My Phone -Zenfone2!!

Favourite phone ? Well ,I guess many would take a chance to ponder ,think over the pros & cons & then might be able to rate their Smart Phones close to 8 out of 10 .. But ,I would love to stand apart from thinking like a think tank ,trying to memorize all the features & would out rightly quote Asus Zenfone2 as my favourite phone!

Among the crowd of budgeted, trendy smartphones, showcasing their features on limited platform of screen size & camera Mega pixels ,ASUS stands differently & with able features demarking their series ,luring the Global customers over its quality ,grandeur.

Recently I had a chance to buy Zenfone2 for my dad, & since then I have fallen in love with its specifications, the robustness, the sexy design, the grand look it portrays & yes in such an affordable price. A click from 13MP camera of ASUS vs 13 MP camera of competition will lead one to a significant difference due to the in built technology rather than just the megapixel.

Their first series was unforgettable & yes, in news from past few months is Zenfone2, the glimpse of it is bound to make one fall in love at their first sight.

Grand Zenfone2!

What does one expect? A dashing look ,Wonderful clicks ,selfie & panoramic views ,enormous memory to fill in with loads of pics ,videos ,books ,movies ,apps, & yes an everlasting battery.

So does it get fulfilled by new Asus Zenfone2? Read below as to why it is my favorite phone & why it is a must in my sexy hands 😉 (although I took for my dad ,but since Day 1 ,it has been explored in my hands)–

Get up & #”See what others can’t see “-

1.As claimed, it is world’s 1st Smartphone with 4GB RAM – Now forget the numerous issues of spacing, click & move, save books /movies & go..4GB is enormous to support superior functioning with Intel processor for better switching in between apps ,smooth video play, quick surfing & a faster performance altogether.

2.It pains to charge my handset of 1800 mAh every now & then & charging to 100% takes nearly 2 hours. Actually I never see it 100% charged due to my constant need .Here goes this lovely Zenfone ,with 3000 mAH battery & a brilliant technology –“BoostMaster technology” embedded to charge the phone at double speed & you’ll see,60% in 39 minutes. Cool!!

3.In love with Selfie?

  • 5MP  front camera with 85 degree wide angle lens is bound to give great selfie. Even group of friends can have a lovely snap with 140 degree panoramic selfie or to capture some beautiful landscapes.
  • 13MP back camera with 5 element lens is bound to capture the minutest details with precision.
  • Tired of getting the wrong color tones? Onion color looking purple or Pink?
  •  Ah! That mark on my face will narrow down my picture ?

Huh! Zenfone2 will get you out of this mess & ensure you have a look at the true colors on captured shots. & yes it also takes care of your beauty by removing those marks, enlightening the complexion to give a flawless picture to fall in love with self once again:)


                                                    Image Courtesy –

4. Amazing ZenUI is all the more interesting! Customization of themes, Icons, Wallpapers seems to be scintillating. Furthermore typing ,a “C” on screen to launch camera,”W” for browser ,”E” for Email ,any similar other shortcuts ,seems to be appealing.

5.Tap twice to wake it up from sleep, Tap for One hand mode by shrinking UI, again seems exciting. Managing schedules by Whats Next, Do it later, enabling Kid’s mode to keep a watch on the content visible to them, are also some features worth use in day to day life.

6.Added security in the form of “Trend Micro Security” for heavy browsers to keep mobile on the go without any viral attack.

So, I can be sure, the first glimpse of Asus Zenfone2 shared is fascinating enough to have a look & feel with those amazing accessories & intelligent covers!

Living on the Edge -Pangong -Leh part IV

An Excursion to Pangong:

PANGONG TSO lake , a synonym of pristine ,exquisite ,magnificent nature! & yes ,this is the last scene where 3 Idiots was shot. Getting curious?? Read on..

This day started as early as 6am to start off for Pangong & have a magnificent time there.

A bit of history:

Situated at approx. 4250mts ,far away in the barren terrain of Ladhak ,this gorgeous lake spread across 134 kms ,60% of which lies in China(Basically Tibet ,but the region is controlled by Chinese) & rest 40% in India. It falls under the Army & require special approvals to access the same (An Inner Line Permit is required to visit the lake as it lies on the Sino-Indian Line of Actual Control)

Travel from Leh to Pangong :

Approx. 155-160 Kms from Leh , it took us some 5 hours to reach Pangong lake via Changla Pass.

The scintillating route is something which keeps you binding & fall in love with this place even before reaching.

