Gadget –O- King …Asus !!


Being a technocrat professional which demands quick updates on the embedded technology, innovative features, Pricing & finding out the value for money product has kept me on toes from past 2 years with respect to handsets /Tabs/E-Books .By the way, at the back of my mind ,PC’s or the desktops seemed to be a gone history ,with limited utility & usage mainly restricted to Offices .

But, it seems ASUS has inculcated so many innovative & interesting features in its All-In-One PC ET2040 that PC industry is gonna see a growth in its sale trajectory. Instead of All –in –one, I should name it, Innovative-Modern All in One PC suitable for all genres. I really loved 2 features of ET2040:

  1. 1 hour of Backup power, even when the lights turn off? Isn’t that good, to keep your work on the same pace without any hindrance ,especially when you know that it’ll last for an hour? I guess, you have ample time to complete tasks on hand ,to save & prevent sudden file corruption /lost data ,which is a major problem in areas with poor power backup ,with every line typed there has to be Ctrl+S with fear of losing the data worked upon! Hell, I’ve experienced what it calls for, energy drainer to know that the complete data worked upon has been lost ,& that too ‘coz of the power in today’s world! This PC is bound to ensure no such hiccups in your life 🙂
  2. The Brilliant Gesture Control system: “The NO –Touch feature!! Just a thumb up from max. Distance of 5mts, will play the video or the song, hey I bet U gonna have crush on these features! Shh…A hush sign to “mute”, waving enabling Flipping, & Fist to control volumes?? Great, now there is no need to rush from the kitchen to enhance the volume or play the video I love to hear. Thanks, Asus for making it a Techno –Modern day friend of mine. These two form the bigger picture ensuring initial crush ,but there are more to follow as Smart Charging with Ultra fast 3.0USB,recharging our very much used Smartphones cum whats app devices;) ,draining their batteries heavily upto 50times faster compared to USB2.0 & not just charging ,even transferring the data from PC to Tablet or vice versa is much more faster than the current & above all ,Intel processor ,synonym of speed is dam sure to lighten up our life ,enhance multi-tasking without any unresponsive pages. Its sleek design of 19.5-Inch HD screen is also a thumb up from my side. Isn’t it convincing from ASUS to have hands on & a must buy product for our home ,Do try out! Guys do check the links mentioned for a quick overview on these devices, come fall in love & nurture them by buying if you like !


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Along with the rejuvenation of PC ,I found ASUS Eee Book X205 equally convincing with its compactness of 1.75 Cm sleekness & light in weight modality ,which gives it an immense appeal .Built in with Quad core processor & Intel ATOM processor, ensuring again the multi tasking feature with great speed & much easiness for today’s women ,where in we need to be live on social media apps ,kitchen recipe apps &side by side clicking pics & videos & demand all of them to work simultaneously on a super fast speed. All this is ensured by the New Generation ASUS devices mentioned .

Guys do check the links mentioned for a quick overview on these devices, Come fall in love & nurture them by buying if you like !

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ASUS EeeBook X205TA & ASUS All In One PC ET2040.