Shining Light!!

“I conceived you after many years of marriage ,you entered in my womb after a long struggle ,God again planned to snatch you away when you were just 8 months in my womb ,world challenged me our togetherness ,but how could have my love been so frail? How could you not hear my heart beating with yours? How could you not see my tears of joy when I first felt you within me?How could you ever believe that I would leave you? How could??? “ Multiple questions & their answers!! Sudden silence gripped in! Listening to her in her lap,In this mean world ,the only sparkling ,untainted relation is that of a mother & child ..Such a bliss it is! I fought for you from GOD ,I struggled to be with you against the odds of my disease & now I’m a contented Mother ..Only Mother ..the word I’m proud to be called of from you & tears flowed down from her eyes! After 10 years of being in her lap ,she was making me aware of her odds ,of her pains ,which she took for bringing me in this world. But ,was the struggle for her so short? No,It has been day & night fight for her,which she terms as her “passion,her passion to make me stand on my foot ,to see me run on the pavements ,to see me play cricket & big shots & above all ,her passion to make me a” Lovely Human”! Yes guys ,many of you might have guessed out what her passion to me is..I’m a kid with “Muscular dystrophy” ,A kid who was born in the arms of his mother & has been since then into her arms only.Such is her love for me that I felt the need to leave her lap ,a need to be away from her sight even for a moment. I never felt the need to have friends ,as no one could be a better friend than her ,& never felt the need to walk through the greens as she always ushered sunshine in my life ,every day & every moment.

“Rab se mili sabse badi den tu hai MAA !Dekhi jabse duniya ,teri mamta hi paayi MAA ,dariya se bada tera dil hai meri MAA ,tere bin ye jeevan soona ,tere kadom me jannat hai MAA!! “

And why not anyone agree to these beautiful lyrics of a song ? A relation added with selfless service & adorable love ,a sense of reliability ,moments of glee & delight..This is defined as a Mother-Child relation ,since in womb & till death!

#MyFirstFiendExpert :

“MAA hai Mohabbat ka naam ,MAA ko hazaron Salaam!”

Our struggle of love broke all records when she decided to get me admitted in one of the best schools of Mumbai. My interview o wheel chair was super successful & the principal was highly impressed & I was admitted to the school as a normal kid.very happy ,Me & my Mom returned back with preparations on full swing for my forthcoming school days. Day 1 was a curious one for me. Mom dropped me at the school gates & waved saying Kid ,be at your best ,smile with everyone ,love all & make all children your friends. But my classmates stared at me ,some even laughed since I could not stand & run with them .This scene continued for next few days ,kids used to pass besides me laughing ,ran in the playground ,saying “Hey look at him ,he cannot play with us” ,he will just sit on his chair!! Hell lot of teasing:( . I kept n trying to explain them the reason ,but there was no one to hear me out except those huge walls. Broken ,shattered,I decided to quit from the school ,but that very day ,Mom questioned ,Hey where are your friends ,it’s been so many days ,I haven’t met any of them? You must have made few good ones by now ,come let’s meet them ,introduce them to me! Shook by my pain within ,I could not stop my tears & broke down narrating her all the ugly happenings of past few days. But ,I forgot I had a permanent friend ,My MOM! She took me out for a Ice-cream treat that very day & explained ,” be sweet to your friends like this ice-cream ,give them some time to understand you ,they will for sure melt up like cream & then you will have an enjoyable time with them kid” .You are God’s special child! She was the one who had a dialogue with the school management ,my teachers & few of the Parents .I really do not know ,what turned around but by next week I had 3 very good friends besides me then & till date they are with me! I got my complete ice-cream parlor although with much pain but such was her stigma!

#MyStruggleExpert :

“Kaun si hai woh cheez jo yahan nahi milti ,sab kuch mil jaata hai lekin MAA nahi milti “

Time flew by ,but Mom was & is my struggle expert. With a great hope in her eyes to see me run,she herself ran from pillar to post ,not just across India but met with all international doctors for my treatment. Science getting so much advanced ,still a perfect treatment for my disease was NIL..So many studies ,patents in pipeline ,but yet no assurance of recovery.From going to loo ,to bathing ,to dressing ,my mom was & is a reflection to me ,day in & out ,but with a persistent smile on her face. She made me attend every Social function ,we used to go out every weekend ,every night ,met so many people & she with her head held high ,would introduce me to everyone & greetings would be exchanged with just love & no sympathy.This was a big stress booster & a motivator for me in my core developing phase. She bought me everything ,all what I did not even desire of .She taught me & made me a bright student scoring marks in 90’s all throughout.She ensured me that Love ,care ,respect are the key for a great life & I began my journey towards her wisdom thoughts. Following her golden words ,made me attain a special position among my friends & society .Today ,I have many well wishers ,always standing close to me . The word struggle hid somewhere behind & I started enjoying this world although on my wheel chair .

#MyBIGMANExpert :

“Tu Pyaar ka saagar Hai ,teri ek boond ke pyaase hum” 

It has bee 24 long years when I saw this world for the first time ,as a special child ,& today I’m a proud owner of my own Distribution company ,But by whose love?? It is just MAA ,who sill hopes that one day I will stand close to her ,who still wants to see me play cricket strokes (she being a fan of Mr. Tendulkar) ,who still wants to see me swim  cross English Channel one day ,who still wants to see me come out with flying colors .Although ,She has made me a man of love & respect today ,but her rest longings are yet to welcome her!! She is aware that I’m degenerating ,it has been growing from legs to upper body ,she is aware that she might lose me any day ,any time..But yet ,she is so strong ,strong like a pillar. She says ,you are my passion ,you are my faith retriever,you are the biggest bond of my life..Death cannot do us apart! Salute to you MAA ,you are my soul ,my heart ,my conscious ,you are everything to me. Her love for me made me start sketching & my first sketch is attached below..A mother -child relation. This is a story of an expert Mom ,for my dearest friend & this is what his life is about! In front of me ,she is the greatest mom & the biggest expert in this world.

My emotions!!

My emotions!!

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