So the route took as –

Leh –Karu (45 Kms) ,this is the easiest Leh Manali stretch which makes your car run with great road maintenance

Karu –Chang La(35Kms) – Initially the roads are good but once Changla peak is touched which again gives you a cold chill in itself , slowly the roads begin to deteriorate. Hault at CHangla is a must to enjoy the chill waves & have some play in the snow spreaded across. At 17800 ft ,it is the 2nd highest pass & you can have a very warn handshake & pic with the saviours of our Nation…Our very own Army:) .On the top ,there is a Changla Baba temple with a little story & a cabin to protect oneself from the shrill of weather & enjoy some hot black tea & momo’s!!



Chang La -Tanskey (58Kms) – Next few Kms are a real adventure with dreaded roads in a very difficult terrain ,but the serene natural beauty is damn sure make you forget the tough time.. Although a rough patch ,but the amazing changing views & all shades of nature in a single stretch makes you feel stunned. Grasslands with little wild flowers in the mid ,rivulet flowing near to it ,huge rocky mountains on left & snowy caped in right? Isn’t it a miraculous place to be at? Horses running down the grasses just adds to the beauty of the passage. We did stop & took break for 15-20 minutes to capture these enticing scenes & imprison them in our eyes & minds for ever:)

What a beauty!!

What a beauty!!

Chang -La:)

Chang -La:)

Tangste (Tanskey) has few hotels & is a good place for a lunch stoppage!

Tanskey –Pangong Tso (32 Kms) – The similar views continue in this passage ,with sometimes water streams in the mid of the roads making a good splash & awakening you for a gala time . A mini crystal blue lake appears some 5-7 kms before the actual origin of Pangong ,which made a picnic spot for us.. Locating numerous fishes ,portraying the beauty & having Sandwiches made our 30-40 minutes fantastic one.

Hurray..New Found Picnic Spot!

Hurray..New Found Picnic Spot!

And yes in this stretch ,you will find numerous “Marmot” running here & there..Do keep an open eye to locate these beautiful creatures:) . You could also locate Ibex & beautiful horses post Chang La.

Cutie Pie!!

Cutie Pie!!



The air soars with freshness ,smiles crops ups widening slowly as some pristine ,huge ,very huge lake starts to appear .Simply breathtaking panorama ,every sight wants to be clasped ,embraced ..Such is the power of this location! The banks house Military camp & few Eco –huts as well. Drive on the rocky terrain until you reach close enough to the lake & appraise the tranquillity.

Here comes Pangong:

One of the brackish lakes in Asia ,the very first glimpse of this pristine Bluish –greenish lake made me fall in Love with itJ Winters leave this lake completely frozen ,despite it being completely saline lake(have even heard of few camps which allow walking on it& can be a superb adventure ,do browse if you wanna try something like this) . Sunrays coming amidst the mountains make the water change its shades so often that you feel magical here. Just don’t do anything ,sit & play on the beach ,walk in the lake near to shores , gaze at the beautiful birds as Brahmani Ducks ,Brown –headed gulls ,Black –necked cranes (if you are lucky enough to spot the specie) ,capture every scene ,as these few hours will make the best & an unforgettable moment for a lifetime. Due to salinity ,there is not much aquatic life or Fishes here except crustaceans.

Scintillating View

Scintillating View

You’ll never feel to go back to camp site or hotel or even the town you came from ..Such is the binding property of this paradise, serenity which allows you to feel bliss, forgetting all behind! It was this location which prompted me to visit at least once a year & it has been twice that I have been here in past 2 years!

Migratory Bird!!

Migratory Bird!!

Important :

  1. There is no eatery close to it ,so better carry your eatables /food along
  2. Best time to visit is May  -September
  3. Better get your car/Bike tanks full as there are no pumps after Karu

By evening we had to bid adieu to this lake & happily returned back to the hotel.

Last day@Ladhak:

Last day was a complete relaxation & a self-drive/walk mode for us .Never wishing to return back ,but this trip had come to an end ,but yes we vowed to love this place for life time & pledged to begin a living at some point of life to have the complete harmony amidst tranquillity of Ladhak!

GOOD BYE!! Miss u

GOOD BYE!! Miss u

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City roamer :: Leh PART III

PART III :A Day for Local Sightseeing:

Leh encompasses lot many tourist attractions & monasteries few of which are absolutely astounding & with rich cultural heritage.

  1. Shanti Stupa:
    White for Peace!

    White for Peace!

    White huge dome designated for world peace as the name signifies ,with lovely life stories of Lord Buddha surrounding it. It is also known as Peace Pillar & was inaugurated by Dalai Lama in 1985. Covered with snow capped mountains & surrounded by traditional villages ,this place is a must watch & demands stay for mental peace.

  2. Hall of Fame :
    WOW place!

    WOW place!

