The fascinating Capri!

“The beauty is majestic, changing skies are magical, The faraglioni rock formations are miraculous, you look fascinating when those ships dot you all over!

Hey Capri, I yearn for every moment I left you, my eyes long to see you, my mind dreams of you every moment and my heart beats for you! You have so much of charm in itself.”

IMG_5219 (1)

Capri Visit – I visited Italy last year & loved Capri and Anacapri at first sight. A chance to visit the Faraglioni Rocks via boat/ship and witnessing Blue Grotto, a spell binding nature’s phenomenon will leave you abundant praise for the Nature.

How to reach Capri from India:

  1. Flight from India to Rome
  2. Rome to Naples via Train- Approx. 1 – 1:30
  3. Naples to Capri via Ship/ferry – 1-1:30hour

Total Time –

The only way to reach Capri is via Ship/ferry, which we took from Naples. It is worth a walk visiting those beautiful floral lanes leaving you awe struck at the beauty of blue sea. It also showcases exclusive grand clothing/ interior shopping streets[frequently visited by the richest], along with numerous eateries. Seems it could be the costliest Real estate:).

To Stay – Suggested for Budget travellers, stay at Naples and make a full day visit to Capri/Anacapri! Last ferry back to Naples is post 8pm, so you can witness amazing sunset on the sea as well having some yummy food by the side.


Capri Travel

Faraglioni Rock formations


Amazing Floral lanes!

Add Capri to your Must visit list!

Visit Phuket -Phang Nga Bay


Beauty lies in the lap of Nature! so many wonders in this world which needs deep understanding & ample appreciation.. Amongst all these, one of them is “Gravity Defying Limestone formations at “Ao Phang Nga National Park” of Thailand, close to the most crowded Phuket.. One of the most amazing bays of Thailand ,it has many wonders hidden in its girth..Apart from these limestone rocks, it also has some hidden lakes, really small beaches, caves.. it actually is a great collection of Islands & fun to explore with sea canoes . You’ll be amazed at the pristine waters which seem dotted with these rocks and those gorgeous misty mountains in the backdrop..God’s sake its a postcard perfect place for the “selfie” & photograph lovers!

How to reach : There are numerous online travel operators who organise a day tour to some group of islands including Phang Nga Bay involving a trip to “James bond island” &” Koh Panyee” the most famous of the two bays of Phang Nga.

Boat trip from northern end of Phuket is the best way of exploration.

Read & get more detail of these islands around Phuket at 

Enjoy Travelling!





Melodious Sunset!


Can the nature be Melodious? Thinking I’m crazy !!

But let me know who says that “Nature” cannot drive us crazy? Well yes it has done so..with me getting more & more glued to the amazing colours & the majesty if fold in itself.

This image was captured during an hour long watching of the gorgeous sunset over the city of Florence from “Piazza Michelangelo” on the banks of River Arno..With the beautiful city full of tunnels getting close to darkness, as the mountains in the backdrop blurred, there was a sharp light as the sun spread its orange-red hues all across amidst the skies:)

Astounding sun has so much to say & sing along as the city sleeps when its goes down & the birds fly all over chirping when sun wakes up:) .It reflects the cycle embedded even in our daily lives !

Milan The fashion Capital

guys ,just a glimpse of the amazing Duomo & “the scintillating Cemetery” ,ever seen for the first time..

Cemetery is gonna make you highly uncomfortable ,u’ll hum the goodness & have mercy but at the same time ,u’ll bring along the accolades for the artists who were brave enough to capture such emotions!

First DUOMO :


The Grand Duomo ! Tower it up to see the beautiful world down!


The close watch of the intricacy ! Its gorgeous ! 


Square from the top! Some amazing belly dancer performance was going on!


Replica of GOLDEN image atop DUOMO – Captured @Catedral


Duomo & the GOLDEN IMAGE(topmost at the duomo) @Starry Rainy Night!

& Here comes the CEMETERY :


The vastness! Can you guess(2.5lac Sqm) ..That’s the entrance?


@Cimitero Monumentale di Milano! just capture the emotions


No words to express!Grief struck emotions!


Love of relations!


The collection is huge! The area is vast ! & the emotions last! It was really one of the most amazing places I’ve seen!

More Images & Posts to come soon..Keep watching!

Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer!!

Gorgeous Reindeer @ Kiruna (Sweden) ,& here I sang an all time favourite Jingle :

“Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer ,had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows
All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games “

Amazing Reindeer!!

Amazing Reindeer!!

