Top 7 uses of Talcum Powder

Not much talked about , but this is the backbone rather an essential ingredient (full of lively fragrance) in the washroom/wardrobe of every women & even Men. Being a science student ,I still remember how enthusiastic I was when I chemically derived this non-water soluble material called “Talc”, a mineral made of hydrated Magnesium silicate .

Ya, I’m writing about the commonly used “Talcum powder” in our lives.


Here goes Top 7 interesting uses of Talcum Powder :

  1. Forget the sweating & get that cooling experience :

Morning gym session, aerobics, facing the scorching, sun all experiences can get pleasant by the use of Talc, which has moisture absorbent properties in its composition. Experience will be better with more of its application in the areas where skin rubs against skin & high sweat areas which are prone to fungal infection. A decent layer of talc can reduce that friction & sweat & one can enjoy an odour free life:)

2. Even forget a Dry hot summer night :

All you need is to sprinkle up the talc on bed sheet/pillows before going to bed & just pounce on the cool sleep you’ll get for the whole night!

3.Great for females as beauty agent :

1. Apply talc before waxing/exfoliating any part, as talc will absorb excess oil on the skin’s surface which in turns help in better and easy hair removal .

2.Wanna get those fuller eyelashes? Just dust your lashes with the talcum powder & then apply mascara to it. You’ll be pleased to see your natural eye lashes looking gorgeous

3. It can also be used to set the Makeup ,which will help it last for a longer duration & absorb all the oil being generated on the skin!

4.A wonderful DRY Shampoo:

It’s a perfect agent to help you maintain your flawless, non-greasy hair. Sprinkle some talc on the inner layer of your hair from the roots (incase you have Blonde hair)/ apply some talc on comb & evenly spread it across from the roots so that extra oil/grease from the oil glands gets absorbed by the talc & you can get fragrant non oily lustrous hair!

One can even get your pet cleaned from this dry shampoo.

5.Want to get rid of those stinky shoes/shoe racks?

Its so simple, just sprinkle some talc inside the shoes or inside the shoe rack & leave it for some 8-10 hours, dust off the extra talcum powder & enjoy the fragrant walk .

6.Why just shoes, its apt to freshen up the wardrobe & clothes, all the more during rains. Its use can make you forget that musty smell encountered & liven up your wardrobe.

7. Absorbs Grease :

Don’t worry if you dribbled grease on your favourite tee, as sprinkling up the greased location with talcum powder helps in absorbing the oil & even livens up the fabric.

So now you’re glad on the immense use of your talc..

Choose amongst the Cinthol cool talc popular ranges of the best talcum powder for men and women (Cinthol) varying from Cooling Deo talc to Refreshing Lime talc to Germ protection Talc to even lowering that complexion (complexion talc) , get that relaxing feel with multiple benefits to stay healthy & cool! 

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