Exclusive preview event: Pampers Premium Care Pants!

         I’m a PAMPER Boy, Now with an Extra soft touch..


               I vouch except Mum, It’s Pampers also..

             So Soft, So Dry, So Light, I don’t feel it anytime NowJ

                  U too try &feel the difference, Quick..NowJ

The exquisite set says it all! I’m Kiddzie’dJ 

So yes , this would be decoded when my year old kid starting singing (Actual Target audience;))or squeaking when he is in Pamper pants specially Premium Care pants launched recently .

With the tag line as Softest Diaper Pants ever, Soft as a Mother’s Touch #softestforbabyskin” ,
truely its Mum’s who can decode the happiness of a baby .Before these pants also ,my Baby was a ” Pamper Active Baby” audience ,as I could find none better than this to hold up his extra activities with the same freshness & for longer durations ,but I always felt to restrict a child’s diaper usage (due to family pressures to keep baby in cloth nappies) ,but it was a continuous fight within daily to decide upon the time till when a baby could be in diapers ,just when I received a call from Blogadda to participate in the Exclusive Preview of “New Pampers Premium Care Pants” ,not just preview or marketing ,but yes it was a wonderful event with ample knowledge gaining sessions from Actress & Celebrity “Tara Sharma Saluja” Child Sleep consultant – Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, Pampers R&D Expert – Dr.
Wei Sing Long and Actress & Television presenter-Mandira Bedi .

While Ajita threw light on delicacy of a baby’s skin (which is 30 times more delicate) & that’s the reason why a child’s skin needs more care & highly focussed products to remain healthy. Apart from the products we use ,most important is the use of a healthy diaper (as a child is in general more than 12-14 hrs in a diaper in a day usually) ,a diaper which has to be soft & dry enough ,which has to ensure no rashes to the baby’s delicate skin ,which will in turn ensure an un-distracted play ,a lively & happy interactions with his environment & a better learning aura around him. Let’s together help our babies explore the world of possibilities in their own lovely fashionJ .Not just ,being a sleep consultant ,she also focussed on the importance of a good & deep sleep (especially in the nights) which in turn leads to better cognitive ,mental & physical development of a baby ! & yes, I got a lovely time interacting with her & discussing on the most difficult aspect “a continuous & deep night sleep” for me & my kid.

Apart from that Tara & Mandira, experienced Mom’s themselves shared their personal experiences with few videos as well expressing thoughts on development of a child & also why a soft & dry diaper is must for our babies.

It was not just a “session” but was way above an “Interactive & demonstrative session”, when Scientist & R&D expert Dr. WeiSing Long highlighted the features of Premium care pants ,well how can we believe that these are the softest ones & close to “No feel experience”? A right hit on the psychology of Mum’s, there was a blind test done with 3 diapers to be felt (we could just feel the softness of a diaper & could not see in the black box) & then voting’s were done..Well apprehended & rather amazed, 90% of the Mum’s were very quick to conclude on “Pampers pants” & I could sense the difference myself. This definitely made my views more strong for new product.


                           Supermoms, on their way downloading the sessionJ

Further demonstrations on the uniqueness as:

  1. Softness – Well not just touch, a very generic example proved it .Bubbles generally pop as soon as they touch rough surface but as soon as it landed on the soft material of pants, it remained intact.. WOW that proves the softness & signifies why it has to be a must for my baby’s delicate skin!
  2. Presence of Food Grade Gel to protect baby’s skin : They took a paper whose drop like centre was treated with the actual gel used in pamper pants ,& a solution with the same PH level as that of kid’s urine & pooh was sprayed over the complete paper ,it was astonishing to see that the untreated portion quickly changed its texture while the gel treated are remained as such .This was a brilliant live demo to acknowledge the importance of Gel in these pants which actually prevents any irritation to the delicate skin.

    Demo -Gel applied in the central Drop shape part

              Post applying the Solution of same PH as that of Urine

3. Wetness, this is the major concerning part of any diaper, a factor which puts Mom & Child into fix, when to know that a diaper is wet. Presence of Indicator in these pants helps us with it but the breathable material of these pampers is certainly a thumbs up. It came out quite well in demo ,that when hot water is poured in the pants & a glass is placed & pressed on it ,it slowly starts to get filled with the steam ,which reflects micro pores releasing the moisture .This is such a clear indicator that these pants keeps excess moisture & wetness far away from the touch of baby.

