Wireless charging! Move ahead!

Hey guys, tired of your smart phones getting discharged anywhere in the middle & you unable to respond to your friends on Whats app? Getting cranky over depleting battery? Yes, you all must by now have had a soft corner & bought the esteemed so called “Battery banks”.

Although heavy, an additional accessory occupying space in your bag/pocket but still a mandate for us to carry coz we don’t have an alternate.. But have you heard of “spec invent”, https://www.specinvent.com , a start-up coming with an innovative thought of wireless charging. The best part is they have clubbed safety of your phone with ease of charging together..SO how about a charging case? Yes that’s what they’ve got to present to us with pre-bookings starting from 12th May.

Browse down their site or read the complete post to get an idea of their innovative concept & quickly “Be in charge” ,that’s what they call – SPEC Be In Charge J

So the 4 products: Zeus , Herc ,Iris & Bolt have a speciality in itself:

  1. Zeus :

Zeus wireless charging sleeve: An elegant and sleek protective leather sleeve that doubles as a wireless charger for your Qi Enabled smartphone.


  1. Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone on or inside the sleeve to initiate charging
  2. A perfect travelling companion or desktop accessory
  3. 4800 mAh Li-Polymer battery power
  4. Delivers 2 full charges for iPhone 6/6s, 1.5 charges for the Galaxy S6 /edge and 14 full charge for the Moto 360.
  5. Multiple protection system to ensure device safety
  6. Smart LEDs to display power on/off status and the remaining of battery power.
  7. Dual Charging (Wireless Charging and USB)
  8. Available in Black, Tan, Burnt Red and Navy Blue

2. Herc:

You get bundle of amazing features in IPhone, but this innovation of “Wireless charging” isn’t built.

Herc is a designed product that let’s iPhone user’s power up using any wireless charger in style. The case has two components: a minimal, Snap-On protective case and a larger one that enables wireless charging. The case is intended to be a relatively permanent safety measure, its slim leather covered plastic frame guarding the corners of your Cupertino-crafted device during drops without overly bulking it up. When you need to top up your iPhone’s charge, drop the case on or inside Zeus or any wireless charger.

Available in all 4 colours stated above.

3. Iris : A perfect companion for Samsung Galaxy Phones

A beautiful glass finished galaxy S needs a lot better handling so why not own Iris? Benefits:

  1. Constructed out of high strength polycarbonate and genuine leather
  2. Has precise cut-outs for access to all original ports
  3. Slim leather covered plastic frame guards the corners of your galaxy device during drops without overly bulking it up
  4. Iris series cases will be available in Black, Tan, Burnt Red and Navy Blue

    4. Bolt : Wireless Charging for any smartphone/tablet

    Simply plug the qi receiver to your phone, place it on your chosen charging station surface, and you’ll be fully charged in no time


    1. easy to use
    2. works with Apple iPhone products, and all cell phones with a Micro-USB port
    3. works with any Qi compatible charging pad
    4. available in Black and White currently

What are you waiting for? Reach out for these amazing products at www.specinvent.com & Book on the page

Zeus (INR 4599/-) Herc (INR 2299/- to 2399/-), Iris (INR 1199/-) and Bolt (INR 1999/-) will be available for Pre-Order Starting 12th May 2016.

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