Shaandaar..Not so Shaandaar!!

Well ,a lot more could have been done & expected with 3 out of the 4 makers of Queen who handshake again to give this not at all “Shaandaar” ,lose script ,lost story ,unnecessary songs (just to utilize shahid’s dancing) ,out of the way pre-marriage song torturing the feminine & countering the male’s again..

I expected something fab from this movie ,but 10 minutes the start & I could barely hold on to my seat (although I did to justify the tickets;)) ,poor direction ,failing logics all through.

It encompasses a wedding sequence right in the centre of England ,beautifully decorated ,amidst two highly influential business families ,both of which are bankrupt (but unknown to one another) & wanna get through this marriage just to secure a deal & get out of bankruptcy.

The story ventured around the marriage events of an eight -n-a half pack abs Bobby (Groom) ,hating his to be bride Esha coz she being oversized & both unable to step out from this marriage “just coz of a deal” ,Esha being pretty loving knowing all the fancies & likes of her to be hubby (with the hope that bobby might turn around some day) ,winning up the “Sangeet with Karan Hamper” was sweet & lovely. Shahid with the role of “Wedding Planner” could be expected to get some better role than this rather than just try being an “Insomniac”.

Yes ,Both Alia & Shahid(Jagjinder Joginder) were Insomniac’s ,Alia(as she knew she was adopted child) swimming along the nights in the waterfalls ,pampering her Ashok (The frog) ,eating banana’s ,reading ..Well what else would one do in the starry night & yes having a combined dream of her pops aka Pankaj Kapur to find a person who could make her sleep (How romantic..Isn’t it :@) & Shahid well afraid of the dark nights but every times runs to do biking on the roads & with Alia from the moment both the insomniacs meet ..

Movie will take you to all night sequences (better suited for insomniacs) ,trying to avoid most of the day lights or ensuing animated versions or stupidity engrossed in the day..

Letting the family eat mushroom’s & muffin’s in the day (coz it was Tuesday in India & none could eat Non-veg arranged by the Wedding planner JJ) ,which created a deadly combo & drifted all the members to an elongated comedy sequences ,sanjay kapur (Groom’s well rich golden Bro)searching his legs ,Bipin Aka Pankaj Kapur chatting to his Prabha with this boot (The then girl friend ,who got separated coz of his donning mother when she was pregnant –& yes tat was the truth behind creation of Alia;) ). & many more ..All these funny sequences being recorded in JJ’s Lumia & he decides to show it to all ,this is when he tries to create tender moments between father Pankaj Kapur & Alia ,to let Alia know that she is not adopted but “so cool Najayaz”.

Being engrossed in all this bull shit ,suddenly “Mamiji ,the donning Mamiji” dies out of a foolish sequence & then suddenly all want to break the deal ,the marriage which does happens ,with everyone speaking up their truth’s in front of all ,Esha breaking her marriage ,Alia speaking of her being actual daughter of Pankaj,Their designer chachu acknowledging that he is a gay ,Panditji (in mandap) telling out that he is a commentator & what not..Huh ! As expected marriage breaks ..The Arora’s & Sindhi’s deal breaks ,Pankaj Kapur runs with his 2 daughter ,JJ & the captured groom (who doesn’t have money to buy his protein shake) & share his dream of JJ & Alia getting together as he is the man with whom Alia can sleep & same for JJ!!

Gosh !! That’s the end ..Well one thing I forgot to tell..Bipin aka Pankaj Kapur could draw his dreams cartoons who could actually move ,bounce ,dance like Harry potter films.. This was very absurd could just smile & let it go!

Karan Johar made a cameo for Mehendi with karan & got 2 rounds played off..

That’s it guys ,this not-so-expected blunder doesn’t deserves more than 2 n a half .

Disappointed completely! Better use your day lazing around in the bed than to stick to your seats for 146 minutes!



Direct from the wonderful Pandal’s in one of the best Bengali Community..Chittranjan Park (Delhi) ,Loved the grandness !

Divinity!! Love ,Anger ,ferociousness all at the same moment!

Divinity!! Love ,Anger ,ferociousness all at the same moment!

