lose altogether!!Punch hard & you will come out roaring. Well we will have to wait & watch & put a barricade to the running mind now!! Thanks Kapil Dev for a great mental exercise!! Pretty excited & awaiting to know the actual motive of the league! Watch out more at http://www.eknayileague.com/


Perfect Smile

Well, everyone in this world wants their looks & smile to be the most beautiful & glamorous! But behind this smiling face, it is the glittering teeth that actually sparkle up your face.  Oral care is a major aspect which needs utmost attention once we start teething for the very first time & thereafter. It is generally said that healthy mouth is a reflection of healthy body & a good oral care can prevent many diseases.

Poor Oral health can lead to many problems specially swollen gums leading to tooth decay/Loss of tooth, Infected mouth is a passage for numerous bacterial infections which puts less immune people on high risk of various organ damages. It can also lead to intestinal problems as Indigestion, painful bowel, again leading to other organ failures. Mouth Ulcers have become so common, hence utmost care is a must & for that habits need to be inculcated in kids from the very beginning.

Myself being a mother of kid, Teething plays an important role & would get few points mentioned below as a part of daily routine for my kid –

  1. Before appearance of those little white teeth, once your kid starts semi solids, do clean his gums by baby toothbrush. Once ,teeth appear ,it must be a regular habit to brush twice a day ,once in morning & once before bed time (try avoiding any food post brushing has been done)
  2. Flossing can also be started when your kid turns 1.5 yrs or when more than 4 teeth appear ,flossing is helpful in removing plaques which is a must
  3. Try using fluorinated toothpaste as it prevents cavities
  4. Babies going to bed with a bottle of milk /juice in their mouth ,will lead to severe tooth decay ,as particles of formula/sugar remain in the mouth ,stick to teeth ,generate bacteria’s that result in decay. Even prolonged use of sipper/Pacifiers should be avoided.
  5. In case of any medication going on, keep a check if the same is sugary, as this can result in increased chances of decay, so increase in brushing & Flossing is a must.
  6. Diet also plays an important role ,as limit sugary/starchy foods/Chocolates intake as they produce acids which in turn lead to tooth decay .Increase intake of Fruits & foods rich in Vitamin A,C ,which keeps gums healthy.
  7. Regular dental checkup is a must to initiate any preventive action at the earliest.

    However hard we may try, there comes across many reasons as to why we struggle & lose battle towards our Gums & teeth & this is where we come in search of a dental clinic, of a well repute dentist, who has answers to all our queries.

    I would like to mention few of the best dental clinics in Delhi, with highly professional dentists in Delhi  :

    A) Apollo White Dental (Vertical of Apollo Hospitals) ,which has a concept of 7star Dental SPA & when combined with modern techniques ,superb expertise ,professional care .

    B) Max Dental Care – gaining its name in Cosmetic dentistry, with personalized & upgraded technology, one can find solutions to all problems.

    C) Dr. Sabherwal’s Dental & Orthodontic center – Running since 1993 in locations as Lajpat Nagar ,Noida , this is also a noted destination for people with tooth problems.

    D) Dr. Kathuria’s Dental clinicOne of the famous dental Implant specialist, this is also a clinic where one can visit with full assurance towards dental problems.

The list is not exhaustive and you can find many eminent dental clinics in Delhi .

Tranquil Lansdowne!! My Travel diary with my KID

Travel Brief :

  • Location –Lansdowne (Pauri district of Uttarakhand ,45 Kms of Kotdwar)
  • Best Duration – Feb end –May ,September –November ,rains set in during July
  • How to go about – About 250 Kms from Delhi ,one can opt for private car/Train (Delhi –Kotdwar)
  • Major Attractions : Tip n Top ,Bhulla Tal ,Garhwal museum ,St. Mary’s Church ,Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple

It had been approx. 6 months of going through the preeminent & simultaneously the most rigorous phase in life of any woman…Yes, I’m talking about Motherhood..A fascinating beginning, a significant optimism, a sparkling smile, is what this word ushers our lives with!

First time experience had to be adventurous, with bounty of new surprises day by day ,some snatching the leisure time ,compelling us to work more hard ,& some bringing a sense of joy & contentment within! But ,amongst all this ,I had waited that as soon as my kid turns 6m ,Me ,a “traveloholic” person would begin my travel diary again(after a break of approx.a year) & yes I had been frantically googling for a leisure trip nearby to Delhi.

Many places in Uttarakhand shortlisted, few rejected keeping in mind sudden changes of temperature for the 6m old, some rejected for long distances..A frenzied me…24 hours of hunt zeroed out the little pristine hill station of “Lansdowne”, a weekend Garhwali destination to rejuvenate & chill out!

Gusto set in me!!Well it was a well deserved break!! Bags packed & we (along with our travel friends) boarded our train direct to the Kotdwar, a perfect ride with kids enjoying their first train journey with ample eagerness! Gush of winds blowing past our faces , Little drizzling ,fragrance of wet trees @Kotdwar while climbing own the train itself enthralled me & I dreamt of a perfect 3 day weekend!