    A beautiful museum , maintained by the Army ,built in the memory of soldiers who lost their lives during Indo –Pak wars ,Kargil Wars .This museum is absolutely scintillating & one of the halls play an AV depicting the war ,which is something worth seeing & give a feel what a soldier does for his country .So much sacrifice ,in such harsh conditions ,but patriotism is what you’ll feel once again & it is sure to dampen one’s eyes.This museum also encompasses the war artifacts ,so many missiles & other weapons ,various medals & lot many more things to offer.

  3. Leh Palace :


    Although this palace has been ruined & restoration was going when we visited ,nothing much to offer ,just you can get a great look of the valley  from the roof of this 9 storey palace .Also some of the floor had numerous paintings to have a glance at.

  4. Magnetic Hill:
    Defying Gravity

    Defying Gravity



    Engine Off. Still vehicle moving up on a steep mountain?? Can’t imagine na? Try on Magnetic hill/gravity Hill located on Leh –Kargil –Srinagar highway, one side flat sand bed surrounded by huge mountains, Indus River on the south of it. Not just picturesque, it is a place where scientific logic is defies, although research on the same will give many stories, but none of it is certified & correct to be written off.

  5. Gurudwara Patthar Sahib :
    Pray Pray!

    Pray Pray!

    A holy place where Guru Gobind Singh ji had meditated for a long time ,but a lovely & vry peaceful religious place to be…&yes with a very interesting story of “Pathar” kept for display which is said to have an imprint of the body of Guru Nanak & footprint of the demon who tried to kill him .

  6. Confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers : A scenic view at Nimu ,where Greenish Indus originating from great Himalayan ranges meets bluish River Zanskar originating from Zanskar Ranges .Nothing much to do ,but this confluence provides ample scope for a great photography .Also All India Rafting expeditions also happen in Indus valley.
Lovely Confluence!!

Lovely Confluence!!

We had less time &reached the spot by 5 in the evening as a result of which Rafting could not be a part of Itinerary ,but guys do plan rafting in icy cold Zanskar for an added adventure.

Alchi Monastery :Had heard of huge almond & apple trees at Alchi village & this couldn’t stop us from visiting  a little village of Alchi having this old & very famous Alchi monastery as well. This monastery was built as old as in the 10th century .Having amazing wall paintings of detailed Buddhism & Kings who reigned during that era can be quite distinguishing & captivating. With gigantic Buddha statue in the centre & some brilliant wood carvings ,this monastery is a worth for history lovers. Outside the monastery lies a lovely garden with peach & apple trees ,worth enjoying plucking few:)



Returning back in late evening ,this day passed out in a cool & composed manner ,while waiting for the next day which was scheduled for “Pangong” –The most awaited day of the trip!

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Meeting with Serenity ::NUBRA ::Leh PART II

PART II : NUBRA To LEH via Diskit Monastery

A lovely cloudy morning welcomed us again, drizzling all through the greens of our cottage & we enjoying on the “sleep nets” tied across the trees, relaxing lazily in the morning drizzles. No work, no responsibility, only gazing at the mesmerizing nature was the work left to us;) .After having han interesting breakfast at the cottage of yummy aloo parantha’s ,sipping hot elaichi tea sitting amidst the trees gave a great encounter of the tranquillity. Post breakfast we had to head back to Leh via monastery visit as Diskit & Samstanling!



So, here we reach Diskit Monastry: We visited Leh , Diskit Gompa in the month of July & we were amazed by the incredible magnificence of nature lying in this region.

Diskit Monastery is situated in Nubra Valley, on top of a hill (close to 60-70 stairs), above the plains of river flowing close by from the huge rocky mountains (which can be heard gushing through the mountains) while climbing the hill for monastery.

It is the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery (termed as gompa’s in Leh) & encompasses the statue of “Maitreya” Buddha in the prayer hall, a huge drum and several images of fierce guardian deities. Just opposite to the Buddha prayer hall, is another part of monastery, having huge statue of “Maa Durga” which is said to be worshiped only once a year.

Near Diskit monastery is a massive scintillating, 32 mt. Buddha Statue termed as “Future Buddha”& can be seen overhead the hill. View from this place gives heavenly peace & ensure that we fall in love with the nature once again!

Future Buddha!!

Future Buddha!!

Also ,Route to Nubra Valley gives you the most stupendous enjoyable & chilling feel ,while crossing “Khardung La” (18379 ft) &It can be acclaimed that this place is the heavenly abode & not to be missed in lifetime. En-route, we were lucky enough when God showered Snowflakes on us..For some 4-5 kms we experience light snow flakes, so pleasant, a complete merriment!!

