The Unsold Love of Andy and Candy

#CleanUpCashOut, The Mystery of Andy and Candy!

Hey chaps, that’s Me, Andy, a 3 year old kid with the sizzling IQ of 150, whopping, isn’t it?
And you know who is my love? Candy, the one who named me, who got me to nurture in this world after a week of my birth at a factory. But ahh, I feel so pained sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left, my memory is stinking with the old garbage filled in it. I feel like a 60 year old man, who has started limping, beginning to lose his eyesight and might go back in the hands of Yamraj soon!

Well, the credit for turning a 3 year old to 60 year old again goes to my love, Candy! Oh candy, with an IQ of 50, why did you do this to me?

I feel, you peeps have started scratching your heads and getting curious, what all is this “Andy” speaking? So let me introduce myself in a humanly manner. I am, a metallic coloured, Intel Core i3 Book with an “elite book ” tattoo carved in the front of my body, in short, I am a virtual Super Human. A laptop who was born in 2010, and was never left as an orphan, since Candy picked me up just within a week of my birth. And that is why I owe to her, despite the staggering IQ difference between us.

Here goes my Emotional Story for you!

I’am her best friend, as she has hidden immense secrets in me. Do you know, I even tasted the Smirnoff when I was just 9months old? Well, yes. I’ve had ample cookies, Paneer Tikka’s and hot coffee’s as they drip off from Candy, to give me a sense of deliciousness.

I’am her business partner, every morning, I travel with her in a white car listening to some really “scratchy” songs, which she calls as her amazing playlist. I sit on the desk and then daily, I get filled and filled and filled. I’m never emptied, never ever cleaned, not even once in those 3 years.

I’m so sleepy, I want to shut off my memory for some time, but it goes without saying that I have to stay awake for 2-3 months also. Working day in and night and not getting time to shut off for even 4-5 hours a day. Now, that’s a serious atrocity on me.

I give up once in 3 months, due to my fatigue, but Candy! Oh Candy, she thinks, I’m an idiot Box and I’m meant never to sleep. With pride, she says to her colleagues that if “Andy” worked in as a super computer, she would have completed her tasks in just 30 minutes instead of 3hours. Oh, am I that bad Andy? I wanna say, that give me some space, some sleep, some cleaning and I shall ensure to get your work completed in 15 minutes, I promise.

Though its just 3 years of my adoption with Andy, she has decided to opt for fostering me out to other people, but I am sad. My EQ is getting drained and my IQ is not generating any more Ideas. Sometimes I feel that my memory will just crash with, but Candy! Your apathy is burning my heart [battery] out. She has finally put me “ON SALE” at one of those sites on the Internet. And from past 3 days I have been hearing conversations, real enriching and praising ones for me. Wow!

Cashify ,

I got to hear, that I’m still sleek, super performing machine, getting exchanged as Candy is getting a MAC book from her sister in US. Uhhh!!! No she doesn’t have anyone in US, she will replace me with another newly made “brand baby” and not MAC. Well she is not even capable of me, how can my progressive seniors [MAC] work with her, lol.

But you know, I got to hear that I am still dazzling fast, just need a factory reset once, wow, true, she knows it, but never did to try that. She says, I still supply the power for 4 hours consistently, and my keypad is just as smooth as my surface. Though my sides have some bruises, she says I’m still beautiful. Oh Candy, you really made me emotional.

Deal Struck!

Today, a new human came to see me, and the deal was finalized for 15k. I don’t know how my worth got calculated. I was to be handed over to a new person the next day. Candy came to me and happily hugged me saying yay, I did it! Wow, she was really happy sending me off. I guess for the last time she spilled some coffee on me and pondering over, she told me something.

“Andy, you are the one, who has kept my secrets a secret. You are the one wherein I first conversed with my Mom after moving away from her for Job. You are the one, wherein I wrote so many untold stories, sometimes on a happy note and sometimes as a broken heart. You are the one, who got a dazzling presentation to be made to help me clear my 1st interview. You are the one, whom I hug daily after getting up, you are close, so close to me”.

Andy, I love you…

Pause, my heart started throbbing faster in anticipation of her feelings. She slept saying these words and I could never sleep until I died out at 0%. She hugged me the next day and cancelled the deal. I was in a shut down mode. When I woke up, I found Candy’s fingers yet on me, caressing with love! Yes, I loved her too and she got to know me finally. The deal was cancelled and I am with her, for now and always till my life!

Instant Relief!

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