About Me :Story of Traveloholic Marketing Professional !!

Working Marketing professional ,homemaker in mornings& evenings ,& wandering across on weekends ,narrating them in the form of my writing passion ….This relates to my small world with lots & pots of zeal to conquer every moment ,to explore the unexplored ,to spend life travelling across ,kicking myself into acts of adrenaline rush ,& at the end of the day to be an innocent & lively girl of my parents ,to be the best love of my hubby!!!
Proud of :
Professionally -Double Gold medalist!! Passionately -Survived 45 min with lions ,Conquered level 3/4 levels of rafting, Enjoyed with Under-sea Corals !!

10 thoughts on “About Me :Story of Traveloholic Marketing Professional !!”

  1. Hi, Greetings! I hope you are doing fine. Please may I know if you accept book for reading and reviewing? I have a book review request for The Calling. Thanks

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