Diety!! Depiction stands So Different !

Deity!! Depiction stands So Different !



Wow..Amazing..have  a look at the art! This one's direct from Kolkata..Courtesy -Bengali Friend

Wow..Amazing..have a look at the art!
This one’s direct from Kolkata..Courtesy -Bengali Friend

Unmasking –The real us!!

Yes, It’s enough of Smart phones, Tablets, Internet, Offers, e-Commerce. Need to put a full stop to this digital world we have entered into, at least for sometime during the day & if not daily there has to be a 2-3 days a month wherein the actual crux of this life can be felt in ! The actual essence, the real world, real people, lovely nature besides us, all of it has to be felt certainly.

Let’s all pledge to take a pinch of the freshness, which will certainly play an important role to create a fragrant aura, to help us motivate ourselves, to feel an unsullied spanking new life, but the main question arises how?

Will the detoxification lies in just one line-

Leave behind your digital world. Switch off your mobiles, tablets, laptops, no shopping, no mails, no Whats app, no Facebook/Twitter..Nothing!

So what next, well you will be flooded with bright thoughts to spend this lovely time, for me, I would love to spend a complete day with my hubby, kid & close friends as–

  1. Venture out for exploring the beautiful sparkling Sunrise, right next to the garden close to my place. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to embrace the nature around us, walking hand in hand with people you love? Walking through the greens with a cup of coffee, hearing the chirping of birds, looking high to the rising sun, gleaming at the beautiful fresh flowers around, yes, this will be a perfect start for us, valuing the nature & relations!
  2. Following to the “Raahgiri” (well ,if it is on Sunday’s & for Delhi ,else you can plan your own in the colony you stay) ,to unwind , to cycle up to the location & try few wonder steps with friends to check on the left stamina (not just dance but yes would definitely go for aerobics ,Yoga & Meditation) .This can be a perfect platform to enjoy the beautiful mornings with friends in a fruitful manner .Lost enough of energy ?So ,next would come pouncing on protein shakes for family & spices free sprouts with milk –muesli & a nutritious yummy breakfast from so many options to chose from !Don’t forget no touching of the Phone/TV/Laptop/..No temptations! Well I’m sure this energetic morning would make a great start for a digital free beautiful world 🙂
  3. Well, what to do now? Think on your lost passions- Sketching? Oh Yes ,I thought of it so many times ,but this bloody 24 hours ,they seem so small for me (as the world revolves around E-Commerce ,Whats app ,Facebook only) or Playing Scrabble with family or want to recall those innocent Ludo /Snakes & Ladder/UNO play ? Yes, try out; they can all still be so much fun together.
  4. Forgot the forceful nap mom used to ensure we took in the afternoon as a kid? Don’t have a time for even a power nap? Well, so this day belongs to purify your soul. Have a deep sound sleep to find yourself blissful & well ready for an exciting evening waiting ahead..
  5. For sure ,let me see kids play ,let me hear people laughing out loud (in real world) ,let me grab the rackets in open sky once again .So this takes me to a big garden where again I’ve fallen prey to mother nature ,to help me rebound those young days & let me play disc , try some smashing shots on the badminton I loved playing ,sit with elders & have a lovely chat with them ,make them feel lively ,to again embrace the beautiful sunset ,not amidst the trails of cars but a perfect scene to see the rays changing the colour & setting in slowly ..Not an end, there has to be a welcome to “Chanda Mama”:)
  6. Well, we did plan a good “Antakshari session” in the late evening, with friends pouring in (with a condition …No mobiles) & that was rocking, we ate, sang, danced to our own tunes! It was astounding really, without any disturbances.

So a beautiful day was coming to an end, but the starry night awaited for us on the terrace. Taking quick steps towards the terrace, I again wished to count on those shiny stars, to trace Great dipper, figuring out Jupiter & Mars & trying to explain all of it to my kid .Wow ,It was so much of fun ,we sat there for some 2 hours ,only to see ourselves enjoying the real world , spending a peaceful quality time & cuddling the nature around us !It was an introspection time. It was my time which made me pledge to have many such days in a month, without any beep beeps!

