Exclusive preview event: Pampers Premium Care Pants!

         I’m a PAMPER Boy, Now with an Extra soft touch..


               I vouch except Mum, It’s Pampers also..

             So Soft, So Dry, So Light, I don’t feel it anytime NowJ

                  U too try &feel the difference, Quick..NowJ

The exquisite set says it all! I’m Kiddzie’dJ 

So yes , this would be decoded when my year old kid starting singing (Actual Target audience;))or squeaking when he is in Pamper pants specially Premium Care pants launched recently .

With the tag line as Softest Diaper Pants ever, Soft as a Mother’s Touch #softestforbabyskin” ,
truely its Mum’s who can decode the happiness of a baby .Before these pants also ,my Baby was a ” Pamper Active Baby” audience ,as I could find none better than this to hold up his extra activities with the same freshness & for longer durations ,but I always felt to restrict a child’s diaper usage (due to family pressures to keep baby in cloth nappies) ,but it was a continuous fight within daily to decide upon the time till when a baby could be in diapers ,just when I received a call from Blogadda to participate in the Exclusive Preview of “New Pampers Premium Care Pants” ,not just preview or marketing ,but yes it was a wonderful event with ample knowledge gaining sessions from Actress & Celebrity “Tara Sharma Saluja” Child Sleep consultant – Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, Pampers R&D Expert – Dr.
Wei Sing Long and Actress & Television presenter-Mandira Bedi .

While Ajita threw light on delicacy of a baby’s skin (which is 30 times more delicate) & that’s the reason why a child’s skin needs more care & highly focussed products to remain healthy. Apart from the products we use ,most important is the use of a healthy diaper (as a child is in general more than 12-14 hrs in a diaper in a day usually) ,a diaper which has to be soft & dry enough ,which has to ensure no rashes to the baby’s delicate skin ,which will in turn ensure an un-distracted play ,a lively & happy interactions with his environment & a better learning aura around him. Let’s together help our babies explore the world of possibilities in their own lovely fashionJ .Not just ,being a sleep consultant ,she also focussed on the importance of a good & deep sleep (especially in the nights) which in turn leads to better cognitive ,mental & physical development of a baby ! & yes, I got a lovely time interacting with her & discussing on the most difficult aspect “a continuous & deep night sleep” for me & my kid.

Apart from that Tara & Mandira, experienced Mom’s themselves shared their personal experiences with few videos as well expressing thoughts on development of a child & also why a soft & dry diaper is must for our babies.

It was not just a “session” but was way above an “Interactive & demonstrative session”, when Scientist & R&D expert Dr. WeiSing Long highlighted the features of Premium care pants ,well how can we believe that these are the softest ones & close to “No feel experience”? A right hit on the psychology of Mum’s, there was a blind test done with 3 diapers to be felt (we could just feel the softness of a diaper & could not see in the black box) & then voting’s were done..Well apprehended & rather amazed, 90% of the Mum’s were very quick to conclude on “Pampers pants” & I could sense the difference myself. This definitely made my views more strong for new product.


                           Supermoms, on their way downloading the sessionJ

Further demonstrations on the uniqueness as:

  1. Softness – Well not just touch, a very generic example proved it .Bubbles generally pop as soon as they touch rough surface but as soon as it landed on the soft material of pants, it remained intact.. WOW that proves the softness & signifies why it has to be a must for my baby’s delicate skin!
  2. Presence of Food Grade Gel to protect baby’s skin : They took a paper whose drop like centre was treated with the actual gel used in pamper pants ,& a solution with the same PH level as that of kid’s urine & pooh was sprayed over the complete paper ,it was astonishing to see that the untreated portion quickly changed its texture while the gel treated are remained as such .This was a brilliant live demo to acknowledge the importance of Gel in these pants which actually prevents any irritation to the delicate skin.

