Nonetheless, this beautiful city of Mewar has addictive clutches which binds anyone who visits this city due to the serenity it bounds in itself, the royal culture it hostages, wonderful people residing &the best of all the simplicity it carries in itself! It does not connect me ‘coz of just the above mentioned reasons, but this is the location where I was born, where I’ve spent lovely years during my post graduation, which has ample sweet memories in my mind all the time.

So let me give you all a brief on this city, where to roam around, and what all to doJ

Little bit of history & geography for this princely state of Mewar:

Founded in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh, Udaipur had a well flourished trading town of “Ayad” which was then the capital of Mewar in 10th Centuries.

Situated at an altitude of 1962Ft above sea level ,it lies in southern Rajasthan touching Gujarat on its border ,lying on the south slope of Aravalli Ranges .Also termed as city of Lakes ,Udaipur has close to 11 lakes few of which (more popular ones) are :

  • Fateh Sagar ( Biggest in Udaipur ,with ample eateries around it ,serving as a picnic spot)
  • Lake Pichola
  • Badi Lake (Badi ka Talab)
  • Swaroop Sagar
  • Lake Udai Sagar
  • Doodh talai lake

Udaipur has been termed as one of the most “Romantic cities” & also described as “Venice of the East” .

Apart from these picturesque lakes with Aravalli ranges on the back, there are many other attractions which are bound to charm as:

Forts & Palaces:

1. City Palace which towers over Lake Pichola

2. The Lake Palace :lies in the middle of Lake Pichola covering close to 1.5 hectare of this island .This palace is now converted into 5 star property & why not ,it seems that this white marble is emerging from turquoise waters , waves touching & waving ,this is one of the most astounding places to visit & stay ,to adore the beauty ,craftsmanship ,handicrafts of this lovely town of Mewar.

3. Kumbhalgarh Fort: Close to 60Kms from Udaipur town, this fort is most famous in Rajasthan after Chittorgarh Fort offering amazing view of the surroundings. It is said that fort’s walls are thick enough to take 8 horses simultaneously!

4. Chittorgarh Fort: An epitome for the Rajput’s, it definitely narrates the grand history, sacrifices of the Rajput heroes .A must see Fort to get a glimpse of the grandeur.

5. Haldi Ghati : This is the place where Chetak (horse of Maharana Pratap) took his last breath by serving his master (Maharana Pratap) .Many stories of the history can be known here ,as this was the site wherein Maharana Pratap & Akbar had the battle .


1. City Palace Museum: Having a huge collection of weapons, armour, swords

2. Shilpgram Museum: Museum which makes you fall in love with the art & culture, exclusive Terracotta work, amazing wooden carvings .Crafts festival organized during winters adds vivacity to the whole set up!

3. Classic Car Museum: For Vintage car lovers which comprises of interesting collection as Cadalec ,Morais etc


  1. Jag Mandir : Again in Lake Pichola ,it has amazing carvings ,row of elephants at the entrance gives a look as if they are guards protecting the heritage.
  2. Nathdwara :Some 48Kms from Udaipur town ,it is one of the most famous temple of “Lord Krishna”
  3. Eklingji : As the name says it ,again a temple for Lord Shiva ,adored all through by the masses.

Kumbhalgarh WildLife Sanctuary
Not just lakes & Temples & Palaces, it also entails Sanctuary for Wild life lovers .Named after Kumbhalgarh Fort, it has Wolf, leopards, hyena, sambhar’s, antelopes, deers & numerous birds for bird lovers. Not just wild life, the beauty it captures while traversing the sanctuary will keep you spell bound.

Well, this little town carries so many historic “gatha’s”, scenic places, temples, sanctuaries; it seems that this is one –stop destination for all kind of tourists.

And ,why not ,I need to be proud of my home town ,a town which made me self-dependent ,which gave me beautiful memories ,some lovely friends for lifetime ,some principles of life ,an education to be garnered all along .

SO here it come – Three Cheers for my Princely CITY – CITY OF MEWARS –UDAIPUR!


Craft-O-Maniac!! Real Me Rewarded

It’s been a year that I’ve been regularly following Reward Me ,by P&G ,not just for browsing over the products ,trying out the sample ,but also being spoilt by them to provide a handy solution for ample of things…To quickly clean up the house in few minutes ,to apply quoted packs for tanned skin or to even use their tips for a healthy lifestyle amongst my busy schedule as a Professional mom!

But recently some 2-3 months back, while browsing one of the sections of Arts & Crafts, took me long behind in those sweet& Innocent memory lanes ,when we used to make Paper boats & float them in stream flowing, or a rocket out of hard paper & flew it with the use of Rubber-bands ,or even a colourful paper game –Tipi –Tipi –Top..What colour you want?? Smile bounced backJ ,Isn’t It?

Could you re-call those innocent days, where in such crafts were just a play time ones…Little did we knew of the creativity involved in it! So while browsing I came across many sweet crafting ideas spread across few occasions as well. But, out of this what I loved the most is “Origami” (Yes, the creative paper folding art), the colourful Yarn Balls & the elegant Raffia Covered vases.

Craft Craft Craft…Here a craft , there a craft ,everywhere Craft Craft 🙂 

1. Creative yet Elegant Vases : Wrapping over natural colour (or you can even paint them as per the colour of your choice) Raffia on vases or Bottle or a Jar gives such an elegant look that you’ll die to craft yourself . Also ,it requires the least items :

      1. A bottle /vase/Jar (easily available)
      2. Raffia
      3. Glue Sticks
      4. Spray sealers for a better strength..

Post covering raffia all over, one can creatively use beads /buttons/paper made roses or similar to decorate it further. Just that much & you can get a great flower vase or even a hanging light ready to decorate & enlighten your roomJ

Image Courtesy :

                                   Image Courtesy :   

2. Festive Yarn Balls :
Doesn’t these balls add vivacity to the house or during parties? I had always yearned for these balls but never gave a though to make them ,but yes reward me forced me to think & give them a try. Again with minimal inputs & much of labour, making these balls can be a family fun together.

With the requisites as:

      1. School Glue
      2. Corn Starch
      3. Water
      4. Vibrant or light colored yarns basis the mood you want to set in
      5. Balloons
      6. Sprayer/Spray Paint (to spray & make balls multicoloured)

Just inflate the balloons, prepare mixture of glue ,corn starch & water & dip yarn into it..Then start wrapping around the balloons & let them get dry for 12-24 hrs. Once dries pop up the balloon & here your yarn ball is ready.. You can spray paint & hang in room at different length, or even hang a lamp in it to add more of vibrancy!

Image Courtesy:

3. Conquering the art of Origami:Mastering the Art of folding never felt so inventive & imaginative. From flowers to    animals, to toys, it seems anything & everything can be made out of it! Seen beautiful swans or elephants in hotel rooms..Well that’s also a part of Origami (Ori –Fold, Kami –Paper), takes you through a complete imaginative transformation & happiness from within.
Do master the art by beginning to study from the Origami basics by understanding the lines & arrows & then start creating your animals for your kid or beautiful flowers for your raffle vase or a beating heart (for V Day) by just folding the paper & giving your love a new & afresh look

Image Courtesy –

So Get, set, go, Hope the hidden creativity has been instilled, bridge the time & indulge in some beautiful & sensuous art!

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

“Do visit out exclusive Crafts section at – & get into an exciting modeJ