With love..JC!!

Nonetheless had we thought to visit China ,but any opportunity to be blessed to have a meet & greet JC could not be avoidable!

Similar was the day when destiny turned things for us & we had an exquisite wonder coming across to visit Shanghai & Beijing & all the more ,to be a part of an International event –Celebration of Jackie Chan’s Birthday! A completely not to be missed event.

JC had been a childhood hero for me but to meet him in person was all together so different, It was such a WOW moment, a moment when I felt in love with him once again not as an actor or singer or Martial art champion but as a noble soul, as a loving person, as a person with a motive to work for society.

So it was day 2 @China ,post doing some great excursion tour of Forbidden city ,it was a chance to meet & greet JC ,on his 60th Birthday. A lovely gathering, beautifully built up stages, live recording equipments, projectors displaying some precious moments. Here came loud thunders, JC JC JC…maddening crowd, people applauding, cheering, shouting, & amongst a big mad fanfare ,here came Jackie .The very next moment ,I was stunned to see him in tears ,reason being vast fan following in the auditorium ,such a humble personality he was!

Soon an AV “Secrets of JC” began playing, which made me fall in love with Jackie, all the more again. Such a beautiful AV it was ,describing & reflecting him as a person ,very much a family person ,preparing orange juice for his family , a professional being a Kid ,spreading the message of cleanliness drive by indulging himself into cleaning not just house but even sets & even in social life ,as in completely unaware of his stardom. Such a down to earth person ,a person well aware of his reason to be there in this world ,who has played an important role for little children across the world to make their life a happy one.

That was a moment , which triggered tears in my eyes ,thud of sudden silence set in ,it was so touchy, no stardom ,no big talks but just a normal person standing in front of us which his life depicted all over again . It made me crazy once again for Jackie ,along with a passion in me to give my life a direction & work towards a noble cause .

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Love u JC!

Love u JC!

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8 thoughts on “With love..JC!!

  1. Guys ,you can check out complete post on my China visit with JC@https://jhilmilbhansali.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/a-wonderful-bolt-from-the-blues-a-memorabilia-of-a-non-thought-of-trip-to-china/


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