One more pledge came ,not just to have more of similar days ,but to have couple of such days out from the metro ,direct in the lap of nature ,to jump to nature’s least crowded places ,wherein me ,my loved ones could have just “Our time” ,trekking & Playing in the lap of gorgeous nature ,in the farms ,on the hills ,on the grasslands , exploring the flora & fauna ,living the way villagers do!! Interacting with the locals, understanding their livelihoods, culture all means so much, If we can have all this by ourselves, why is Google required? Well, my blood is gushing to see myself unwinding in this manner.

Yes, that’s what is the real togetherness for me, to get close to nature with the loved ones, to hear out others, that is moving from reel to real world for me!

Have a look at this Kissan video stating the “Real Togetherness with Nature”

Exclusive preview event: Pampers Premium Care Pants!

         I’m a PAMPER Boy, Now with an Extra soft touch..


               I vouch except Mum, It’s Pampers also..

             So Soft, So Dry, So Light, I don’t feel it anytime NowJ

                  U too try &feel the difference, Quick..NowJ

The exquisite set says it all! I’m Kiddzie’dJ 

So yes , this would be decoded when my year old kid starting singing (Actual Target audience;))or squeaking when he is in Pamper pants specially Premium Care pants launched recently .

With the tag line as Softest Diaper Pants ever, Soft as a Mother’s Touch #softestforbabyskin” ,
truely its Mum’s who can decode the happiness of a baby .Before these pants also ,my Baby was a ” Pamper Active Baby” audience ,as I could find none better than this to hold up his extra activities with the same freshness & for longer durations ,but I always felt to restrict a child’s diaper usage (due to family pressures to keep baby in cloth nappies) ,but it was a continuous fight within daily to decide upon the time till when a baby could be in diapers ,just when I received a call from Blogadda to participate in the Exclusive Preview of “New Pampers Premium Care Pants” ,not just preview or marketing ,but yes it was a wonderful event with ample knowledge gaining sessions from Actress & Celebrity “Tara Sharma Saluja” Child Sleep consultant – Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, Pampers R&D Expert – Dr.
Wei Sing Long and Actress & Television presenter-Mandira Bedi .

While Ajita threw light on delicacy of a baby’s skin (which is 30 times more delicate) & that’s the reason why a child’s skin needs more care & highly focussed products to remain healthy. Apart from the products we use ,most important is the use of a healthy diaper (as a child is in general more than 12-14 hrs in a diaper in a day usually) ,a diaper which has to be soft & dry enough ,which has to ensure no rashes to the baby’s delicate skin ,which will in turn ensure an un-distracted play ,a lively & happy interactions with his environment & a better learning aura around him. Let’s together help our babies explore the world of possibilities in their own lovely fashionJ .Not just ,being a sleep consultant ,she also focussed on the importance of a good & deep sleep (especially in the nights) which in turn leads to better cognitive ,mental & physical development of a baby ! & yes, I got a lovely time interacting with her & discussing on the most difficult aspect “a continuous & deep night sleep” for me & my kid.

Apart from that Tara & Mandira, experienced Mom’s themselves shared their personal experiences with few videos as well expressing thoughts on development of a child & also why a soft & dry diaper is must for our babies.

It was not just a “session” but was way above an “Interactive & demonstrative session”, when Scientist & R&D expert Dr. WeiSing Long highlighted the features of Premium care pants ,well how can we believe that these are the softest ones & close to “No feel experience”? A right hit on the psychology of Mum’s, there was a blind test done with 3 diapers to be felt (we could just feel the softness of a diaper & could not see in the black box) & then voting’s were done..Well apprehended & rather amazed, 90% of the Mum’s were very quick to conclude on “Pampers pants” & I could sense the difference myself. This definitely made my views more strong for new product.


