Goa –Part II :: Way to Sinq ,Candolim ,Calangute !!

Morning sunshine hidden in the clouds, Massive dark clouds sprawling over the skies, partially hidden with huge swaying palm trees …Sitting besides the calm waters ,I felt blessed with such a serene morning..So calm, so placid..Amazed at the tranquillity which filled me with an energetic auraJ

Yes ,trip with 2 infants had to somewhat different & this day made us travel all through from our Hotel to Mapusa (To visit Child Care) ,but that ride of approx. An hour was itself a kick ,to see dramatic change in the lifestyle from the outskirts of the very awe-inspiring ,calm Goa to somewhat hustle bustle of city life (@Mapusa) ,a similar story –Kids boarding buses from schools ,people shopping / running for their daily chores ,but still it was far away from the crowd ,noisy ,polluted cities i had encountered & was living in .People were so friendly ,so warm at every step ,which made us fall in love with GOA once again not just for its beauty but then for housing charming GoansJ

So ,post quick visit ,we turned from Mapusa to the most scintillating ,Sinquerim ,Candolim & Calangute Beaches ,all in one side.

The path leading to those beaches were incredible & weather playing a “big cupid” 😉 ,Lush green grasslands ,it felt so on one side & huge palms ,swaying with all windy forces on the other …Riding at a speed of close to 80kmph ,both hands swaying along & I couldn’t resist to sing “Khamoshiyaan..Ehsaas hai…” & my kid really enjoying (I think he too was amazed) ,giggling & excited enough for these terrific trails J

Singing & dancing & shouting we first hit @Sinquerim, to have an initial look from Fort Aguada (& feeling jealous from residents of Taj Village just overlooking beach & gigantic massive sea). Exclaiming, WOW!!! Simply amazed..Cool breeze blowing off my hair, hitting my face hard to have a look at the stunning mighty waves hitting across the rocks & splashing water all around. Indeed, it can be certainly claimed that SInq is one of the magnificent beaches in Goa (It does have International level facilities for Para sailing, Scuba Diving, Wind surfing …but none in our plate due to off seasonL,Don’t pity on us ,next “ON-Season” trip would be soon coming up;))

Walking along the beach following into Candolim was a “Showery affair” ,sudden rain hit us hard & made us run a Km to the only shelter(a Restraunt) available close by…Restraunt owner rejoicing looking at the boost of his Fish Curry sale;) ,But “short of words” to express the strong thunderstorm & the striking look of the sea in front… Gazing at the droplets running down on one side & brawny downpour hitting the sea..Simply amazed, this day made worth of all “Off season tag”. God’s grace, in next 30 minutes, weather had normalized & we re-instated our beach & sea walk, hand in hand.. Those shells, numerous star fishes, fluorescent crabs amidst the waves & a gracious sunset to explore..It was the best ever moment & memoir to remain for in our lives..We continued our walk even when the night fell in, but by 8pm, we then decided to leave for the hotel .But yes, a wish remained in my heart, to explore the starry night, counting on stars, locating Mars, constellations & explore the galaxy along the beachJ .

On the way we did drop in @Calangute, yes it gives a feel of a royal beach looking at the crowd ,ample of eateries (even in the way along),count of hotels few big ones & few small but with great artifacts, many showrooms..But the beach is not the best of all. Although it was an off season ,yet it had maximum crowd ,ample shacks close to one another .Beach was not clean, even absence of swaying palm trees made me feel that it actually isn’t “Queen of all beaches” . Truly speaking, we felt that Baga & Calangute have been more exaggerated, due to shacks & many other facilities around them, but the crowd, cleanliness do make these beaches on a downside in my list. But a plus point, many Dolphin trips & water activities are conducted here in the season times..so head towards them ,get your adrenaline rush high with these activities & spend a pleasant & cool time @Sinq J & other beaches.


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