End of Black & White era

This idea sucks! It completely sucks! This society will not let me live in peace, so what it means an Old mansion for me. Life has struck 12’0..n there is a deep silence.. Neurons aren’t working, Mom’s extra “almonds” are paying off no results, it seems I am in Pre-Edison life, that dark life.

Health has begun taking a toll, BP is constantly on a rise, Migraine is a perfect companion not willing to take divorce, Doctors have become best friends & clinics my new “Pub”.

Suddenly, on the other side of the hi-chair, a lean freaky voice tried giving a sobbing advice.. Go take the pain, I’am the survivor of it! Forget “Life is a heaven for next few months, get you house renovated & painted”. Huh, but how to get rid of those seepages, who seem to give me the showers more than Cherrapunji?

And a dark silence broke..I had no solutions, deal was locked in the mind..I tried calling our yesteryear “Kisan Uncle”to take over the mansion for next few months.

I was willing to take an adventure break – right out there in an opposite park! People awarded the adventurous girl with a really “Tainted tented days”. Just some days on & my mansion had turned into dusty unhealthy jungle ..Wished I could measure the AQI then.

Kisan uncle had painted more of the furnitures & side bars rather than doing over the walls. It all seemed so tortured, it felt I had some magical spell ,a perfect black magic the day I took that decision. I shouted for a help this time from the core of my heart.


Society is so much willing to help people post disaster, so much empathy & advices poured in. “Ram has a wonderful hand…Meera kaki will clean up all the task…why don’t you go for self-making your room..blah blah” .

So this time, an intelligent women woke up, doing her research & taking some professional advice. Soon the ratings & reviews were gossiping a lot about “Berger Paints & their Berger XP service”.

  1. Faster, Cleaner, Better, with express painting service…magnifying lens made it clear, I read correctly..woof!
  2. World class painting experience .. No dust(credit-vacuum suction enabled sanding machines), dirt, paint spillage, wonderful finish !! Was it some God sent?
  3. Reduced man hours..High on automation, 40% faster than my very own “Kisan uncle”… God damn it, is it true? 
  4. Trained Painters sparkling up your home with NO ADDITIONAL COST ! Brows frowned , how could that be?

Scrolling..Interesting ..paint industry has innovated & evolved that much? Courtesy Berger Paints!

  • Sanding Machines: with regulated speeds , to have a  dust free painting.
  • Muti-purpose Mixer: No Hassles in mixing, Putty & texture mixing.
  • Auto-Roller: Adjustable, Auto paint pumping, amazing finish.
  • High pressure washer: Pressure & nozzle regulator, hi-speed pressure wash
  • Airless paint Sprayer: Quick & uniform application, supporting water based paint & primer
Long Pint roller

Automated Paint Roller

Sanding Machine

Sanding Machine

Too much tech? Scratching heads? Then go for one liner ” Aa gaya hai Painting ka T20- Express Painting. Painting now innovates into enjoyable experience..Forget 5 years , get living room painted now.. go for dinning room a month after, because painting homes has become hassle free & overloaded with fun , with the best of one tap service..

Just call/SMS/raise on their site, Berger executive will be on the way to hand over bag full of dozens of happiness , your home is the new adventure place.

B/W era ends, welcome colorful wold!


Thanks Berger Paints, for bringing most of the innovation to our homes. #BergerXp.

Its not just my story, read out their success stories and check the TVC

It was a great Indiblogger – Berger paint meet wherein Creativity met painting revolution and the sort of activities did make me understand as to why “Berger Paints” occupies the fore front when it comes to innovation & best in class services, keeping the Digitization alive in their field.

Some pics of the memorable event :

Working out lost passion!

Working out lost passion!


Re-ignited Team Work!

Re-ignited Team Work!

Amazing Bloggers!

Amazing Bloggers!


























A Memorable experience of Kose -Blogger Meet!

Date :10th Apr’15

Venue :Hyatt Regency ,Delhi

Being with IB for some 8 months has always rendered me an awesome experience, be it wrt my blogs showcasing or Bloggers Networking, but one thing I had been reading all about & missing to be a part was “Bloggers Meet”. Since long I had been wishing a meet @Delhi/NCR, post looking at the glimpses & reading out reviews of various meets some getting organized at Bangalore & some at other locations. Yes, my wish did come true, the day I received an invite for IB –Kose Meet .So excited I was! My very first Blogger meet,I just went day dreaming about the fun ,about the interactions with lovely bloggers ,about the brand launch of Kose & yes also of the sumptuous Dinner @Hyatt:) .