                           Supermoms, on their way downloading the sessionJ

Further demonstrations on the uniqueness as:

  1. Softness – Well not just touch, a very generic example proved it .Bubbles generally pop as soon as they touch rough surface but as soon as it landed on the soft material of pants, it remained intact.. WOW that proves the softness & signifies why it has to be a must for my baby’s delicate skin!
  2. Presence of Food Grade Gel to protect baby’s skin : They took a paper whose drop like centre was treated with the actual gel used in pamper pants ,& a solution with the same PH level as that of kid’s urine & pooh was sprayed over the complete paper ,it was astonishing to see that the untreated portion quickly changed its texture while the gel treated are remained as such .This was a brilliant live demo to acknowledge the importance of Gel in these pants which actually prevents any irritation to the delicate skin.

    Demo -Gel applied in the central Drop shape part

              Post applying the Solution of same PH as that of Urine

3. Wetness, this is the major concerning part of any diaper, a factor which puts Mom & Child into fix, when to know that a diaper is wet. Presence of Indicator in these pants helps us with it but the breathable material of these pampers is certainly a thumbs up. It came out quite well in demo ,that when hot water is poured in the pants & a glass is placed & pressed on it ,it slowly starts to get filled with the steam ,which reflects micro pores releasing the moisture .This is such a clear indicator that these pants keeps excess moisture & wetness far away from the touch of baby.

                        Moisture getting released from the micro-pores

4. Next demo compared normal diaper pants to Premium Pampers pants wrt Wetness .When 150 ml of liquid was poured into it ,while pamper pants were completely dry on touching the inner side ,other diaper was wet & moisture could be easily felt on it..That’s the beauty of extra dry layer in these pants

Well, all these demo’s live in front of me, being carried on with full transparency enhanced my faith all the more for Pampers Premium pants. Why did Pampers delay for even a year to bring out these amazing diapers to India, Kudos t their team for bringing across the facts to Indian Mommies.

Post these demo’s the event moved to Open Q& A round which gave a big clarification on the type of Gel used to protect baby from moisture & irritation, as the elders say that all these are carcinogenic agents, but Dr. WeiSing gave a perfect justification that these are Food Grade gels..This means that these are edible forms, WOW that was most pleasing to hear off.

                                      Glimpses of Demo ,really eye openers!!

The event turned into an open house with all the guests picking up either of the four honourable women to discuss & solve their queries or problems be it experiencing motherhood ,or having seep problems or eating problems or further venturing into pampers diaper ,it was simply wonderful to have an invite for such a “Close to heart” event.

                                Unveiling. The Hero of our Real Lives..Pampers!!

Pouncing on the cheese balls, sandwiches & Cappuccino marked an end to this memorable episode! Thanks Blogadda & P&G cum Pampers team for an illustrious & edifying program.
Finally, a click with Mandira with happiness pouring over:)

“This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda”

#ProtectHerHeart!! Save your life!

Always in the realm of keeping the health first was what had been induced to me since I was Kid ,engaging in Yoga ,Meditation ,cycling ,relishing fibrous & sprouted foods , was what I had learnt & practiced for all these years .But after marriage the scenario started getting changed as managing Family with Work started to snatch some of my precious time & the time devoted to all these activities suddenly reduced to half. But ,that was not the end ,in past two years ,having a kid in our life has made us drift swiftly & completely from these important physical activities of lives .

Despite concurring the importance ,I could see myself engrossed in all deviations ,justifying reasons to myself as excess pressure ,Kid taking all of the time ,managing home ,work ,kid has become tedious ..Running after kid makes me exercise as much as I did before .But were all these justifications to bluff my soul actually TRUE? All these combinations started & I kept on excusing myself ,until recently I encountered an astonishing incident.

One of my good friend ,a lively &a very jovial person ,although healthy (not overweight) ,but a person who did donate his time to his physical well being every morning ,a person with no vices & enjoying his life. ,Well that’s what we see & perceive. Its not been a month that he felt dizzy ,started having head ache ,lost his stamina ,a visit to doctor opened my eyes rather shocked me ,when he encountered that his 2 arteries were blocked…How? When did it happen? He had a perfect life ,with little kids? NO what? SO many questions cropped up ,with a simple reason ,High cholesterol .. Gauging over & on discussing in depth ,it came up that it was the sedentary life , junk foods he took at least twice-thrice a week in the canteen, sweetened beverages daily ,high stress levels of his job.. Huh !! 3-4 reasons had marred his morning hard work ?STRANGE ,he’ll soon get operated , his wife knows the fact ,somehow she has become strong in front of the world ,but Kid’s are still asking their play time from their dad ,but He is unable to have the same time. This incident shook me in & out & I re-questioned myself ..Why am I or rather me & my husband fooling ourselves ? Same is our situation & any shit day can confront us with similar scenario’s ,God Forbid!