    Demo -Gel applied in the central Drop shape part

              Post applying the Solution of same PH as that of Urine

3. Wetness, this is the major concerning part of any diaper, a factor which puts Mom & Child into fix, when to know that a diaper is wet. Presence of Indicator in these pants helps us with it but the breathable material of these pampers is certainly a thumbs up. It came out quite well in demo ,that when hot water is poured in the pants & a glass is placed & pressed on it ,it slowly starts to get filled with the steam ,which reflects micro pores releasing the moisture .This is such a clear indicator that these pants keeps excess moisture & wetness far away from the touch of baby.

                        Moisture getting released from the micro-pores

4. Next demo compared normal diaper pants to Premium Pampers pants wrt Wetness .When 150 ml of liquid was poured into it ,while pamper pants were completely dry on touching the inner side ,other diaper was wet & moisture could be easily felt on it..That’s the beauty of extra dry layer in these pants

Well, all these demo’s live in front of me, being carried on with full transparency enhanced my faith all the more for Pampers Premium pants. Why did Pampers delay for even a year to bring out these amazing diapers to India, Kudos t their team for bringing across the facts to Indian Mommies.

Post these demo’s the event moved to Open Q& A round which gave a big clarification on the type of Gel used to protect baby from moisture & irritation, as the elders say that all these are carcinogenic agents, but Dr. WeiSing gave a perfect justification that these are Food Grade gels..This means that these are edible forms, WOW that was most pleasing to hear off.

                                      Glimpses of Demo ,really eye openers!!

The event turned into an open house with all the guests picking up either of the four honourable women to discuss & solve their queries or problems be it experiencing motherhood ,or having seep problems or eating problems or further venturing into pampers diaper ,it was simply wonderful to have an invite for such a “Close to heart” event.

                                Unveiling. The Hero of our Real Lives..Pampers!!

Pouncing on the cheese balls, sandwiches & Cappuccino marked an end to this memorable episode! Thanks Blogadda & P&G cum Pampers team for an illustrious & edifying program.
Finally, a click with Mandira with happiness pouring over:)

“This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda”

Massage with -Dabur Baby Massage Oil

The tenderness, love a child brings in one’s life is certainly a bliss in our life .To see them grow & nurture healthily is again a big challenge which takes most of our time & brings out the best from us ,be it from feeding them with best organic foods or giving them a hygienic environment or sharing with them BPA free toys .Amongst all this lies a very important part of a child’s growth ,Massage ,which is a wonderful way to express our love ,care & give our child a healthy life.

Importance of Child Massage:

Since ages, massaging child has taken on its roots in India, with the reasons making it mandatory as:

  1. An important gentle & rhythmic stroking which tones up baby’s muscles & makes bones strong
  2. It also enhances blood circulation & moisturizes baby’s skin
  3. Some people also say that it helps in weight gain due to toning up of body
  4. A gentle massage on tummy & chest help in releasing out the gas & improves digestion for the infant as well.
  5. It also acts as a big relaxant for kids, as it eases out the muscles & help in a good sleep post facto.
  6. It is a great method of bonding between a mother & child, as it is said that during massaging, oxytocin hormones are released which gives a warm feeling to the baby.
  7. Further it is also said that massage is a great option for pre-mature kids ,as it stimulates vagus nerve (connecting brain with major body organs) resulting in improved circulation ,digestion ,right bowel movement . Also, it leads to better brain activity for pre-mature infants.

Requirements of Massage:

  1. A perfect baby oil
  2. Towel
  3. Nappy kit

Right strokes with right baby oil matters a lot. Now –a day’s one can get so many baby oils in te market but it plays an important role in identifying the correct oil & apply it. I have been using Dabur Lal tel & Olive oil alternately on my kid from past 9 months ,the reason being Lal tel is a genuine & proven oil ,best for the strong bones & Olive oil has immense goodness of olives which not just moisturizes the skin but also helps in reducing the stress ,stiffness if any ,hydrates the skin ,induces better hair growth ,& also helps in better sleep which is must for infants.