Few Facts :

  • Reindeers ,also known as Caribou in North America is found in Europe (Northern),Siberia & north America
  • In most of the species only the male grows huge Antlers ,but in few species even females have antlers but their shedding times are quite different.
  • It is also said that reindeers are the only mammals who can see UV lights
  • They are ideal for life in cold environments because with special credit to their fur ,hooves & nose!


With love..JC!!

Nonetheless had we thought to visit China ,but any opportunity to be blessed to have a meet & greet JC could not be avoidable!

Similar was the day when destiny turned things for us & we had an exquisite wonder coming across to visit Shanghai & Beijing & all the more ,to be a part of an International event –Celebration of Jackie Chan’s Birthday! A completely not to be missed event.

JC had been a childhood hero for me but to meet him in person was all together so different, It was such a WOW moment, a moment when I felt in love with him once again not as an actor or singer or Martial art champion but as a noble soul, as a loving person, as a person with a motive to work for society.

So it was day 2 @China ,post doing some great excursion tour of Forbidden city ,it was a chance to meet & greet JC ,on his 60th Birthday. A lovely gathering, beautifully built up stages, live recording equipments, projectors displaying some precious moments. Here came loud thunders, JC JC JC…maddening crowd, people applauding, cheering, shouting, & amongst a big mad fanfare ,here came Jackie .The very next moment ,I was stunned to see him in tears ,reason being vast fan following in the auditorium ,such a humble personality he was!

Soon an AV “Secrets of JC” began playing, which made me fall in love with Jackie, all the more again. Such a beautiful AV it was ,describing & reflecting him as a person ,very much a family person ,preparing orange juice for his family , a professional being a Kid ,spreading the message of cleanliness drive by indulging himself into cleaning not just house but even sets & even in social life ,as in completely unaware of his stardom. Such a down to earth person ,a person well aware of his reason to be there in this world ,who has played an important role for little children across the world to make their life a happy one.

That was a moment , which triggered tears in my eyes ,thud of sudden silence set in ,it was so touchy, no stardom ,no big talks but just a normal person standing in front of us which his life depicted all over again . It made me crazy once again for Jackie ,along with a passion in me to give my life a direction & work towards a noble cause .

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Love u JC!

Love u JC!

Check out my complete Post on my memorable China visit at –

A date for life time…A date with Nature, Wildlife, Art, Cuisine, Ah Melbourne!!

Ah Melbourne!!

1{For Readers: A contest awaits at the end of the blog ,catch on! }

Already encountered High tide rafting ,mountain climbing ,Cliff jumping ,under water activities ,submarine ride & above all a walk with lions ,but still I can hear my heart thumping heavily on one look  of Melbourne ,a city with immense adventure in the form of fauna encounters ,water activities ,Ballooning ,serenity on the banks of river Yarra , a lavish treat for the taste buds  by world’s greatest cuisines ,a power nap while sun bathing& unwinding yourself on the beaches , & yes not to miss the stunning Art Galleries & Museums & Gaol. A city swearing to ensure we’r on cloud nine 🙂

Listing more than 160 travel attractions in Melbourne ,but me being adventure ,& foodie enthusiast in nature , would love to augment  my experience with numerous escapades ,to explore the wild life & stimulate my taste bud to have a stupendous & terrific experience of the most livable city” City of Melbourne”.

Who doesn’t love watching amazing fishes in aquarium ,watching tigers & lion in zoos ,but apart from these ,watching life in wild ,in sea,on trees has its own magnificent experience & Melbourne is one city which offers this incredible encounter.

First let’s get some GK Facts :


 Few Iconic Melbourne Attractions, I would love to explore

 A Mandatory Deal : Phillip Island



 [An Australian island about 140 km south-southeast of Melbourne. Named after Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of New South Wales .It forms a natural breakwater for the shallow waters of the Western Port.] – Wikipedia

That’s an island with a difference!! Wine ,Chocolates ,Flora,Fauna & many more .Try some best local wines & taste free Yummy chocolates at the chocolate factory & get amused to have a look at the beautiful  art gallery & try being artistic with hands on with your chocolate J .Strolling the Phillip Island Wildlife Park gives you numerous encounters ,”Oh! That’s a little wallabie to my right” yes ,here you can get close & show love to the lovely Koalas ,hand feed wallabies & giant red kangaroos ,see gigantic Emu ,cassowary ,Cockatoos & numerous other around 100 odd species ,& spot some of which are seldom seen.