Coincidently ,I came across Saffola Life #Protectherheart initiative with Blogadda, which all the more strengthened my motive by revealing that 2 out of every 4 women are at the risk of heart diseases ..Reason ?Increasing weight ..I would add on few Facts :

  • Heart diseases cause 1 in 3 women’s death every year ,about one per minute
  • 90% Women have one or more factors which develop &complicate Heart disease
  • More women have died of heart disease compared to Men
  • Worst part ,64% of women who die of heart attack suddenly have never had any symptoms
  • All the more ,African American & Hispanic ,Latin women are at more risk

But ,yes it was the time to Open up eyes ,wash them & start a complete healthy plan .

  1. Quit Smoking & restrict alcohol (if you do)

    Next are the measures which we as a couple have decided to immediately –

  2. Diabetes check up regularly (as it increases chances of heart disease)
  3. Cholesterol (LDL <100mh/dL & HDL ->50mg/dL)& Tri-Glyceride levels (Less than 150 mg/dl) tested (High BP Chokes Arteries & Tri glycerides are fats which again block & result in improper blood pumping)
  4. Ensure BP under 120/80 mm Hg
  5. Healthy Weight (keep a track of BMI -Weight heart test - –

Few listing’s which me & my better half have prepared for us :

  •   Exercise daily for atleast 40-60 minutes in form of either :
    • 20 minutes of Yoga cum Aerobics (sweating must) ,improving Blood circulation & Energy levels
    • 15 minutes of cycling (to & fro for garden wherin we would engage in Yoga/Aerobics session) ,Fat burning & enhancing stamina
    • A jump in pool for 15 min swim ,reducing Stress levels ,refreshing you up!
    • If possible ,a night walk of 10-12 minutes ,helping in better & calmed sleep

      All these would reduce stroke risk by 20% & reduce coronary heart disease by 30-40% ,Isin’t it a booster to re-phrase your life?

      & you know the best part of all??A Quality time ,a sense of calmness ,a sense of betterment ,a feeling of togetherness is when you & your better half engage together in the above mentioned activities! I Guess that a big candy to grab on;)

    6.Food Diary is a must – Note down actualy Calorie intake required (many online calculators available) & jot the actual food & its calorie intake (a simple my diary page attached for reference)

  • Add more of dietary fibres ,whole grains ,(Fibres+Whole grains ,atleast 3 1-ounce servings a day)
  • Oats ,Sprouted moong ,Chana ,more of washed leafy vegetables ,salads
  • Soaked nuts ,legumes ,daily morning
  • NO entering in kitchen post 8:30Pm (I mean ,Dinner to be completed before 8:30Pm)
  • NO junk food except 1 day a week that too only one time for Cheesy Pizza’s ,or yummy Burgers or spicy tikki’s & other meal to be supplemented with light masala Oats or salads on the day of Junk /Restraunt food to balance out the excess calories & fats.
  • Reduce sweetened packed beverages (just once in a fortnight) ,better to go for glass of glucose or simple lemon water a day
  • Lowering down Salt Intake(less than 1500mg a day) & focus on low Fat –dairy products
  • Bye bye to regular oils & the shelf should have just Saffola Gold & Olive oils for Smiling heart.


Let’s all read the facts presented by SaffolaLife to #ProtectHerHeart ,Take the test to ascertain your BMI levels ,follow the Exercise & Diet Plan’s recommended & pledge to Walk Together to #ProtectHerHeart ,have a smiling life & smiling futureJ ,Just like my & my beter half’s BMI stats !!

Guys , I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.” ,Come forward & you too pledge for the same..