So with great hopes in my mind, I took an early off from my office (lying from the boss citing health issues ;)) ,rushed @100KMPH from office to home ,dressed up ,highly excited to be on time & rushed for the venue @Hyatt. Well guided to the conference room ,greeted by IB team ,registered ,pounced hungrily on a cup of coffee n cookies while waiting in the lobby area to enter .In few minutes ,the entry to the meet started ,wonderfully decorated room ,amazing chandeliers ,brilliantly managed desks for Bloggers/Retailers/Kose Team:) Bloggers entries being displayed along with the fresh tweets ,so many bloggers ,it all seemed so refreshing & enlightening!



Didn’t carry my DSLR (for sure for next time), but then tried hands on clicking pics from my handy cam(mobile;)) to have a memoir of my very first meet.. The conference room buzzing with …my blog..your blog address..tweets & expected agenda for the day!!Very soon a luminous, brilliantly hosted program begun with the Fun games…Start of surprises …Naming  number & getting lovely offerings ,along with details of the bloggers, hearing out their masterpieces ,followed with a wonderful fun way to network & know your desk/side matesJ -meet ,greet ,& go by any of their personal things..So it all started..1..2…& the list went on till 14 bloggers meet & collection of items as Wifey’s old pics;) ,Hair clips, danglers, to toffees & personal notes as well..Just loved the creative way of interaction & enhancing your friend list in the crowd where I stood alone on arriving!!

So post that came 3 rounds of Presentations by team Kose ,being a marketing & Communications professional ,their way of presentations ,hard core research & its facts really amazed me & I once again fell in love with Japanese people ,their sincerity & honesty towards work! So ,it was a 1946 old beauty company ,registered in India in 2013 ,launching their beauty products for Indians ,a formula straight of of sea weeds (a naïve concept for beauty conscious Indians) ,highly determined to augment & boost on the beautification drive with the mid ranged products suitable for all!(So sorry ,Only for Female Indians right now;)Males you’ll have to wait for the time being ,let us females take the lead & be on the list of Japanese audiences;)


Along with some serious presentation, Kose’s (Spawake) Brand Ambassador “Aditi Rao Hyadri” added glamour to it..She looked scintillating, a flawless beauty..I was just startled & longed for a pic together (& hoped that few men in the audiences try to control on their sensesJ).Didn’t knew that it was not just me ,the whole lot of crowd sitting was getting a chance for a group photo ,simply lovely ,& yes well managed!

We were given Spawake moisturizer to try out there n then ,to have a feel ,wow ,it was so pleasant ,so light with an amazing texture &  aroma .The first glimpse was attractive ,second was soothing ,this brand was already winning over my heart & I was sure to try out their products ,post understanding the ingredients ,their utilities !


Something distracted..The aroma was rising..Unbearable..Didnt knew from where it was coming…But the second ray of this aroma aroused me..I looked back only to see fresh & hot starters being served..It was my fav..Panner Tikka..I grabbed the plate..Being vegetarian, I had the option of Mushroom covered with ultra soft patty style & yummy Tikka’s ,2 rounds quenched my hunger for the time being & I had to wait for the Dinner to have a taste of all the scrumptious delicacies served upon.

This was then followed by an exquisite performance by the Japanese troop, spell binding dance performance, which was followed by a varied range of delicacies for dinner.

From salads (Sorry don’t even remember names ,but for next time I’m gonna be sure & give you all a write up exclusively on food..trying to be food blogger as well;)) ,to dahi bada’s pasta’s ,noodles ,sabji(panner ,daal ,aloo) & naan to mouth watering desserts ,It was a superb food from Hyatt! & yes while I finished upon, most of the fellows were busy on the “Bar Table”, enjoying their drinks & me enjoying my coke;)


Having a gala time at the meet, with a score of 110 from 100, simply elated I walked towards the exit only to find a gift from spawake, brilliant pack of their launched products! Guys check out their range ,already released & in media -www.spawake.in .

So here it goes a Big “ARIGATOU” (Thanks in Japanese) to Kose & IndiBlogger Team for making my first experience a memorable one, an unforgettable bonding!