So when I came to knew of Dabur’s new Baby oil having the goodness of Olives & Almonds, I did apply & wanted to test it out on my baby with a strong believe in Dabur products.

  1. A sweet interesting packaging which prompted my kid to pounce on it even before I tried to unpack it 😉 SO once he was satisfied & played for next 10-12 minutes, I finally grabbed it from him, to have a look & apply the same on him. So the start seemed to be interesting enough!!
  2. Studying on the compositions which clearly define as Almonds & Olives ,helping out in perfect nourishment to the child & making it all the more soft due to presence of Almond oil (which acts as a moisturizer as well)
  3. Further, felt pleased to know that the goodness of these oils had been enriched with the absence of any Paraffins & artificial colors, Paraben, unlike many products which up sell with added colors & fragrance. For infants, purity should be the final touch!


Once satisfied reading & making myself aware of the natural goodness of this oil, I was prompted to apply it on my baby. As such my kid loves getting massaged & I was eager to see him react when this goodness reached him all throughJ

Gently rubbing the oil between my palms, I started massage from the legs, starting slowly to being a little tight on thighs & calves & see here I saw him squeaking & smiling back 🙂

Moving upwards his chest & tummy making “I Love U” signs ,& using fingers to gently stroke in circles ,make him giggle & jump a lot ,but this is the way he enjoys. Similarly moving on hands & back I applied this oil with full faith & my kid loved the massage, which ended with a 2-3 minute session on his scalp which he loves the most.

Post this fabulous massage with perfect textured oil for a tight massage, some exercise made him sleepy & I felt pleased to see him sleep with a smiling face & relaxed body.

Conclusion : I found this oil perfect for people like me who love doing tight massage with not-so-light oils which are sold in the market .Along with this ,the freshness of almonds & Olives could be felt easily which act as “essential oils” for kids (although for us too..So even I applied it on me once ;))

Although this post is being written for Dabur Oil, but the goodness explained & experienced is very true ,as true as my baby & for the well being of all mothers like me. Do try out the product, which is quite reasonable & comes in 100Ml bottle. I’m sure you’ll be contented enough for a good tight massage.

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda.’

Happy with my oil:)

Happy with my oil:)

Ray of Hope!

Life without child? Un-imaginable, disheartening, what so ever may be the scene in later life with respect to kids; they are definitely the most important part of our lives. But with changing lifestyle, delayed marriages, a tensed work environment, delayed kids planning, harsh lifestyles have led to increase in Infertility amongst the couples .It has been estimated that one in 7 couple faces the problem of Infertility due to the reasons mentioned below.

Approx 45-50% of the cases are diagnosed in females due to –

  1. Ovulation issues –Un-timely release of mature egg from the ovary
  2. Poor Mature Egg quality –As age progresses, quality of egg degenerates & results in un-sustained pregnancies.
  3. Polycystic ovaries – Development of small cysts in ovaries instead of production of one mature egg in ovary
  4. Blockages in Fallopian tubes – They prevent eggs to pass in uterus & hence no fertilization

Not just females, approx.30-35% cases are diagnosed with male infertility, & there are many unidentified causes as well. Few Male infertility causes –

  1. Male tube blockages which do not allow transportation of fertile sperms
  2. Low/No Sperm Counts, resulting in no fertilization.

Other factors as obesity, environmental toxins, and excessive Alcohol/Drugs intake can also lead to Infertility.

But with an increase in the probabilities, modern techniques have flown in & now there are many options available to get perfect treatment basis the symptom’s–

  1. IVF – In vito Fertilization in which Egg & Sperm are mixed in artificial lab environment & then implanted into the womb. This procedure is most helpful in majority of the infertility cases .
  2. Surgical procedures for Fallopian tubes in case of tube blockages
  3. Intrauterine insemination (Sperm injected in the womb)
  4. Surrogacy

People from small cities find it more difficult to find a suitable clinic to get resolution to their queries, hence I would like to mention few Infertility clinics in Jaipur ,few which have IVF facilities in Jaipur .

