Tipi Tipi Topp!!

Motherhood ,is definitely a lovely phase of one’s life ,a phase involving ample joys ,cheers ,tears of happiness as well as pain, immense hard-work to nurture a kid ,but the end result of all these emotions ,of this hardwork is the smiling baby ,which gives ample pleasure & satisfaction in our life!

Bedtime or Night time has been the most struggling phase in this journey especially for little kids. I have a kid 7 months old ,& I was a consistent player of the question – Does he sleeps well at the night? Does he cribs throughout? With all these questions overflowing from many near & dear ones ,It felt in the beginning that the basic attitude of a kid was determined by the temperament during the nights .But my study spoke of something else. Nights are the duration of the kids highest uneasy times ,the time where the kid needs warmth of a mother ,a cuddled up sleep ,lots of love & above all a fixed ritual to be followed to give a good night sleep to the baby.

As the time passed from the birth to some two months ,wherein setting up a routine was too difficult ,but gradually this herculean task seemed to be sorted out. A per-defined routine has been set across to be followed daily for my kid ,which has ensured the warmth & a good sleep with fresh smiling mornings:)

This bed-time routine starts from 9pm ,wherein we ensure that he gets tired enough ,but this is accompanied with lots & lots of laughter ,as my kid enjoys playing with us ..NO ..not those simple games ,but those high rises in the open sky ,all forms of jhula’s which are enjoyed by us parents as well as the kid .Some 20-30 min of these highly active play makes Johnny tired:)

The play is then followed by a tight massage with light oil during nights ,which my kid enjoys a lot! Followed by little exercise which tends to provide flexibility to their bodies .So,this is an act of enjoyment as well as a path towards healthy body!

Massage of 15 -20 massage is then followed by a tight diet ,so that the kid doesn’t feels the hunger pains & have a tight sleep for 3-4 hours at a stretch. Massage & feeding I feel are very personal & intimate moment in mother -child relation which involves lots of pampering ,love ,as along with the main activity continues my babies lullaby time as well. He loves looking at my face & hearing out new lullabies ,some self -formed ,some pre learned during the massage & his feeding time .Cuddling him up affirms & creates an assurance & bonding of love among us.

This activity is then followed by “DRYness” in my kids night by tying “Pampers Dry pants or Active Baby To be very true ,diapering is an important part in baby as well as Mother’s life ,Right Diaper ensure a kids rash-free health as well as happiness for baby. Many diapers prevent dryness outside or starts leakage once full ,but does not indicate timely to the parent & even discomforts the kid. Pampers Pants & active baby on the other hand do indicate wetness inside which can be relied upon for changing the diaper. Also ,in my case one Pamper active baby or Pant =1 Dry night ,This has actually resulted in my smiling baby in the mornings 🙂

So for me , pamper = Comfortable nights & happy mornings!

{Although this blog has been written for pamper in association of Indiblogger ,but my blog is not biased  ,my actual experience & moments have been penned down for this blog. }

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