SnowFlakes:) Yooo

SnowFlakes:) Yooo

Samstanling Monastery, located in one of the remotest villages ,Summor Village ,is a place amidst a picturesque valley. Home to some 50-60 Monks ,it’s a calm ,serene place , close to which flows waterfall & a stream from huge mountains in the back .Also un-crowded ,this place especially amidst waterfall gives you a gala time to chill out in the stream.

A travel of 5 hours brought us back to Leh, & after having yummy Lafa’s & Almond cakes at the local restraunt, we proceeded for the most awaited visit to Leh Market .With an amazing collection of art ,stones ,Leh Bazaar is an optimum place for antique lover with lots of souvenirs & some fabulous art available . Relaxed ,returned at our lovely stay to enjoy a fulfilling mean in the evening.

Lafa..You made my day!

Lafa..You made my day!

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Pee..Poo…Ehhh….The Putrid torture!!

“Cleanliness is half health “….

“Cleanliness is the scourge of Art” …..Craig Brown!!

The Trigger : Hearing out the ongoing awareness campaigns of “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” TVC ,made me think about the petite cleanliness issues & I felt that it should be re-named as “Swacch Ghar abhiyaan” . This feeling ,one cool day translated into the post mentioned below ,me being obsessed of cleanliness  –

“The fetid baby Poo & Diaper changing

The morning Garbage disposal story going

Display in the room..Pet’s morning poo

The yukk gases released before going to loo

The “Onion – Garlic”Takda for a yumm lunch recipe

The highly reeking early morning words slipped from mouth…

& added wonders from the window opening close to the neighbour’s house ;)”

Such is the starter pack of the day..Unnerving the home …distressing the olfactory senses …Unsettling the serene morning milieu!!

& Not just the mornings, the situations can even worsen up during evenings, especially monsoon evenings…

Welcoming hubby with a smile,

Which vanishes with a jibe,

The stinking socks & shoes dipped in the roads full of stagnant water of monsoon,

The deadly aromatic drenched house due to moist clothes, courtesy lovable monsoon,

The flooding of lanes & opening of gutters to give a filthy grin,

They are not all permitting me to enjoy the charming rain!!

The exquisiteness of Indian roads & the path to Old city ,

The added woes of the morning walk in the city ,

The smelling Gasoline added up to the “unwanted charm”,

Such is my story of “Piquant whiff whiff days” 😉

And, not just these few reasons ,to add up, frequent visits of relatives & the 4-5 hour long delicious preparations for them with “masaledaar ,takdedaar food” takes a toll ,with the house stinking & me feeling to run out of the house to breathe fresh ..Welcoming the relatives & to find someone with those yuckk stenching socks & you unable to comment them….OMG! What the harm have I done to someone in this life ,that I have been blessed with such a cologne 😉 I would be happy sitting in loo rather than this… Ha ha ha..I do have this feeling occasionally;)

Huh!!! Not so happy:(

Huh!!! Not so happy:(

So guys ,I believe ,this would be a drenching anecdote in every Indian’s life …living in Metro or Tier3 ,only the quantum would change a bit!

Well ,such is the “not so required” magnitude of a spiky snout with which I’m blessed!

So to hell away with them ,one fine day I had to google up & jot down the tonic apart from the routine ones which were being followed & damn it ,I sware ,this post made the most out of it:)

“Opening up of the windows ,for fresh air passage ,

Lightening of the incense sticks for a perfumed trail ,

Spreading up of Lavender or lily dry flowers for aromatic scent ,

Spraying up of Air freshner or Body mist for a fresh feeler,

Use of Baking soda or Vinegar to exude up the reekiness (refrigerator & drains),

Use of Baby powder inside shoes ,minimizing the sweat,

Use of Lemons to eradicate onion garlic smells,

Diffuser with lavender or Citrus or wild Orange oil for a spanking pristine feel,

Even essential oil dipped cotton swabs placed under pillow to have a fragrant sleep,

A dab of vanilla extract on “Off bulb” giving amazing aroma when lighted,

Lilies ,Palm trees & few potted plants to enhance ambience & contribute to great aroma,

Mixture of Baking Soda ,Borax,essential oil ,sprinkled on carpet to generate a perfect freshness,

& a generous No –No for garbage & diaper storage for more than 2-3 hours:)”

So now ,Just dream of a fragnant house ,well incenced, full of aroma ,that sweet essence ..Isn’t it wow !

An all-in-one revealation worth trying from #SmellyToSmiley…

  • Ambi Pur Lavender/Newzealand Spring for fresh room ,
  • Ambi Pur Air effects vanilla for “Takdka & left over food smell”
  • Ambi Pur Sweet Citrus for a perfect long drive

Just try & feel the relaxed serene cosy difference for the goodness of you & your home!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

Now happy..Yuhooo!!

Now happy..Yuhooo!!