  1. Ridge Aanchal – A mother & care hospital working since 1991, with specialized Infertility specialists, embryologists, and High quality labs for IVF treatments. Most of the treatments as IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donation, and Male infertility treatments are available.
  2. Jain fertility & Mother care hospital –A specialized hospital, with all techniques to have a great parenthood.IVF treatment, surrogacy, Egg donation, Embryo banking, are also available there.
  3. Aastha Fertility care –Calling themselves an exclusive IVF centre ,they have published 38-45% as their success rate in IVF .With a well established team ,this centre provides all solutions .
  4. Shivani fertility & Mother care –Established since 2004, all infertility treatments are available here too.

The list is not exhaustive; there are many other Infertility clinics in Jaipur leading to Parental bliss.

Tranquil Lansdowne!! My Travel diary with my KID

Travel Brief :

  • Location –Lansdowne (Pauri district of Uttarakhand ,45 Kms of Kotdwar)
  • Best Duration – Feb end –May ,September –November ,rains set in during July
  • How to go about – About 250 Kms from Delhi ,one can opt for private car/Train (Delhi –Kotdwar)
  • Major Attractions : Tip n Top ,Bhulla Tal ,Garhwal museum ,St. Mary’s Church ,Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple

It had been approx. 6 months of going through the preeminent & simultaneously the most rigorous phase in life of any woman…Yes, I’m talking about Motherhood..A fascinating beginning, a significant optimism, a sparkling smile, is what this word ushers our lives with!

First time experience had to be adventurous, with bounty of new surprises day by day ,some snatching the leisure time ,compelling us to work more hard ,& some bringing a sense of joy & contentment within! But ,amongst all this ,I had waited that as soon as my kid turns 6m ,Me ,a “traveloholic” person would begin my travel diary again(after a break of approx.a year) & yes I had been frantically googling for a leisure trip nearby to Delhi.

Many places in Uttarakhand shortlisted, few rejected keeping in mind sudden changes of temperature for the 6m old, some rejected for long distances..A frenzied me…24 hours of hunt zeroed out the little pristine hill station of “Lansdowne”, a weekend Garhwali destination to rejuvenate & chill out!

Gusto set in me!!Well it was a well deserved break!! Bags packed & we (along with our travel friends) boarded our train direct to the Kotdwar, a perfect ride with kids enjoying their first train journey with ample eagerness! Gush of winds blowing past our faces , Little drizzling ,fragrance of wet trees @Kotdwar while climbing own the train itself enthralled me & I dreamt of a perfect 3 day weekend!

So easy to reach Lansdowne from Kotdwar, frequent 8-10 seaters available which drop to the destined hotel..Well, we had intentionally got a resort booked which was some 20 Kms before Lansdowne main city..S.B. Mount Resort —A perfect resort –

    • Giving a sense of Freshness & tranquillity
    • A sense of adventure by trekking on the hills opposite to it
    • A sense of closeness to nature ,with the rivulet flowing across it
    • An opportunity for Bird watching & might be lucky if some deer’s say Hi in the mornings due to its vicinity to Jim Corbett!!

We reached our resort by 4pm, with hunger pangs reckoning our body systems…Within 5 minutes, we requested resort manager to arrange lunch tables for us..Wow, that seemed absolutely pleasant, table in lawn, stream flowing across, & we pouncing on nearly home-made food..Paneer lababdaar ,mix veg.,daal makhani ,raita ,kheer ,salad…& hot fulka’s..In just 5 minutes I felt myself so vivid, so overwhelmed being in vicinity to the nature. A stomach full lunch demands some rest …but don’t forget our 6 months old kids were with us..So had to make them take a nap for at least & hour which gave us also the chance to relax..

