Colour my life!

So this suits me, being a quick changer, an Art lover, an Optimistic mama – wife – Professional.

Same old house for more than 3 years? No rejuvenation? No variation? Same old Blue – white walls saying some old age stories? No radiance? Then, It’s a time for your house makeover. Let this not be a tedious one, but let’s make it sublime. Make it for your happier moments, come let’s join the band & initiate inspirational changes to get you happy!

To kick off, here I share my thoughts on my room to have a makeover, to reflect the brilliance in our lives.

To kick off, here I share my thoughts on my room to have a makeover, to reflect the brilliance with the help of Bedbathmore!

Vivacious Bed-Room:

Vivacious Bed-Room:

How awesome can it be, if the windows open to welcome those sparkling sunrays, and they match to the glorious walls, to bring in the ray of hopes. The mornings would be so fresh for me to have a great start of a new enchanting day of my life, a morning to refresh the past & look for new hopes being brought upon every day. An energetic morning to welcome my tasks to be performed with full vigour, that’s why my bedroom is a must to have an Amber or Magic Marigold ! Since these colours portray a sense of hope, an aroma of liveliness which I love to begin my day with. It also reflects positivity, I believe in. Welcome Happy mornings.

Rosy kitchen:

With a refreshing start, a serene, composed kitchen calls me up for next 1-1:30 hour, to ensure I’m all pleased to carry out tasks as breakfast and lunch with all the love & fragrance of Roses. So what if I try for “Old Country Rose” colour for my Kitchen? The look itself mesmerized me, the feel overflowed the fragrance of freshness amidst mix odours of fresh foods. So this kitchen hour is bound to fill my second slot of a day again with cologne & top up my yummilicious preparations with ample of Love & Sweetness.


Affable living Room:

This has to be envious, this has to have the vigour which I carry in me daily be it at work or Home, so let’s go for “Truffle Surprise” to ensure that drawing room is a bombshell to the “Gangs of Welcomers” & presents appeasing to me. Lit with creative lightings, sufficient to relax ,with a matching sofa covers & ample cushions, holding a glass of Coffee with a plate of Nacho’s is certainly gonna be a portrayal of “Devil’s Greed” for all!

Ensure light Interiors so that the look does not go gaudy. Focus on Comfort, soothing atmosphere for a relaxed evening for yourself also, after a hectic day at work.

I love to relax for at least 30 minutes post returning from work ,have a lovely session with my Kid ,so let there be the sweetness of coffee ,calmness of white sugar & radiance of life(Red) to give a perfect shade called Truffle surprise.

Comfy washroom :

Indeed, a desirous place, so let’s make it with “Rich Desire”, it has the most important place in our lives isn’t it? So shouldn’t it be vivacious along with a charm to unwind us 😉 So I would definitely go for Rich Desire with fresh fragrances of Lavender as a topping at the entrance. I need to ensure the exquisiteness & graciousness similar to my elegance, my feminine trait.

I guess my 30 minutes morning stay time is gonna increase now to have this cosy atmosphere 😉

Kid’s Room :

Oh Yes! A very important part in our lives , our Kids, our Jumping Jacks, our Messy creatures, their room has to have enablers to refresh, calm, soothe them along with a sense of spirituality, emotional intelligence. And all of this is backed by “Turquoise colour” . I’ll land up in tranquillity upon entering this wonderful lively room & expect the same for the little ones, to have the balance of passion & joy. Yes ,don’t forget there has to be some cartoon characters embedded.

So hurry up ,don’t get bogged down by the choices offered from brands, as choices are made to spoilt.  Have a look at the PAINT FINDER, chose the shades close to your thoughts, apply them online on the themes of houses & get that perfect match.

Now don’t you quote that “Matches(Marriages) are made in Heaven”, as perfect matches are even made by “Paint finder” tool not just with the standard ones, but even you have the flexibility to create your own themes, happily admire your “To be renovated” rooms .