Get those braids with human hair

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Just after attaining Motherhood, there were numerous changes physically and mentally, which actually took a lot of time to get back on their normal pace. Indeed mood swings was one, but I had a severe hair fall and thinning postpartum and it took close to 2 years for me to stop that spree. But by then I had lost all the sheen and I started looking for alternative modes to enhance my personality quotient.

With so many functions, corporate get together’s, I desperately needed those beautiful braids, some free styles. And this landed me to something very close to natural – crochet braids with human hair for my bad hair days or even when I wanted to up my personality quotient.

The best part of the braids are that they don’t seek for much maintenance, they vary and give you the style you wish to. There are numerous styles that you can create , along with having some amazing colours to match your outfits. Be it for a special presentation in office with coffee coloured braids or some fun with my favourite pink during vacations or that blonde look for that bridesmaid party, Divatress, a leading ecommerce portal. offering amazing wigs, braids, hair care items, has great options and styles.

Divatress Crochet braids

They also have some unique braids to help you style for African braid, braid bun, criss-crossed cornrows and much more.

Crochet & Loop Braids :

Initially, I was not a braider, so crochet braids were a natural choice. Having numerous options from Wavy Faux Locs to Water Waves, they seems to be an instant hit. The skill one needs here is proper installation, so that no one can even know that you’re wearing braids. They are very close to your natural hair and hence you have the added advantage.

Many crochet braids are coming up with pre-looped holes to bring across numerous more styles for the end users like us.

Divatress Crochet braids

Conclusion :

To me, Divatress has been a great support to help me set in that unique look, well loved by everyone and helping me come close to the natural look. It has matched my personality and brought me more confidence . So, why not, try it for yourself once, Shop Divatress braiding hair collection!


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