Pee..Poo…Ehhh….The Putrid torture!!

“Cleanliness is half health “….

“Cleanliness is the scourge of Art” …..Craig Brown!!

The Trigger : Hearing out the ongoing awareness campaigns of “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” TVC ,made me think about the petite cleanliness issues & I felt that it should be re-named as “Swacch Ghar abhiyaan” . This feeling ,one cool day translated into the post mentioned below ,me being obsessed of cleanliness  –

“The fetid baby Poo & Diaper changing

The morning Garbage disposal story going

Display in the room..Pet’s morning poo

The yukk gases released before going to loo

The “Onion – Garlic”Takda for a yumm lunch recipe

The highly reeking early morning words slipped from mouth…

& added wonders from the window opening close to the neighbour’s house ;)”

Such is the starter pack of the day..Unnerving the home …distressing the olfactory senses …Unsettling the serene morning milieu!!

& Not just the mornings, the situations can even worsen up during evenings, especially monsoon evenings…

Welcoming hubby with a smile,

Which vanishes with a jibe,

The stinking socks & shoes dipped in the roads full of stagnant water of monsoon,

The deadly aromatic drenched house due to moist clothes, courtesy lovable monsoon,

The flooding of lanes & opening of gutters to give a filthy grin,

They are not all permitting me to enjoy the charming rain!!

The exquisiteness of Indian roads & the path to Old city ,

The added woes of the morning walk in the city ,

The smelling Gasoline added up to the “unwanted charm”,

Such is my story of “Piquant whiff whiff days” 😉

And, not just these few reasons ,to add up, frequent visits of relatives & the 4-5 hour long delicious preparations for them with “masaledaar ,takdedaar food” takes a toll ,with the house stinking & me feeling to run out of the house to breathe fresh ..Welcoming the relatives & to find someone with those yuckk stenching socks & you unable to comment them….OMG! What the harm have I done to someone in this life ,that I have been blessed with such a cologne 😉 I would be happy sitting in loo rather than this… Ha ha ha..I do have this feeling occasionally;)

Huh!!! Not so happy:(

Huh!!! Not so happy:(

So guys ,I believe ,this would be a drenching anecdote in every Indian’s life …living in Metro or Tier3 ,only the quantum would change a bit!

Well ,such is the “not so required” magnitude of a spiky snout with which I’m blessed!

So to hell away with them ,one fine day I had to google up & jot down the tonic apart from the routine ones which were being followed & damn it ,I sware ,this post made the most out of it:)

“Opening up of the windows ,for fresh air passage ,

Lightening of the incense sticks for a perfumed trail ,

Spreading up of Lavender or lily dry flowers for aromatic scent ,

Spraying up of Air freshner or Body mist for a fresh feeler,

Use of Baking soda or Vinegar to exude up the reekiness (refrigerator & drains),

Use of Baby powder inside shoes ,minimizing the sweat,

Use of Lemons to eradicate onion garlic smells,

Diffuser with lavender or Citrus or wild Orange oil for a spanking pristine feel,

Even essential oil dipped cotton swabs placed under pillow to have a fragrant sleep,

A dab of vanilla extract on “Off bulb” giving amazing aroma when lighted,

Lilies ,Palm trees & few potted plants to enhance ambience & contribute to great aroma,

Mixture of Baking Soda ,Borax,essential oil ,sprinkled on carpet to generate a perfect freshness,

& a generous No –No for garbage & diaper storage for more than 2-3 hours:)”

So now ,Just dream of a fragnant house ,well incenced, full of aroma ,that sweet essence ..Isn’t it wow !

An all-in-one revealation worth trying from #SmellyToSmiley…

  • Ambi Pur Lavender/Newzealand Spring for fresh room ,
  • Ambi Pur Air effects vanilla for “Takdka & left over food smell”
  • Ambi Pur Sweet Citrus for a perfect long drive

Just try & feel the relaxed serene cosy difference for the goodness of you & your home!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

Now happy..Yuhooo!!

Now happy..Yuhooo!!