Penguin Parade is undoubtedly an Eye catcher ,with penguins returning back from their day’s work (obviously of Fishing😉


Image Source:

I’m sure that won’t be generous of one ,to just hang around & relax ,sans exploring one of the best likelihood of spotting a Whale 🙂. Well there are specific times in a year when the whale migrations happen & who knows one could be the lucky to spot Humpback and Southern Right Whales in the sea or in the air…Wow ,how majestic ,I guess I’m gonna plan my travel sometime in June -Aug (will definitely enquire about the best timings )to try &test my luckJ

For the Bikers ,a replica of Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is there for you ,have a look at the stunning Grand Prix circuit & try out your hidden skills of racing..U could discover that you are one of the Schumacher.

There’s nothing nothing & nothing more illustrious than “The Great Ocean Road”


Image Source:

 [An Australian National Heritage with a stretch of 243 Km of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the cities of Torquay and Allansford . It was built by returned soldiers returned from World War-I (between 1919 and 1932) & is dedicated to soldiers killed then.  It is the world’s largest war memorial.] –Abstracted from Wikipedia

Modes to capture Panoramic view – Great Ocean Road ( GOR ) entails the views of spectacular scenery along it! & yes, I did feel an adrenaline rush to explore the beauty not just by a detailed walk but also by hovering above the water in the copter ride & photographing this amazing coastline. One can also opt other modes as surfing or on the back our friend –Horse.

Exploration presents immense beauty with ocean on one side & rainforests on the other ,tall trees ,amazing waterfalls of all shapes & sizes ,cliffs ,grand canyons ,wild life ,marine sanctuaries,& water sports ,isn’t that enough?

Water ,water water ,with water all around ,this place offers a natural opportunity for  Paddling ,Canoeing ,Kayaking ,Jetskiing ,boating ,scuba diving,along  Otways National Park & other Rivers to have a look at the marine life richer than Great Barrier Leaf ,Numerous Ship wrecks ,reefs .

Another item on the itinerary would be swim with the dolphins and seals at Queenscliff, snorkeling at marine sanctuaries & have a view of the abundant wildlife through Otways ,Lake Elizabeth & explore lavish waterfalls i.e. 10 waterfalls within 10 Km radius on the track of Lorne.

Once this amazing landscape has been travelled around ,time now calls for a trail along the lush green rainforests & beaches exclusively on HorseI mean Horse riding ,won’t that be a fantastic idea to view exhilarating contrasts of nature? & hear out the lively theatre, Music in the surrounding villages.


Image Source:

Whole heartedly saying , with such a bouquet @GOR ,everyone will definitely fall in love with this place.

So ,post experiencing all these thrills ,life calls for serenity ,& none other than a day at Yarra river/Valley or Mornington peninsula  can any other location provide.

Harmonious Yarra –Ever flowing river


Image Source:

[Arising from the Yarra Ranges, Melbourne is the largest settlement that the Yarra flows through.It flows 242 Km west through the Yarra valley which opens out into plains making its way through Greater Melbourne before emptying into Hobsons Bay in northernmost Port Phillip] –Abstracted from Wikipedia

 Sitting besides the Yarra at night & looking the beautiful lights of city ,cool calm breeze flowing across,& sipping a hot cappuccino with bar-be-que..What tranquility!!

One can even travel along the Yaara in a boat to visit Melbourne park or Royal Botanical gardens & a day visit to the Yarra valley ,famous for some of the oldest wineries producing finest sparkling wines ,some handmade cheese ,fresh fruits!

Didn’t knew that Yarra Valley’s changing seasons inspired many painters? Yes, it is home to the oldest galleries & art lovers of these artworks.

It even has 14 Golf courses adjoining it & it is home to several fishes as Jelly fish ,Perch ,Muray Cod ,Catfish ,& even Dolphins in South Yarra! Get lucky to catch upon one.. But most are not fit for consumption due to Heavy metal contamination.

 Love for Natural Foods : Mornington Peninsula


Image Source:

[A Peninsula(having a small population) located 40Km south-east of Melbourne& surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Its Native ecology can be pondered upon at Mornington Peninsula National Park. The peninsula was formed by the flooding of Port Phillip Bay after the end of the Ice Age] –Abstracted from Wikipedia

A quiet ,calm & a food lovers perfect place ,Mornington Peninsula ,will mark its arrival by rolling hills ,lovely mansions with a history,orchards ,numerous vineyards.


 Image Source :

 Why not pluck & pick your very own favorite berries ,cherries from the orchards & have them sitting besides the oceanic view from the beaches?

This region brings in it 25k hectares of the National Parks ,having a marvelous mix of rocky coastline to calm wetlands  ,to wild bushlands to connect with the Flora & Fauna.

Even Marine National Parks are good luxury to be at indulging in Reefs ,few rocky ,underwater Forests ,Plains ,Sandy mountains ,Ship wrecks& sea life awaiting for self discovery!

