Dilemma…By Choice or Chance??

      Caught unaware of..Thought by chance…Emotions by choice:)

A year back you entered in this world..

So lovely..So pure..Unaware of this world..

You intensified my Emotions..

You made me realize the “Real Love”..

Your smile made me promise to shower you with a blissful life..

Your coo’s made me grin..

That’s when I vowed to be with you forever & ever..

But there was another life waiting for me..

Devoid of that “Pure love”, but again to make me “Contented”

But never at the cost of your smile..

O Dear Baby.. My struggle knows no boundaries..

When I juggle to keep both in my arms..

With my lap making you sleep & my fingers juggling to complete the task..

With one arm holding you ,& with other cooking meals for you..

Preparing the food, along with house hold chores when you are asleep..Coz I won’t stop myself loving you when you are awake..

Covering up “official tasks” in a limited span..Just to find you elated to see me in your arms..

Yes, even after giving 100% to this bond..few instances might have forced me to ignore you..

That Ignorance can never be prolonged…It can only be momentary..

My heart throbs hearing you cry when you need me & I’m unable to hug & pamper you..

O Baby!! Pardon me for those few moments..Free me from those bonds..

It’s you & only you who arose these passionate moments …Its only you who made me realize the bliss of Innocence,

It’s only you who made me feel contented.. Its only you who can make me cry & laugh in concert..

I assure you’ll be in my arms for ever & ever, may any situation come across..

I assure you’ll always have my love besides you, even in a nasty state..

I re-assure you my kid of all the goodies of life!

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