Meethe Pal !!

Jahan Khushi ,Wahan Kellogg’s!

When you are happy and you know it “Clap your hands….

When you are happy & you know it say Huraah”

That’s how my “Bachpan” was built around clapping & enjoying the Khushi ke pal ,har pal !

Study Time..Nah..Its a Play Time..

Play of 15 minutes with Mum & I’m afresh to study!

Wake Up time..Nah I’m Sleepy..

Jokes & stand up comedy by dad & I’m up to get Ready!

Lunch Time..Boring Veggies…Nah I’m off to sleep..

Dessert of Cakes by Mum & I’m onto grab the veggies 😉

Water park..No Boat /Risky Ride …Nah Nah Nah

Hand in hand..Dad & Me…On the ride..Yes yes yes J

Getting Bored, No One around…

Here comes Dad to play hide & Seek..Happy Happy!

After a span of Splendid, loving, open “Bachpan”, came the adolescent Phase……..

Road to future…Our dream to see you Doctor /Engineer…

Nah…My dream to be a scientist…Go ahead!

Trail to College..We wish you to be close to us..

Nah…My Dream college in Delhi..Move ahead!

College Campus..Now let’s be at one place..

Nah…A critical phase, I’m off to Mumbai …Grow Ahead!

Met Sweetheart…We have an intellectual prospect for you..

Nah…Introducing you to my Love….Opened the Corridor for Marriage!

After growing with parents rather friends, very close friends, here comes “My” side of story…

Schools getting Tech oriented..Have to type & Print Question papers…Huh..

Here I’m, 1-2-3-4…All done to see smiling Mom!

You’ll be far, how to manage then,

Here comes my tutorials & you become a computer literate, an overwhelming Mom!

Crashed that Old Nokia Handset…I have a new Smart Phone…

Again in your service with smart phone tutorials nowJ

Want old melodies in phone ….What next?

Here it is downloaded…to see an ecstatic Dad!

Want some costly shoes for Flat Foot…

E-commerce…& its 50% off..Oh! You are a Money saverJ

Planning for dealership to secure future…

My consultancy services are there for decision!

As my crisp poem goes, I’v been an apple of eye for my family ,having spent most of my years in a joint family ,learning & playing with dada dadi ,chacha chachi, but amongst all this ,it has been a most wonderful memories with my dad ,a nostalgic feeling sets in even today to recall those days when I had him on my side as my Play mate or Study mate or even Cartoon mate..

We’ve spent winters making little braids out of his hair & laughing & dancing all around on the terrace

We’ve spent rains, splashing water & swaying our little paper boats..

We’ve spent every evening making & flying our Rockets along with him..

We’ve spent every months of Jan –Feb & Aug enjoying the plight of neighbour’s to see their kites blown off by him 😉

He has been a saviour when I ran away from those boring studies 😉

He sat with me to watch my favourite Cartoon ,Doraemon ,leaving aside his matches

I remember seeing him dance on high music of Prabhudeva’s songs (Muqabala) & making us chuckle & enjoy the days

I miss the days when we used to play cricket in “house lobby” with mom shouting behind the scenes! I miss those days of having Gulab Jamun eating competition 😉

I miss those days of having Bread & Home butter with Kellogg’s cornflakes & Chocos!

Check out more about it at

I really miss every moment, every day, every minute & thank God to bless me with such wonderful friends, who gave me all the comfort & freedom of life along with the necessary learning’s to be a good human!

Well, such has been my relation with my parents, never authoritative, but always a cooperative, interactive with mutual give & take from both sides. In all phases when I needed their suggestions, support, love, care & understanding, they were always besides me. Writing from the core of my heart this relation of parents cum best friends has inculcated immense respect for so called “Parents” in the form of God bestowed upon us.

Agree, many of the parents still do not believe in “Buddy Parenting” with many theories supporting & few criticizing the same. But whatever the theories have to say, it all matters on the quantum of openness you bring into. A controlled buddy parent is the best to have the child enjoy the most beautiful relationship along with the knowledge of where to draw the boundaries.

So till then, enjoy the Parent –Child Relationship, the most amazing one on this planet!

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