Men O’ Women

Men, Husbands…All these are perfect words for highly crafty people, who usually tend to handle up their wives/girlfriends with ample delicacy & with lots of tongue twisters all the time around.. With the perfect dossiers of “Uff we forgot” / “A sandwich between 2 females”, these men have grown exponentially out of the feminine world but still need to learn a lot from the women surrounding them, be it in personal or professional world .But whatever might be the scene, these men have always managed to enter a woman’s heart & grab nearly 100% of it with the sweetness & promises & all sort of flattering around.. They sense us like the roses & are always ready to spread our fragrances ,it’s they who make us look more beautiful ,Its definitely they who pamper us ,be it from father to boyfriends to finally husbands. So obviously their qualities are pretty distinct but yes special for us, for a woman (who they actually can’t understand & predict 😉 & that’s what I love the most).

Saluting this impulsiveness, multi-tasking attitude, delicacy with the mightiness of a woman, there are few promises which I would love my partner to hold on for always & “Babumushay..Promises are NOT meant to be BROKEN, but to be KEPT alive forever”; even post marriage the norms needs to be followed in same line you guys follow before marriage 😉

  1. Let me start with a simple one you love to- Ensure making me feel special. Do appreciate the way we manage tasks, be it at home or at offices, Appreciation doesn’t costs a penny but gives a sense of satisfaction to the hard work put in..
  2. Speak up your heart & mind, Just like we “crazy chatterboxes do”. Love to hear everything from simplest to the complex, instead of keeping every crap in heart, it’s always the best remedy to speak up & have conclusive discussions. Don’t get boggled up by having discussions just between your brain & heart. I’m there to hold & share some insightful points..
  3. Don’t ever let that passion of “Foodi-ness” ride out of your head, be it any reason or any place. I just love the way you experiment with dangerous foods 😉 It amazes me & knocks my heart heavily!
  4. Sweetheart, Promise me a trip around the world. Well not in 80 days but it can be in next 10 years:) Travelling & sporting adventure is my passion, you’ve been supporting me in it, but let’s promise to be aggressive, life’s short. Make me go around. I’m waiting surprise tickets to Antarctica , New Zealand ,Arctic islands & the list enrols many more you knowJ
  5. Be a little more patient. I guess post kid ,you’ve lost some patience which I’ve snatched from other hand  J A kid seeks so much of happiness ,bundle of innocence , for kid his parents are the only world around which he wants to revolve & evolve. Let’s try to be more empathic & enduring for one another!

    Lastly, a true confession & a promise never to let it die. I don’t desire your credit cards or flaunt big shopping fantasies, I don’t demand those biggies of the world. But yes, I want you to love me forever, no matter how harsh circumstances may come!

    Every Man needs a woman & every Woman needs a man, not just when there is a mess in the chess & a queen protects the King, but even while strolling on the lanes in night we’re aware of the sense of protection in you !

    “I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

    Let’s watch sadda Kasams from Ranveer!!


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