Top 10 innovative digital companies in India!

The words –Social, Digital have started occupying a huge momentum in India in past 2-3 years & most of the businesses, established one’s or Start up’s are buzzing out  ,spending high on Digital Media to Get back on the right foot ,capture a high share in their sphere ,turn out to more segmented & focussed customer’s ,enhance the Brand growth & also to retain their Loyal customers.

With India going in a complete “tech-way”, Digital Media Marketing companies are on an all time high, competing along to provide the best solutions, at the cheapest rate, to garner & secure the database.

Few noteworthy Points for Start up’s or layman, as to why has there been a sudden boom in this segment? The Answer lies:

  1. Want an Enhanced Brand presence? Yes, ATL activities matter to ensure sighting of the Brand, to make sure that your products or services are easily accessible to your target audiences.
  2. Want an Enhanced Brand Loyalty? Yes, why will a customer stick to you when there is so much competition in every industry around? Here comes the role of Digital media companies, which create an impact via improved social media interactions, more significance in digital channels.
  3. Effective SEO & rankings? Yes, any brand would want to be highlighted in top searches in the search engines, which would again need, decent traffic, viewership, which would again with the help of these digital companies, will boost up your rankings & clicks.
  4. Cost efficient Manner? Yes, most of these agencies have very phenomenal packages for the type of campaigns you wish to choose.

Well, from Acquisition to Retention, if all solutions can be given by “Digitization” ,why would any business not opt for ..These are major reasons of the boom phase of Digital Media firms who are on a continuous innovative & exhaustive mode to provide a complete frame to their clients.

That’s the basic; let’s have a glimpse of few well known firms in this industry –

1.  Bcwebwise : Constantly ranked in India’s Top 10 Digital Agencies ,it has also been awarded for Excellence in customer experiences .With few noteworthy Client’s as Hero ,ITC,Microsoft,HUL ,sunsilk ,IPSA ,this firm provides robust platform for all Internet media solutions  ,media Planning ,Web development ,advertising ,Promotional campaigns & services ,SEM & many other services are offered. This agency is a must try to create an effective Brand presence.

In India, it is based in Mumbai

2.  Sapient Nitro: Compared to other agencies, Sapient Nitro has a rich platform with well defined solutions from Brand building to brand experience via digital, social,e-commerce ,retail   ,all modes at a go. It has the complete ecosystem to help brands create an impact in the eyes & lives of end user. Starting from Consumer understanding wrt Brand positioning ,SEM      ,Emerging media ,product planning ,Endorsements, Email marketing ,Cross selling & up selling ,OOH,Print media ,& creating experience across Web,Mobile,Print,Outdoor,Broadcast ,it    has all in its lap.

3.  Webchutney : One of the most promising firm of 2015 ,& with many heavy weight client’s as Airtel ,Marico,P&G,Microsoft ,Unilever & also few awards in its basket ,it has been dealing with brands to connect ,engage & continuously build relationships for better loyalty with the huge online customer segment. Engaged in Web designing, Advertising, social media campaigns, mobile marketing, again this is a must firm to be explored.

In India it has offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore as well.

4. IBM Digital: A big Brand in the world of digital media, which allows firms to create customized digital experiences in the most innovative manner to help in the highest engagement with customers, business partners across the world. As they quote “They maximize your digital experience platform deployments and drive rapid ROI and real business results, while minimizing risk and disruption” ,it certainly goes for a pragmatic approach to reach out to IBM Digital for a world class solution &with highly effective  Digital media engagement .

5. Wipro Digital: A digital transformation firm, believing in 4I’s –Insights, resulting in numerous Interactions, which result in ample Integrations & give birth to many Innovations to help transform the businesses. A heavy weight in technology as cognitive computing, cloud, smart devices, IoT, when combined with the strength of designing, strategy, Marketing, Engagement leads to the disruptive solutions in this digital world.

6. Accenture Digital: A mammoth to deal with, in terms of services around Customers, Channel, Market, & the Digital segment encompassing complete Interactive & analytical solutions .With a wide ecosystem, they ensure digital transformation of your business/brand.

7. TO THE NEW Digital: One of the best companies to work with, TO THE NEW Digital is a premium digital services company that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. They are a team of over 600 people which includes technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. TO THE NEW Digital is also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB .

Ranging from Web designing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Re-Marketing, Mobile apps, video creation, social media creative, influencer seeding, they have the right platform to provide end to end Online Digital & Social media management to create a unique Brand equity in the market. With an expertise into niche technologies, they bridge the gaps & support the essential rather critical applications for web ,mobile ,as mentioned above using technologies as Grails(Web app using Groovy Programming language helping to solve many developmental puzzles), AMC, AWS(Not just to manage & analyze data but also has library of data sets) and MEAN Development.

In India they have offices @Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai & few in other countries as well.

8. Interactive Avenues: A complete digital service firm catering to every digital aspect as Media, SEO ,Goole analytics ,ORM ,Creative ,complete bouquet to meet business goals. It is  a part of IPG Mediabrands family ,which invests some 36Bn $ in Global Digital media & having operations in 127 countries.

In India they have offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore & have prestigious clients as Tanishq ,AmEx,Intel  & many more.

9.BuzzValve : A content Marketing firm ,with clientele as Honda ,Unicef,Fortis ,J&J ,it could be the right choice for Mid-sized & Start up firms to design creative solutions ,digital experiences ,social/mobile apps,penetrate in social communities & many more great value added services offered .

In India, they have their base in Bangalore along with many others worldwide.

10. Pinstorm : One of the highly focussed firm ,with clientele as CCD ,ICICI Bank ,HSBC ,Yahoo ,it focuses on integrated digital marketing providing services like Campaigns ,Social Media Campaigns & their Marketing ,Search Marketing ,all to enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns & to improve the visibility ,directly related to enhanced acquisitions.

With offices located in many countries, they have their regional offices in India @ Bangalore ,Gurgaon & Mumbai as well.

This is not an exhaustive list ,lot many digital media firms are into news every day ,depending upon your Brand/Business requirement ,engaging with any of these agencies certainly helps one ahead of the competitors  .If still now ,you have not engaged ,quickly interact ,appoint & work & see the quick turnover & a niche that get created for a sustained healthy business. To establish you Brand name, catching hold of the actual potential customer, spreading word of mouth, enhancing traffic can all be done via Social & Digital media marketing. So be the “TO THE NEW Digital” & stand apart amongst the crowd.