How to make Banana Cake

Hey guys, let’s catch a quick one, Banana cake with Coffee ,well that’s just a amazing combo to have a satiating feelJ especially for me when I love tp pounce upon some home-made cake without those extra calorie icing cakes..

So here is the requirement:

  1. Banana -5 medium sized ,Mashed properly with hands /fork & blend it for a smooth texture
  2. Wheat flour – 1.5 -1.75 cup ,properly sieved twice
  3. Baking soda – 3/4th tea spoon
  4. Baking powder -1 tea spoon
  5. Sugar – Well sieved ,2/3rd cup
  6. Oil – 2/3rd cup (any non aromatic) ,I used extra light Olive oil
  7. Milk –Half -2/3rd Cup
  8. Vanilla essence – 10-12 drops
  9. Cashew nuts (optional) -5-6 cashew into halves


    1. Preheat the oven @180 degree centigrade (in case of OTG ,keep both the rods heated for an even temperature maintenance)
    2. Mash the bananas & keep them aside (don’t worry if small lumps of bananas remain ,just try to even it out with hand blender if you wish to)
    3. Sieve & Mix all the dry ingredients ,flour ,baking soda, baking powder sugar thoroughly & sieve once post mixing all ingredients for uniformity
    4. Add oil & milk to it & blend it slowly to get a uniform texture
    5. Now add Mashed bananas to the above stated mixture & blend will full strength (I blended for close to 15-20 minutes to get a fluffy texture ,since I haven’t added eggs to it)
    6. Add essence & cashew nut pieces to it (You can add raisins/almond as well if you wish to)
    7. Line up the utensil with sufficient oil to ensure no sticking & put it in oven for close to 45-50min
    8. In case of OTG, the upper portion may turn extra brown so you can cover the utensil with aluminium foil for some 20 minutes & remove it later & let it bake then without the foil to attain a perfect brownish texture.
    9. Let it bake at 180 degrees for 45-50 minutes, just check by putting in toothpick/knife, if it comes out clean your yummy banana cake is ready.
    10. Cut & Serve it with a glass of coffee or tea & you’ll have a perfect brunch time to enjoy while adoring the beautiful nature across your windowJ

Common get out of bed & share me your reviews of Banana cake!!


A Foodie’s Mission-3F’s!!#FarMoreSingapore

Fun, Food & F1!!My Way to define Singapore! A definition from the mouth of hunger soul…A greedy look from the eyes of a food obsessed & a ravenous fragrance from Food lover!

“We are born to work & to work we need to eat” Do you understand my kid.. Oh No mom..I guess I’m born to eat & work later to digest it ;)”, Various countries have their own significant tastes which bring forward their cultures & I feel my utmost duty towards every nation by contributing to their food economy.” You hungry chap..Go roam around & eat up the delicacies…See, I convinced Mom to initiate my Hunger-o-holic travel to Asia post covering most of the India & relishing the utmost taste from Idli Sambhar & Payasam to Hyderabadi Biryani & Fish curry to Paneer Tikka Masala..


So here comes the Map of Asia, Korea…China…Thailand …Nah…Few destinations for Love birds, few for cultures ,but for me ,a hunger & F1 lover ,It has to be Singapore..Won’t it be a fun watching F1 from the Flyer, savoring on Laksa, Carrot Cake, topped with Ice Kacang? Not a bad Idea at all!


Guess ,nothing can be better than sizzling Singapore street food market or to land at Gluttons Bay to swoop on that delicious Laksa ,the sight of hanging long vermicelli getting filtered out of coconut milk ,Pok with Fish slices has already started giving me hunger pangs …

God ,all my hands are fighting with my tounge ,I want to Grab up that yummy ,thin ,sleek papery figure of “Popiah” & have it fully packed with delicious cooked carrot & beans ,filed with those lettuce leaves ,sausages…Thanks to Qi Ji,Miow Sin Popiah for giving a chance to praise the beauty & taste of it:)

Being a lover of Indian food & why to miss out the indianized version of our very own Roti –Prata? You Crispy Roti..Should I add Ice-cream to you or My red bean prata..You are so crispy, so thin, You have the redness of Beans oozing out of you…& Prata Benedict..Prata so saucy..With egg & Ham…Nothing could have been better than “Prata Place” offering these luscious, most scrumptious mouthwatering foods to my plate!

Why to miss on the desserts…Ice Kacang..You are so colorful..You make my life icy mountain with jellies,palm seeds,red beans ,drizzled with condensed milk ,rose syrups ,topped with Ice cream…Your look has made me fall in love with you just at first sight..


Thanks to ,with wide range of food hosted along with their availability..

Bags Packed from 17-19th Sep’2015, to pounce on a destination synonym for my amazing relishing food & many more can join in being Shop-a-holics or Architecture,Beach, adventure lovers, to a perfect gateway to South east Asia ..It’ll be me.My food, My F1 & my lifetime experience.




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