Why C-Sec??

This post might be an arguable one, even from the ones who willingly chose C-Sec over Normal birth for “comfort”& “modernization” (as described).

Yes, Caesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to mother & many health practitioners making their motives turn greener than ever by convincing “to-be moms” & if not in an easier way, it goes the other way by introducing some or the other unknown complications to the precious pregnancies where none from mother to grand mom to father wants any sort of risk.

Well, since a year & half I’ve entered into motherhood, these topics are becoming hot in my life with so many friends entering in the same phase & discussing all about it. I myself wanted to enter a normal labour but again as hard luck I actually had a complicated case (proven by the test results & I was myself completely aware being a biotech graduate) so was left with just C-Sec (even after consulting some 4-5 practitioners, to get a silver lining if any) ,but then why am I against it ?

Guys I’m actually not against C-Sec as such, but I’m against the reasons, I’m against those practitioners who opt for it just to earn money & spend less time. I’ve seen doctors doing 10-12 C-Sec’s a day? Can you believe, there might be even more than this a day.. Most of the practitioners don’t wish to give time & wait for normal labour .It’s not the fault of just doctors ,but even “to-be moms” & their families ,due to their lack of knowledge ,due to them being unable to reason up ,question their doctor ,due to them not being strong enough & ask doctor that they would go only & only for normal labour. Now a days, Astrology
is also a making its presence felt, when couples decide to go for an auspicious day & time for baby birth ,well just a question to them ,If your baby takes birth any other time ,wont that be auspicious for you ,wont you be happy then ,will only date & time make him/her a strong & intelligent man? Will none of your upbringing & Sanskaras matter?

Due to lack of these points, this has become a practice, rather a sort of mal practice & 80-90% of the deliveries performed are C-Sec’s in most of the states private hospitals in India.

Obstetricians are more scalpel friendly now than being mother friendly.

But you must be thinking what harm in it is?

Benefits of Normal Delivery:

  • Speedy recovery & lesser stay @Hospitals (usually just a day)
  • Lesser Bleeding & less chances of Infections ,less duration of being in pain
  • A mother can immediately hold her baby & feed as soon as she delivers
  • For Baby ,passing through birth canal boosts up their Immune system ,protect their intestinal tracts
  • Even naturally born babies have less allergies & less of respiratory problems (as muscles involved in the process of vaginal delivery are more likely to squeeze out fluid found in a newborn’s lungs)

Few points, as it is disturbing the natural god-made phenomenon of giving birth naturally:

  • Well, a longer pain cycle & lots of blood loss, delayed breast feed for baby
  • Your chance for normal delivery during next baby minimizes
  • Some even complaint of prolong back pain issues

C-sec is a boon for complicated cases, quoting few causes when one must go for  it –

  • Chronic Heart diseases or very high BP (normally high most of the mom’s have) /preeclampsia (pregnancy induced high BP) or diabetes
  • Low lying Placenta (Placenta Previa)
  • HIV+ Mother so that viruses are not transmitted during birth
  • Extremely heavy baby /baby in breech position
  • Twins or triplets & if any of them is in breech position
  • Or It can go unconditional if during labour foetus has gone under distress or if the umbilical cord slips in birth canal ahead of baby

In US also the C-Sec rates have gone high ,but they have declined in last 2 years with the course of awareness & now it is one in ¾ women who undergo this major surgery.

In India many obstetricians have raised these issues time & again, but there has been no stringent law or audits towards them/hospitals, hence this practice is sky rocketing here. 

  • There should be laws to monitor C-Sec & every C-sec report should be submitted with reasons (along with proving reports)
  • There must be specific targets for every obstetrician wrt Normal labour
  • Rates of C-Sec & Normal delivery should be equalized
  • Increasing awareness among the youths & promoting Vaginal deliveries
  • Penalizing practitioners for conducting C-Sec even when it could have been avoidable.

God has created female body to give birth naturally in an easy manner, let’s not allow people to transform it!

Quoting an example of my friend…

“She attained Placenta previa in 5th month …On bed rest for 2 months..Suggested C-sec

Then she suffered from very high B.P …high on medicines…80% C-sec

Baby was in breech condition even in 8th month..90% C-sec

Then her baby had 3 rounds of umbilical cord against neck …100% C-sec,

That’s how her graph moved ,but then she remained silent & had decided on the course of action ,she fought her family ,her doctor ,travelled to her village during the last days ,remained with her great grand mom for 2 days & 3rd day she delivered a healthy beautiful baby ,naturally ,so very naturally ,just with the help of her great grand mom!”

It calls for a salute to her & to all healthy “to-be moms” to preserve & test their body & feel the closeness; after all it’s your baby!

Opt for Natural birth!!

8 thoughts on “Why C-Sec??

  1. Sounds all nice and beautiful, but I’ve seen enough strangled fetuses, torn birth canals and oh so many other things.. Natural birth, if you can have it, is great. There are plenty of doctors who force C-secs on patients, true enough. But there are plenty who do need surgery. The problem with launching a crusade is that we often lose sight of one side of the argument or the other.
    I don’t know if this case you describe really happened. Let’s assume it did. Is it advisable to undertake a delivery without any medical cover? If that were the case, Maternal Mortality Rate in India wouldn’t have come down from an estimated 450/100,000 live births to about 212 today, just in the last 3 decades.
    This is from a UNICEF report, and part of the welcome kit our “esteemed” parliameetarians get to educate them on women’s health issues –
    “The World Health Organization estimates in 2005 for maternal mortality in India came up with a Maternal Mortality Ratio(MMR) of 570 deaths every 100,000 live births, which was brought down in the Registrar General’s SRS report (2004-06) to 254. Yet at almost 60-70 thousand deaths each year, and possibly around 20 to 30 times that figure suffering ill-health and near-misses, maternal health remains a huge challenge for the country. The recent UNICEF (2008) report revealed that the maternal deaths in India can be attributed to heavy bleeding (hemorrhage), infections (sepsis), unsafe abortions, obstructed labour, and high blood pressure (hypertensive disorder). ”
    You will notice that the figures are quite different from the ones quoted above, these are teh statistical ranges we have to deal with when our govt doesn’t want to face up to the challenges it must.
    I don’t mean to say and I repeat myself here, that C-secs are always necessary, they aren’t. Doctors aren’t always honest, some want to make a quick buck. But if anyone has a doubt about whether they need surgery, they should take a second, even a third opinion before deciding. Trust me, a woman with breech, PIH, and a cord around the fetal neck has a much better chance of surviving through it with a living child with a C-sec than without it.
    I hope you don’t feel offended, I just wished to provide a medical perspective. I wish you well. 🙂


  2. Well! I think your friend was very lucky but that doesn’t mean everybody will be…normal or cesarean varies for each case but delivery should always be institutional or at least under supervision…Allopathy is not designed to be natural…Also, yes malpractice is for real but no. of cases per day only means a busy doctor and not necessarily a bad one…Nice post anyway:-)


    • Completely agree..what i wanted to higlight was that csec is a boon n nit bane but only for justified cases..i’ve seen most of the people around me entering motherhood via csec n even in cases with no complications.. Just coz doc recommended ..just a case one of my frnd is going fr csec coz doc suggested high bp. On asking she told me it was somewhat 138/90..no other complication..now this is a generic range in pregnancy..her doc is not even givng a try for normal..that’s really bad.

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