Craft-O-Maniac!! Real Me Rewarded

It’s been a year that I’ve been regularly following Reward Me ,by P&G ,not just for browsing over the products ,trying out the sample ,but also being spoilt by them to provide a handy solution for ample of things…To quickly clean up the house in few minutes ,to apply quoted packs for tanned skin or to even use their tips for a healthy lifestyle amongst my busy schedule as a Professional mom!

But recently some 2-3 months back, while browsing one of the sections of Arts & Crafts, took me long behind in those sweet& Innocent memory lanes ,when we used to make Paper boats & float them in stream flowing, or a rocket out of hard paper & flew it with the use of Rubber-bands ,or even a colourful paper game –Tipi –Tipi –Top..What colour you want?? Smile bounced backJ ,Isn’t It?

Could you re-call those innocent days, where in such crafts were just a play time ones…Little did we knew of the creativity involved in it! So while browsing I came across many sweet crafting ideas spread across few occasions as well. But, out of this what I loved the most is “Origami” (Yes, the creative paper folding art), the colourful Yarn Balls & the elegant Raffia Covered vases.

Craft Craft Craft…Here a craft , there a craft ,everywhere Craft Craft 🙂 

1. Creative yet Elegant Vases : Wrapping over natural colour (or you can even paint them as per the colour of your choice) Raffia on vases or Bottle or a Jar gives such an elegant look that you’ll die to craft yourself . Also ,it requires the least items :

      1. A bottle /vase/Jar (easily available)
      2. Raffia
      3. Glue Sticks
      4. Spray sealers for a better strength..

Post covering raffia all over, one can creatively use beads /buttons/paper made roses or similar to decorate it further. Just that much & you can get a great flower vase or even a hanging light ready to decorate & enlighten your roomJ

Image Courtesy :

                                   Image Courtesy :   

2. Festive Yarn Balls :
Doesn’t these balls add vivacity to the house or during parties? I had always yearned for these balls but never gave a though to make them ,but yes reward me forced me to think & give them a try. Again with minimal inputs & much of labour, making these balls can be a family fun together.

With the requisites as:

      1. School Glue
      2. Corn Starch
      3. Water
      4. Vibrant or light colored yarns basis the mood you want to set in
      5. Balloons
      6. Sprayer/Spray Paint (to spray & make balls multicoloured)

Just inflate the balloons, prepare mixture of glue ,corn starch & water & dip yarn into it..Then start wrapping around the balloons & let them get dry for 12-24 hrs. Once dries pop up the balloon & here your yarn ball is ready.. You can spray paint & hang in room at different length, or even hang a lamp in it to add more of vibrancy!

Image Courtesy:

3. Conquering the art of Origami:Mastering the Art of folding never felt so inventive & imaginative. From flowers to    animals, to toys, it seems anything & everything can be made out of it! Seen beautiful swans or elephants in hotel rooms..Well that’s also a part of Origami (Ori –Fold, Kami –Paper), takes you through a complete imaginative transformation & happiness from within.
Do master the art by beginning to study from the Origami basics by understanding the lines & arrows & then start creating your animals for your kid or beautiful flowers for your raffle vase or a beating heart (for V Day) by just folding the paper & giving your love a new & afresh look

Image Courtesy –

So Get, set, go, Hope the hidden creativity has been instilled, bridge the time & indulge in some beautiful & sensuous art!

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

“Do visit out exclusive Crafts section at – & get into an exciting modeJ

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