Gold Mornings are here!!


As the light rays of sun fall into my room touching my precious eyes..Kindling my smile..

    Prompting my thoughts, thanking the God, giving me a day more to sing, dance, Play & LIVEJ

That’s the beauty of every morning, that’s the optimism showered every morning, when last day..

I Cried ,I wailed in pain ,I screamed loud ,I thronged to give up ,I lost all hopes ,& that’s when post a night’s sleep ,when I woke up ,saw the freshness & morning serenity around ,I pledged to pick up myself , re-bounded with the same vigour forgetting all the failures in a go..Isn’t that the best of all? That’s the beauty I’m narrating about!

Image source: A beautiful video on a wonderful morning - -Carroll Roberson

A tight sleep & mornings have some charm, as I’ve often heard people quoting, take a sound nap & see you’ll be perfectly fine in the mornings..Rather have actually felt it. Gone are the days when I would lazily sleep ,creeping all over ,gone are the days of bachelorhood & I’ve welcomed a responsible phase ,of a working mother, mother of a toddler with responsibilities hovering over me & this has actually made me my morning time all the more PRECIOUS .

Why not ,that’s “Me TIME” when I love to see the beautiful sun shining out of the window, that’s when I rush to freshen up with ultra smooth & anti germ bristles of Colgate charcoal tooth brush to help me breathe freshness whole day ,that’s when I love to have my Gold Cup of coffee & begin this new day with all hopes & immense love .

It’s this freshness which rejuvenates my cooking in the form of breakfast & lunch for my baby, for my husband to ensure that they too have a GOLD morning. Oh yes! I’m not that lucky to be in my bed as late as 8am (which rather kid & dad often have ;)), but then that’s what I enjoy..Playfully singing in their ears, chanting rhymes & sometimes mantra’s, talking to them (with 80% time no answers 😉 in revert) ,lovingly capturing the innocence being showered by them in a glance .. & yes finally waking them up.. Yes guys that’s what I do post finishing my morning work (rather home work) .Isn’t it amazing? It actually is to see the pure smile on your baby’s face, to hear “mum” as soon as he opens his eyes, to hug him to share the warmth & love sparkling within! Thanks to “INCREDBLE MORNINGS”.

Then starts second round, to pamper my munchkin, & now is the turn to freshen him up…to splash water on his face & clean his mouth! Well he has not yet started brushing his teeth, but his love for GOLD BRUSH to have gold mornings have already taken their stanceJ .It’s so pleasing to see him holding the brush & making me re-do it ,sometimes not just in the mornings but even in the evenings .Well ,that’s the beginning of fresh etiquettes , an important part to have a sparkling smile is to keep your teeth & Gums healthy & none other than Colgate can help you achieve it!

Well, that’s my beautiful beginning & I would love to welcome more & more of such shiny mornings!

Ending with a quote to keep all of us jazzed up “No-one can dim the light that shines withinJ ,so keep twinkling, and keep up the hopes”

Written for #Colgate360GoldMornings Campaign