ST+ART -Part 2

Let’s continue the beautification drive 🙂 with the modern age revolution


Yes ,the Revolution ought to be painted:) Our future!!


Future can be in being an astronaut too. Isn’t it? see the depiction of moon & might be galaxy!!


Ferociousness on a hybrid of Bull cum tiger cum “Made in India symbol”. Well let’s not conclude ,just admire the art!


Some 1950’s women in thriller movie?? My perception ,what’s yours?


That’s a colourful handsome “Octopus” I guess in the sea..Is it?


Enjoy ,that’s the end completely upto your Imagination..Jharokha ,Elephant ,Pigeon in window,Chatri..Cool:) Perfect imagination !

ST+ART : Impressive


Guys ,had a visit to ST+ART show at Delhi last weekend & was simply amazed by the unique concept & some lovely art being displayed. Catch on the glimpse of it


So intricate ,amazing work on multiple containers to give it a single one piece look:)


Watch this face closely…made up of so many faces ,wanna see a single face ?


Here’s a close capture of one of the face ..such a depth it is narrating isn’t it guys? Worth accolades!


That’s so much of Indian -ness..Multiple ATLO’s up for Grab;)

Another image for INDIA !!!

Watch out more amazing pics in coming post. Hold onto your breath & enjoy appreciating artists spread across the world.