Learning Curve!!

Teach the children …so it will not be necessary to teach the adults”!! Abraham Lincoln

 Very aptly said that “Mother” is the first teacher of the child, the moment she begins her journey cuddling her infant for the first time, she vows to make the kid her reflection, a kid to be cultured with best values! Since then begins her journey to nourish the soul of a child for lifetime, it is she, a teacher imbibing compassion, love, hope, dignity, respect in her child. So beautiful is Motherhood, a pure bliss it is!

My life started playing in the hands of Mom, she was not just a teacher at home, but yes for me she was my teacher at school as well .The day I was admitted to my Convent School, she too started her professional journey,a journey with a pledge to teach not just Science & Math’s but to trigger the human values in kids! Such was her passion that in the start of every class she used to get her students meditated for few minutes & passed on values to be a great human! So we being her own kids had a very thorough learning are right from day we tried understanding things.

What human values are we talking about? Beginning with respect for all, she inculcated a feeling of Love, created a path of Honesty in every sphere of life. She being my guiding light in school as well, I had few situations which actually taught me the motive of life, meaning of Honesty.

Since she educated children of Classes 8,9,10th ,when I started off in Higher secondary ,luckily she was my Science teacher in Class 8th.Definitely I was a bright student ,achieving top ranks in every class ,but she being my reviewer in the class brought about a difficult time in my life.

Science being my favorite subject, I wrote my finals with great confidence, despite that the paper was above standard & many students were at discontent. As soon as I came out ,I heard my bestie telling me ,see you are gonna score great marks because of your mom ,but what about us ,this paper screwed us! To my utter dismay, I could not even say that my mom had nothing to do, neither did I knew of the paper nor it was she who had set it across..But these words kept on haunting me for next 2 days, when I landed in Mom’s lap & told her everything.

She just made me calm ,again making me aware that “Truth prevails” ,Be honest & Hardworking ,God will be besides you!

The day she checked my answer paper ,she called me & told me ,Beta you are scoring Full marks without any biasness ,I wanted you to know this that you have done your best ,but I’m not gonna give you the same ,to stand in front of your besties ,I’ll be deducting few marks! I broke down, but when everybody praised my Mom for not giving me the preference, It seemed she was very much correct. She made me aware of the correct thing but just by making other students score better marks than me, won me my friend’s again! This was my first instance which taught me the professionalism of life ,It’s not necessary you might win in every sphere ,but you need to be sure from within that You gave & score 100% ,whatever the outcome may be! You need to accept downs in your life as well!

Time passed on, with the motive of becoming a Surgeon, I worked hard day & night, struggled a lot ,gave great papers ,but then destiny had something else to put in my plate. I was not given admission in top 5 colleges as I wanted, I was in waiting list of few colleges but then that waiting never cleared off! A very depressive phase, but then there was a ray of light. Many of my friend’s parent were In talks to take the seats corresponding to some bucks ,I ran to my Mom happily & told her to give it a try ! But I forgot, she a woman of principles, how could have she granted me such a permission! She just asked me one question, for last 16 years I have been inculcating the values of Honesty & teaching you the path of Hardwork..In just 1 day, you forgot all that & want me to buy you a seat paying bucks for it? Hell ,lot of arguments broke out ,My dad ,my Grand-mom ,Uncle all by my side & Mom standing firmly on other side with the notion ,earn yourself the seat by your hardwork ,honesty & not money. We all lost the battle to her, but it remained stuck in my heart & I started ignoring her & distancing myself from her!

She did felt many a times of my changing behavior but till day I don’t know why she never came & questioned me, rather she always still motivated me to pursue other courses.

Some 8 months later, all headlines in the paper & news channels flashed just one news on repetitive basis…Medical college Scam…Fraud..Money taken for colleges with no Grants….Students crying..Parents in a dilemma of the future of their Children…What all it was??

It was for the same 3 Medical colleges for which I had fought with Mom some time back! Oh my God, I could hear my bestie wailing! Without wasting a moment, I ran to Mom, hugged her & thanked her that she stuck to her path, which did lead to disappointment for few months but saved my future. I was sad for my companions but happy at the same time for me not being one of them! That was the day which actually gave me a big lesson in life..To pick up the path of truth, honesty, hardwork, no matter how much time it takes to give you success .Yes ,I did succeed ,I won 2 Gold Medals in my graduation as well as Post Graduation & I’m a successful Professional. But first a successful human & a Mother who vows to imbibe similar qualities in her 8 month old kid!

Thanks to Max Life for re-kindling those precious moments of life & cherishing them!

Would definitely love to end as..

Maa tu kitni bholi hai ,Tu kitni sacchi hai ,Tu kitni Pyaari hai..Maa..O..Maa!!

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.



6 thoughts on “Learning Curve!!

  1. Lovely post. We can never Thank enough to our parents for what they have done and doing for us. They are the Individuals who teach us about “Unconditional Love”. 🙂


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