                        Moisture getting released from the micro-pores

4. Next demo compared normal diaper pants to Premium Pampers pants wrt Wetness .When 150 ml of liquid was poured into it ,while pamper pants were completely dry on touching the inner side ,other diaper was wet & moisture could be easily felt on it..That’s the beauty of extra dry layer in these pants

Well, all these demo’s live in front of me, being carried on with full transparency enhanced my faith all the more for Pampers Premium pants. Why did Pampers delay for even a year to bring out these amazing diapers to India, Kudos t their team for bringing across the facts to Indian Mommies.

Post these demo’s the event moved to Open Q& A round which gave a big clarification on the type of Gel used to protect baby from moisture & irritation, as the elders say that all these are carcinogenic agents, but Dr. WeiSing gave a perfect justification that these are Food Grade gels..This means that these are edible forms, WOW that was most pleasing to hear off.

                                      Glimpses of Demo ,really eye openers!!

The event turned into an open house with all the guests picking up either of the four honourable women to discuss & solve their queries or problems be it experiencing motherhood ,or having seep problems or eating problems or further venturing into pampers diaper ,it was simply wonderful to have an invite for such a “Close to heart” event.

                                Unveiling. The Hero of our Real Lives..Pampers!!

Pouncing on the cheese balls, sandwiches & Cappuccino marked an end to this memorable episode! Thanks Blogadda & P&G cum Pampers team for an illustrious & edifying program.
Finally, a click with Mandira with happiness pouring over:)

“This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda”

Tipi Tipi Topp!!

Motherhood ,is definitely a lovely phase of one’s life ,a phase involving ample joys ,cheers ,tears of happiness as well as pain, immense hard-work to nurture a kid ,but the end result of all these emotions ,of this hardwork is the smiling baby ,which gives ample pleasure & satisfaction in our life!

Bedtime or Night time has been the most struggling phase in this journey especially for little kids. I have a kid 7 months old ,& I was a consistent player of the question – Does he sleeps well at the night? Does he cribs throughout? With all these questions overflowing from many near & dear ones ,It felt in the beginning that the basic attitude of a kid was determined by the temperament during the nights .But my study spoke of something else. Nights are the duration of the kids highest uneasy times ,the time where the kid needs warmth of a mother ,a cuddled up sleep ,lots of love & above all a fixed ritual to be followed to give a good night sleep to the baby.

As the time passed from the birth to some two months ,wherein setting up a routine was too difficult ,but gradually this herculean task seemed to be sorted out. A per-defined routine has been set across to be followed daily for my kid ,which has ensured the warmth & a good sleep with fresh smiling mornings:)

This bed-time routine starts from 9pm ,wherein we ensure that he gets tired enough ,but this is accompanied with lots & lots of laughter ,as my kid enjoys playing with us ..NO ..not those simple games ,but those high rises in the open sky ,all forms of jhula’s which are enjoyed by us parents as well as the kid .Some 20-30 min of these highly active play makes Johnny tired:)

The play is then followed by a tight massage with light oil during nights ,which my kid enjoys a lot! Followed by little exercise which tends to provide flexibility to their bodies .So,this is an act of enjoyment as well as a path towards healthy body!

Massage of 15 -20 massage is then followed by a tight diet ,so that the kid doesn’t feels the hunger pains & have a tight sleep for 3-4 hours at a stretch. Massage & feeding I feel are very personal & intimate moment in mother -child relation which involves lots of pampering ,love ,as along with the main activity continues my babies lullaby time as well. He loves looking at my face & hearing out new lullabies ,some self -formed ,some pre learned during the massage & his feeding time .Cuddling him up affirms & creates an assurance & bonding of love among us.

This activity is then followed by “DRYness” in my kids night by tying “Pampers Dry pants or Active Baby To be very true ,diapering is an important part in baby as well as Mother’s life ,Right Diaper ensure a kids rash-free health as well as happiness for baby. Many diapers prevent dryness outside or starts leakage once full ,but does not indicate timely to the parent & even discomforts the kid. Pampers Pants & active baby on the other hand do indicate wetness inside which can be relied upon for changing the diaper. Also ,in my case one Pamper active baby or Pant =1 Dry night ,This has actually resulted in my smiling baby in the mornings 🙂

So for me , pamper = Comfortable nights & happy mornings!

{Although this blog has been written for pamper in association of Indiblogger ,but my blog is not biased  ,my actual experience & moments have been penned down for this blog. }

Check out the link & try out Pamper pants even for sample –http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers.

Do check out the video ,to bring a smile on your faces:)