Ray of Hope!

Life without child? Un-imaginable, disheartening, what so ever may be the scene in later life with respect to kids; they are definitely the most important part of our lives. But with changing lifestyle, delayed marriages, a tensed work environment, delayed kids planning, harsh lifestyles have led to increase in Infertility amongst the couples .It has been estimated that one in 7 couple faces the problem of Infertility due to the reasons mentioned below.

Approx 45-50% of the cases are diagnosed in females due to –

  1. Ovulation issues –Un-timely release of mature egg from the ovary
  2. Poor Mature Egg quality –As age progresses, quality of egg degenerates & results in un-sustained pregnancies.
  3. Polycystic ovaries – Development of small cysts in ovaries instead of production of one mature egg in ovary
  4. Blockages in Fallopian tubes – They prevent eggs to pass in uterus & hence no fertilization

Not just females, approx.30-35% cases are diagnosed with male infertility, & there are many unidentified causes as well. Few Male infertility causes –

  1. Male tube blockages which do not allow transportation of fertile sperms
  2. Low/No Sperm Counts, resulting in no fertilization.

Other factors as obesity, environmental toxins, and excessive Alcohol/Drugs intake can also lead to Infertility.

But with an increase in the probabilities, modern techniques have flown in & now there are many options available to get perfect treatment basis the symptom’s–

  1. IVF – In vito Fertilization in which Egg & Sperm are mixed in artificial lab environment & then implanted into the womb. This procedure is most helpful in majority of the infertility cases .
  2. Surgical procedures for Fallopian tubes in case of tube blockages
  3. Intrauterine insemination (Sperm injected in the womb)
  4. Surrogacy

People from small cities find it more difficult to find a suitable clinic to get resolution to their queries, hence I would like to mention few Infertility clinics in Jaipur ,few which have IVF facilities in Jaipur .

  1. Ridge Aanchal – A mother & care hospital working since 1991, with specialized Infertility specialists, embryologists, and High quality labs for IVF treatments. Most of the treatments as IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donation, and Male infertility treatments are available.
  2. Jain fertility & Mother care hospital –A specialized hospital, with all techniques to have a great parenthood.IVF treatment, surrogacy, Egg donation, Embryo banking, are also available there.
  3. Aastha Fertility care –Calling themselves an exclusive IVF centre ,they have published 38-45% as their success rate in IVF .With a well established team ,this centre provides all solutions .
  4. Shivani fertility & Mother care –Established since 2004, all infertility treatments are available here too.

The list is not exhaustive; there are many other Infertility clinics in Jaipur leading to Parental bliss.

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