So easy to reach Lansdowne from Kotdwar, frequent 8-10 seaters available which drop to the destined hotel..Well, we had intentionally got a resort booked which was some 20 Kms before Lansdowne main city..S.B. Mount Resort —A perfect resort –

    • Giving a sense of Freshness & tranquillity
    • A sense of adventure by trekking on the hills opposite to it
    • A sense of closeness to nature ,with the rivulet flowing across it
    • An opportunity for Bird watching & might be lucky if some deer’s say Hi in the mornings due to its vicinity to Jim Corbett!!

We reached our resort by 4pm, with hunger pangs reckoning our body systems…Within 5 minutes, we requested resort manager to arrange lunch tables for us..Wow, that seemed absolutely pleasant, table in lawn, stream flowing across, & we pouncing on nearly home-made food..Paneer lababdaar ,mix veg.,daal makhani ,raita ,kheer ,salad…& hot fulka’s..In just 5 minutes I felt myself so vivid, so overwhelmed being in vicinity to the nature. A stomach full lunch demands some rest …but don’t forget our 6 months old kids were with us..So had to make them take a nap for at least & hour which gave us also the chance to relax..

Weather was pleasant, drizzling had stopped, stomach was tight, all this called for a trek right ahead on the hillock opposite to the resort..But the question…KIDS?? C’mmon, for adventure loving parents, kids might have got those genes right at the birth.So, we decided to take them along with us..Harsh , narrow ,insignificant path throughout the trek..Didn’t knew where it would lead to…few steps & then anxiety of kids gripping us…but yes we did it…we reached the top ,which was a big plane ,with a spectacular scene of the surroundings !!Wow, it gave us a great sense of accomplishment! With sun-setting in the scene cannot be described..We just stayed & captured the beauty in our lenses for next 30-35 minutes..As the night was beginning to fall, we decided to climb down & reach back for a tempting Dinner .Day 1 passed chatting across the tables, mostly around these naughty boys, their tantrums & plan for next 2 days 🙂


It had to be special, very special, with clouds engulfing all night & experiencing good rains .Morning was stunning…Little sunshine peeking from the huge trees & drizzling simultaneously made a merry morning! Soon drizzling stopped & we decided to welcome dawn by having coffee besides the river stream, puling our chairs across it..So serene, so calm, it had been ages I had experienced this serenity (before this my last trip was to China, which didn’t got me into calm mode ;))

A rejuvenating hour …shook…wake up…my kid was wailing in search of me 😉 Yes, it was his breakfast time too & my coffee time was over !So an hour of cajoling & pampering, we all got ready to head towards Lansdowne..Well the manager had suggested..Book a cab for an easy ride…but we don’t understand easiness ;)Well, we planned to opt for local bus & have its ride..God, such an entertaining ride was it…Kids almost slept & we enjoying local music, with those sharp & steep twists & turns reached main town of Lansdowne..Well, it’s a pretty small town & requires just a day to enjoy the tourist places & rest dedicate all time to admire the beauty it entails within itself.

We covered 5 places in a span of 8-9 hours, although a bit hectic yet delightful…



3 Lansdowne



With a day full of bliss, calmness, we returned back to our hotel by 8 in the night only to find an amazing night hosted with DJ & dance floor ready for us to rock with the nature!
A break of 30 minutes to stretch out & then we rocked the dance floor with other groups as well..That was absolutely astonishing & a memorable experience to make our lil kido dance in our arms .With no mood to stop ,rather bon fire in the midst of windy night elevated our moods & for next 2 hours there was no looking back from the dance floor (yes ,we took breaks to pacify ,feed kids ) ,but that was the perfect ending of the day ..Seeing hot gulab jamuns at the other end of the table, mouth watered us & finally we planned to break from the dance floor & grab the sumptuous hot dinner & yummy delicacies of halwa & Jamun’s
What a sparkling day it was!
Day 3:
Well Lansdowne has nothing more than this, but we had our train in after noon, so had a great chance to experience another captivating morning!
This morning gave me a chance to watch beautiful birds, although drizzling post 8 narrowed down my search, but still I was pleasantly surprised & glad to follow those colourful birds to capture them .

A relaxed breakfast made our start ecstatic & we decided to climb down into the stream to have some delightfully brilliant pic before returning back to the hustle bustle city of Delhi!
Very short but a blissful trip, a must visit place to experience serenity!!!

Do’s & don’t with kids as small as 6 months –
1. Plan a short trip of 2-3 days only as it does not hamper your kid’s routine
2. Try to make journey as comfortable as it can be ;Train is one of the most comfortable mode & kids too enjoy it
3. Check out the weather on Hill stations & do take along an extra inner wear for kids
4. Don’t plan travel/sightseeing at a stretch, take tours of some 4-5 hours & then break for relaxation with kids.
5. Prefer not to take kids on twisty routes as we took from Lansdowne to Tarkeshwar as kids are prone to motion sickness on those routes & vomit out frequently, also they become cranky on those routes.
6. Do take Gripe Water/Bonisan to avoid constipation to kids