Lost Essence …Paryushan!

Since ages ,since I was a Kid ,I saw “Paryushan” as a very important occasion in the life of “Jain Community” ,Being born in a Jain family ,who actually never adopted Jain methodology ,except my Mum ,who started believing deeply in last 10-12 years ,the concept triggered through me in adolescence.

The purity of this festival , significance is so very touchy ,pure ,authentic ,which demands & ensure that you vow not to throw envious attitude towards anyone ,(be it human or even animals) ,which makes you realize & asks one to bow heads towards past deeds wherein one might have hurt anyone ,be it small ,big ,younger or elder or even to animals. With such an important message, which makes our soul pure, guilt free & empowers us to follow “Humanity” in a direct sense, when I see the world today ,I put myself in dilemma &I’m unable to determine the fact behind it…

To me the above quoted message was the utmost memo which made me a deep believer of this festival, but in past 3-4 years, I definitely see the losing essence..But Why??

  • It has become a more fancy term ,people getting involved in fasting not just for a day but for 7 days as well ,during the whole course of the festival ,restricting themselves from the dietary part ,reading the “Jain grantha’s” ,doing Pratikaman’s but then what?? The very next day they sit & bitch about third person, about their cousins, about their daughter-in laws or vice versa…Their selfish interests arise immediately in every deed, their ego comes across everything & the next year they follow the same trend & ask for forgiveness from the same people?
  • People fast& call for huge programs, big lunches or dinners are organized to let people know that they have fasted & done “Tapasya” ..But I ask, is this called tapasya?? Jain religion or in fact any religion can never call for a pomp & show ,all preach for humanity & that too without any shows..Isn’t it said …”Karm kar..Fal ki iccha na kar…Dharm kar…But bina kisiko pata chale”..If the act you’ve done is getting announced just to ensure your popularity, how come it is an act of good deed…Yes people donate & shout of it but that’s wrong, Mum used to tell me that do good towards a person but don’t trigger the announcement.
  • Now ,its E-Greetings time ,in past 2 days I have received dozens of “Micchami dukadam greetings” ,even from people who have not been in contact for years ,is it of any relevance ?After looking at this, it again gives me the pain that people just follow things without having a deeper insight into it..

“It’s the meaning which one has to follow, a deed of envy or wrong towards anyone should not be repeated if we are so sorry of it..But there lies the discrepancy..We do such things every year, infact we hurt the people most close to us the max., we do harm stray animals, we even kill few organisms, but then why do we follow Paryushan? People say not to eat green veggies or underground foods during the course of 7 days, but why? Because of the rainy season there are ample little living organisms in these foods ,but that is not for 7 days ,that is for complete rainy season ,so why just bar in these 7 days? Further, looking at the purity & farming modes of this generation, should this be restricted to just one off season? I certainly deny…People leave cold drinks for these 7 days? Why, did God send some message or he wrote some grantha saying avoid these drinks during the “Paryushan’s”..How funny..It’s just human who made everything, every rule & now ask everyone to follow it without diving into the actual aesthetics of it..”

In the past 3-4 years I actually have seen so much of this false following mechanism, false preachers, that my thoughts have completely got vanished.. From a deep believer, I now don’t even wish to observe Paryushan .

It’s today that I realize my dad’s words ,There is just one religion—HUMANITY ,do good to all ,pray goodness for all ,have guts to say sorry just after you realize of your wrong deed (instead of waiting for Paryushan’s to end),& vow never to repeat that mistake again… That seems to be more practical, you need not go to temple & ask GOD to shower you with the ready list for every visit..Instead your good acts will automatically drive goodness in & towards you!

I might be sounding offensive ,but without being biased towards anyone ,these are just my thoughts ,after looking at the way this festival has moulded .There are many people ,who actually fall into the crux of it ,follow the deep meaning not just for few days but for years & these people are an inspiration to me..But I’m yet to find similar people around me.

Reader’s comments invited!!