With Love ,To DAD

Phase A —- Entry Into the world

My Life..My DAD!!

My Life..My DAD!!

A dad is someone who hugged me to provide his warmth ,

Who had sleepless nights to make me sleep,

Who made himself silly & ridiculous to make me smile & laugh,

Who forgot his pains to give me lovely rides, Who let me play in the sand to make me strong ,

Who embraced me every day post returning from work & I shrieked with elation to be with Him 🙂  

Phase B — Schooling to Adult

Reason of my Smile:)

Reason of my Smile:)

A dad became someone who never made me do any work,

Who never asked me to study hard when I was small ,

Who was the saviour to me from harsh studies ,

Who encouraged me to be naughty &indulge in Play ,Play & Play,

Who guided me to be “Master of All” & not just studies ,

Who never made me polish my shoes or even bring a glass of water,

Who ensured that his pampering was enough to make me puckish ;),

Who saved me from the brunt of my MOM, when sometimes I scored low & stood 2nd or 3rd in class ,

Who made me travel a lot from East to west & North to south,

Who made me aware of the goodness of the world, Who made me laugh a lot by being a kid himself ,

Who struggled himself to make all my wishes come true ,BUT

Who never made me aware of the word “Struggle”,

Who gave me a lavish adolescence with full freedom of thought, heart & mind.

Who cared & loved the most when I became sick !

Phase C —College to Marriage

He made me feel like a Princess!!

He made me feel like a Princess!!

My Dad is one , Who became my mentor for higher studies ,

His dream to see me big ,made me achieve Academic Success,

His separation for studies made me frantic, but made me learn to face the world,

He taught me rights & wrong’s, to stand firm on my decisions & beliefs ,

He who rejoiced in my every victory ,

He who made me smile in my Pain, crying within himself,

He who ran from pillar to post to make my marriage a grand affair,

He who understood my feelings to marry the Man of choice!!

Phase D –Post Marriage

A tight hug says it all:)

A tight hug says it all:)

Nothing has changed dear Dad post marriage,

He suddenly made me realize of my responsibilities,

He suddenly made me aware of the struggles & gave me the strength to kick them off,

He motivated me to fulfil my dreams,

He gave his everything, sweat, time, money, when I was carrying a little baby,

He gave all his love for the new born, He took ample holidays from work to be with me & kid,

He again got back into his old memory lanes & hugged me & my Kid!

With his Grandson!!

With his Grandson!!

Such is the power of “MY DAD” ,whose dominance make me laugh ,whose shouting makes me feel that he is still a kid ,whose immense tolerance & Love has made me a loving human ,whose gigantic heart within has made me love all ,whose mantra of Humanity has made me the person I am today! He is my stepping stone of success today!

I may have found the prince of my life, but he is & will remain the KING of my life not just in this life but in all life’s I live !! Words cannot express ,Speech cannot say ,My pen isn’t stopping from writing this post ,nothing in this world can help me express how much I love you ,how much I respect you ,how much honour I feel to be a part of you! Thanks for touching my life now & from ages .Yes Dad, a big Hug to you for all you have done for me!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

My Life

My Life


6 thoughts on “With Love ,To DAD

  1. Blogger Jhilmil, I have no words to express comment your blogg, love and care is the axis of relationship, rather I must mention specifically, this is true relationship between each father and daughter which is uncomparable to any relation. Commandable, god bless, keep it up.


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