Weather was pleasant, drizzling had stopped, stomach was tight, all this called for a trek right ahead on the hillock opposite to the resort..But the question…KIDS?? C’mmon, for adventure loving parents, kids might have got those genes right at the birth.So, we decided to take them along with us..Harsh , narrow ,insignificant path throughout the trek..Didn’t knew where it would lead to…few steps & then anxiety of kids gripping us…but yes we did it…we reached the top ,which was a big plane ,with a spectacular scene of the surroundings !!Wow, it gave us a great sense of accomplishment! With sun-setting in the scene cannot be described..We just stayed & captured the beauty in our lenses for next 30-35 minutes..As the night was beginning to fall, we decided to climb down & reach back for a tempting Dinner .Day 1 passed chatting across the tables, mostly around these naughty boys, their tantrums & plan for next 2 days 🙂


It had to be special, very special, with clouds engulfing all night & experiencing good rains .Morning was stunning…Little sunshine peeking from the huge trees & drizzling simultaneously made a merry morning! Soon drizzling stopped & we decided to welcome dawn by having coffee besides the river stream, puling our chairs across it..So serene, so calm, it had been ages I had experienced this serenity (before this my last trip was to China, which didn’t got me into calm mode ;))

A rejuvenating hour …shook…wake up…my kid was wailing in search of me 😉 Yes, it was his breakfast time too & my coffee time was over !So an hour of cajoling & pampering, we all got ready to head towards Lansdowne..Well the manager had suggested..Book a cab for an easy ride…but we don’t understand easiness ;)Well, we planned to opt for local bus & have its ride..God, such an entertaining ride was it…Kids almost slept & we enjoying local music, with those sharp & steep twists & turns reached main town of Lansdowne..Well, it’s a pretty small town & requires just a day to enjoy the tourist places & rest dedicate all time to admire the beauty it entails within itself.

We covered 5 places in a span of 8-9 hours, although a bit hectic yet delightful…



3 Lansdowne



With a day full of bliss, calmness, we returned back to our hotel by 8 in the night only to find an amazing night hosted with DJ & dance floor ready for us to rock with the nature!
A break of 30 minutes to stretch out & then we rocked the dance floor with other groups as well..That was absolutely astonishing & a memorable experience to make our lil kido dance in our arms .With no mood to stop ,rather bon fire in the midst of windy night elevated our moods & for next 2 hours there was no looking back from the dance floor (yes ,we took breaks to pacify ,feed kids ) ,but that was the perfect ending of the day ..Seeing hot gulab jamuns at the other end of the table, mouth watered us & finally we planned to break from the dance floor & grab the sumptuous hot dinner & yummy delicacies of halwa & Jamun’s
What a sparkling day it was!
Day 3:
Well Lansdowne has nothing more than this, but we had our train in after noon, so had a great chance to experience another captivating morning!
This morning gave me a chance to watch beautiful birds, although drizzling post 8 narrowed down my search, but still I was pleasantly surprised & glad to follow those colourful birds to capture them .

A relaxed breakfast made our start ecstatic & we decided to climb down into the stream to have some delightfully brilliant pic before returning back to the hustle bustle city of Delhi!
Very short but a blissful trip, a must visit place to experience serenity!!!

Do’s & don’t with kids as small as 6 months –
1. Plan a short trip of 2-3 days only as it does not hamper your kid’s routine
2. Try to make journey as comfortable as it can be ;Train is one of the most comfortable mode & kids too enjoy it
3. Check out the weather on Hill stations & do take along an extra inner wear for kids
4. Don’t plan travel/sightseeing at a stretch, take tours of some 4-5 hours & then break for relaxation with kids.
5. Prefer not to take kids on twisty routes as we took from Lansdowne to Tarkeshwar as kids are prone to motion sickness on those routes & vomit out frequently, also they become cranky on those routes.
6. Do take Gripe Water/Bonisan to avoid constipation to kids