Pee..Poo…Ehhh….The Putrid torture!!

“Cleanliness is half health “….

“Cleanliness is the scourge of Art” …..Craig Brown!!

The Trigger : Hearing out the ongoing awareness campaigns of “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” TVC ,made me think about the petite cleanliness issues & I felt that it should be re-named as “Swacch Ghar abhiyaan” . This feeling ,one cool day translated into the post mentioned below ,me being obsessed of cleanliness  –

“The fetid baby Poo & Diaper changing

The morning Garbage disposal story going

Display in the room..Pet’s morning poo

The yukk gases released before going to loo

The “Onion – Garlic”Takda for a yumm lunch recipe

The highly reeking early morning words slipped from mouth…

& added wonders from the window opening close to the neighbour’s house ;)”

Such is the starter pack of the day..Unnerving the home …distressing the olfactory senses …Unsettling the serene morning milieu!!

& Not just the mornings, the situations can even worsen up during evenings, especially monsoon evenings…

Welcoming hubby with a smile,

Which vanishes with a jibe,

The stinking socks & shoes dipped in the roads full of stagnant water of monsoon,

The deadly aromatic drenched house due to moist clothes, courtesy lovable monsoon,

The flooding of lanes & opening of gutters to give a filthy grin,

They are not all permitting me to enjoy the charming rain!!

The exquisiteness of Indian roads & the path to Old city ,

The added woes of the morning walk in the city ,

The smelling Gasoline added up to the “unwanted charm”,

Such is my story of “Piquant whiff whiff days” 😉

And, not just these few reasons ,to add up, frequent visits of relatives & the 4-5 hour long delicious preparations for them with “masaledaar ,takdedaar food” takes a toll ,with the house stinking & me feeling to run out of the house to breathe fresh ..Welcoming the relatives & to find someone with those yuckk stenching socks & you unable to comment them….OMG! What the harm have I done to someone in this life ,that I have been blessed with such a cologne 😉 I would be happy sitting in loo rather than this… Ha ha ha..I do have this feeling occasionally;)

Huh!!! Not so happy:(

Huh!!! Not so happy:(

So guys ,I believe ,this would be a drenching anecdote in every Indian’s life …living in Metro or Tier3 ,only the quantum would change a bit!

Well ,such is the “not so required” magnitude of a spiky snout with which I’m blessed!

So to hell away with them ,one fine day I had to google up & jot down the tonic apart from the routine ones which were being followed & damn it ,I sware ,this post made the most out of it:)

“Opening up of the windows ,for fresh air passage ,

Lightening of the incense sticks for a perfumed trail ,

Spreading up of Lavender or lily dry flowers for aromatic scent ,

Spraying up of Air freshner or Body mist for a fresh feeler,

Use of Baking soda or Vinegar to exude up the reekiness (refrigerator & drains),

Use of Baby powder inside shoes ,minimizing the sweat,

Use of Lemons to eradicate onion garlic smells,

Diffuser with lavender or Citrus or wild Orange oil for a spanking pristine feel,

Even essential oil dipped cotton swabs placed under pillow to have a fragrant sleep,

A dab of vanilla extract on “Off bulb” giving amazing aroma when lighted,

Lilies ,Palm trees & few potted plants to enhance ambience & contribute to great aroma,

Mixture of Baking Soda ,Borax,essential oil ,sprinkled on carpet to generate a perfect freshness,

& a generous No –No for garbage & diaper storage for more than 2-3 hours:)”

So now ,Just dream of a fragnant house ,well incenced, full of aroma ,that sweet essence ..Isn’t it wow !

An all-in-one revealation worth trying from #SmellyToSmiley…

  • Ambi Pur Lavender/Newzealand Spring for fresh room ,
  • Ambi Pur Air effects vanilla for “Takdka & left over food smell”
  • Ambi Pur Sweet Citrus for a perfect long drive

Just try & feel the relaxed serene cosy difference for the goodness of you & your home!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

Now happy..Yuhooo!!

Now happy..Yuhooo!!


3 thoughts on “Pee..Poo…Ehhh….The Putrid torture!!

  1. Blogger jhilmil, outstanding and commandable, rose where goes, it’s fragrance everywhere. Smell and smile both are made for each other.
    So keep it up. Nice.


  2. Vinegar, borax, incense, aroma oils, potpourri, fresh air and clean clothes, tablecloths, towels, cushion covers, sheets always make a difference to the smells in a home.


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