This place offers various beaches to swim ,relax ,see the wild surf & not just beaches ,yes post whole day of travel with exciting activities ,try one of the hot springs to attain harmony. One can even try hand playing Golf@one of its seven Golf Courses !

Interests worth executing

Cruising all the way

Roads are not the limits …they will never have a end..but why not to make a start to get in love with this fascinating city on water?

Bliss are the Melbourne River cruises( cruise is definitely a dream for me to experience ,yet unexplored ) ,it seems, with the options of sightseeing the complete city ,River gardens,Port & Duklands.This offers a holistic view of the scenery of this astounding city which has made it one of the most livable cities in the world. This cruise would present stunning view of Melbourne City Skyline ,Shipping channels ,Trade centers ,one of the most famous Royal Botanical Gardens ,Melbourne Cricket ground ,Federation Square ,Olympic Park & many more & above all cruise itself entails an electrifying experience.

 Why not keep aside a day to go out for Water sports & Ballooning & kindle up the “adventure keeda”

Wanna surf along the most scenic Great Ocean Road with plenty onshore winds best suitable for this escapade? A craving who will not desire for even if one doesn’t know surfing …One have the option to Learn surf ,enjoy hidden walk way ,hear out the mysterious stories & ponder on some lavish local food. Even Moonlight Kayak is a dazzling option to have iconic view of the city heart.

 So post water view through Cruise ,aren’t you planning for Aerial View??Aren’t you getting adrenaline rush?? It’s not just enough until Ballooning & Scenic flight is experienced.

Wow ,it would be thrill to explore from mountains to the river view ,from city heart to the sea beds & wandering on Philip & French Islands…that too on a helicopter n drop by to have some romantic lunch ,but sky is not the limit here ,as not just being a passenger  ,one can also experience a lifetime thrill of self controlling the copter …Simply mind blowing!!

 Exploring Flora & Fauna      

Being aficionado of Nature & sensing animals in wild ,I’ll definitely give  a thumbs up for –


 Collage being made out of images compiled from ,
  1. Werribee Open Range Zoo : No, not enough of wild life until this zoo having African taste is made a stopover which is expected to give a hangover.Safari across the plains to reveal those huge Rhinos & Hippos,tall giraffes(opt to feed them also) ,chequered zebras ,amazing gorillas, lion pride ,faster than the fastest Cheetahs ,African cats ,isn’t that enough to kick ass to get a life time experience at one place itself?
  2. Collingwood Farm : Since the visit to Yarra river is sure ,wouldn’t we love to milk the cows or feed young lambs @ farm just 5 kms ahead Yarra river? I would for sure engage myself in this activity , plan some farming chores & sit aside on the banks of Yarra river to find tranquility!
  3. Melbourne Zoo : Aha! what a chance to admire those lovely creatures – koalas ,gorgeous kangaroos ,huge oranguttans,Elephant trails , lovely butterfly house ,little penguins ,Fur seals ,& an amazing underwater world ,this zoo is certainly a place not to miss for natural world lovers entailing approx. 250 species .Heard that this zoo also gives you a chance to study the behavior of animals @ night ,well I would love to be  apart for it!
  1. Melbourne Aquarium for Sea Life : Missing an exhaustive Aquarium of its kind in India ,this stunning sea life with thousands of aquatic animals is definitely gonna give a quiver to me!Largest Crocs ,Elephant sharks ,Seahorses, those amazing penguins ,interactive encounters ,&above all an underwater world of fine dining?? Well guess i’ll be right in some time & will immerse with these majestic creatures all around.
  1. Moonlit Sanctuary :Close by to Mornington ,this sanctuary offers a chance to cuddle up those tiny wallabies ,feed the kangaroos ,have a look at few of the very endangered species .Colorful parrots,owls ,water birds are gonna make life more colorful with astounding surroundings .

These are few reasons for me to fall in love with Melbourne “The most Livable City”.Although all these are my plan to cover up in my travel diary , a look at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) & Federation square ,Gaol (making yourself a prison for a night;))would act as Icing on the cake & not to miss !

Well ,not just writing ,but this write up has actually ignited my mind & I believe that 3 days to discover this lively place would be too less & will certainly need a quick travel plan in my daily itinerary to do away with the thirst while exploring the web.

 This contest is a worth& a good thought through, to ensure that most of the bloggers & actual travel enthusiasts plan an ecstatic trip soon to Melbourne!!

Getting on my nerves … Getting fervent to see you !!

So Dear Fiends, here comes a “List of must watch Video – Come Alive In Melbourne” ,in relation with Tourism Victoria 


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Happy surfing Melbourne! Till then Adieu !!

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