#ProtectHerHeart!! Save your life!

Always in the realm of keeping the health first was what had been induced to me since I was Kid ,engaging in Yoga ,Meditation ,cycling ,relishing fibrous & sprouted foods , was what I had learnt & practiced for all these years .But after marriage the scenario started getting changed as managing Family with Work started to snatch some of my precious time & the time devoted to all these activities suddenly reduced to half. But ,that was not the end ,in past two years ,having a kid in our life has made us drift swiftly & completely from these important physical activities of lives .

Despite concurring the importance ,I could see myself engrossed in all deviations ,justifying reasons to myself as excess pressure ,Kid taking all of the time ,managing home ,work ,kid has become tedious ..Running after kid makes me exercise as much as I did before .But were all these justifications to bluff my soul actually TRUE? All these combinations started & I kept on excusing myself ,until recently I encountered an astonishing incident.

One of my good friend ,a lively &a very jovial person ,although healthy (not overweight) ,but a person who did donate his time to his physical well being every morning ,a person with no vices & enjoying his life. ,Well that’s what we see & perceive. Its not been a month that he felt dizzy ,started having head ache ,lost his stamina ,a visit to doctor opened my eyes rather shocked me ,when he encountered that his 2 arteries were blocked…How? When did it happen? He had a perfect life ,with little kids? NO what? SO many questions cropped up ,with a simple reason ,High cholesterol .. Gauging over & on discussing in depth ,it came up that it was the sedentary life , junk foods he took at least twice-thrice a week in the canteen, sweetened beverages daily ,high stress levels of his job.. Huh !! 3-4 reasons had marred his morning hard work ?STRANGE ,he’ll soon get operated , his wife knows the fact ,somehow she has become strong in front of the world ,but Kid’s are still asking their play time from their dad ,but He is unable to have the same time. This incident shook me in & out & I re-questioned myself ..Why am I or rather me & my husband fooling ourselves ? Same is our situation & any shit day can confront us with similar scenario’s ,God Forbid!

Coincidently ,I came across Saffola Life #Protectherheart initiative with Blogadda, which all the more strengthened my motive by revealing that 2 out of every 4 women are at the risk of heart diseases ..Reason ?Increasing weight ..I would add on few Facts :

  • Heart diseases cause 1 in 3 women’s death every year ,about one per minute
  • 90% Women have one or more factors which develop &complicate Heart disease
  • More women have died of heart disease compared to Men
  • Worst part ,64% of women who die of heart attack suddenly have never had any symptoms
  • All the more ,African American & Hispanic ,Latin women are at more risk

But ,yes it was the time to Open up eyes ,wash them & start a complete healthy plan .

  1. Quit Smoking & restrict alcohol (if you do)

    Next are the measures which we as a couple have decided to immediately –

  2. Diabetes check up regularly (as it increases chances of heart disease)
  3. Cholesterol (LDL <100mh/dL & HDL ->50mg/dL)& Tri-Glyceride levels (Less than 150 mg/dl) tested (High BP Chokes Arteries & Tri glycerides are fats which again block & result in improper blood pumping)
  4. Ensure BP under 120/80 mm Hg
  5. Healthy Weight (keep a track of BMI -Weight heart test -http://www.saffolalife.com/weight_heart_test.php) –

Few listing’s which me & my better half have prepared for us :

  •   Exercise daily for atleast 40-60 minutes in form of either :
    • 20 minutes of Yoga cum Aerobics (sweating must) ,improving Blood circulation & Energy levels
    • 15 minutes of cycling (to & fro for garden wherin we would engage in Yoga/Aerobics session) ,Fat burning & enhancing stamina
    • A jump in pool for 15 min swim ,reducing Stress levels ,refreshing you up!
    • If possible ,a night walk of 10-12 minutes ,helping in better & calmed sleep

      All these would reduce stroke risk by 20% & reduce coronary heart disease by 30-40% ,Isin’t it a booster to re-phrase your life?

      & you know the best part of all??A Quality time ,a sense of calmness ,a sense of betterment ,a feeling of togetherness is when you & your better half engage together in the above mentioned activities! I Guess that a big candy to grab on;)

    6.Food Diary is a must – Note down actualy Calorie intake required (many online calculators available) & jot the actual food & its calorie intake (a simple my diary page attached for reference)

  • Add more of dietary fibres ,whole grains ,(Fibres+Whole grains ,atleast 3 1-ounce servings a day)
  • Oats ,Sprouted moong ,Chana ,more of washed leafy vegetables ,salads
  • Soaked nuts ,legumes ,daily morning
  • NO entering in kitchen post 8:30Pm (I mean ,Dinner to be completed before 8:30Pm)
  • NO junk food except 1 day a week that too only one time for Cheesy Pizza’s ,or yummy Burgers or spicy tikki’s & other meal to be supplemented with light masala Oats or salads on the day of Junk /Restraunt food to balance out the excess calories & fats.
  • Reduce sweetened packed beverages (just once in a fortnight) ,better to go for glass of glucose or simple lemon water a day
  • Lowering down Salt Intake(less than 1500mg a day) & focus on low Fat –dairy products
  • Bye bye to regular oils & the shelf should have just Saffola Gold & Olive oils for Smiling heart.


Let’s all read the facts presented by SaffolaLife to #ProtectHerHeart ,Take the test to ascertain your BMI levels ,follow the Exercise & Diet Plan’s recommended & pledge to Walk Together to #ProtectHerHeart ,have a smiling life & smiling futureJ ,Just like my & my beter half’s BMI stats !!

Guys , I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.” ,Come forward & you too pledge for the same..

Honey..That’s Yummy Honey!!

The key to be healthy life is Regular exercise + Nutritional Diet + Meditation +Happy Feeling.
Well, out of this, a lot more focus is on the diet part these days, with the problems of obesity highlighting frequently in the youngsters. Reasons, mainly Junk food, lack of outdoor activities, ignorance towards whole grain foods.

Since kids ,we have been brought up in a very open environment but when it came to eating part ,it was a very strict routine with all nutrients to be taken in one form or the other .Since then ,a balanced diet played a very important role in my life .

Few of the reasons citing importance of a Balanced diet :

1. Happy Mind & Soul : What we eat ,have a direct relation on the brain & its activity .Reason behind -foods release many enzymes ,few of which enhance the moods ,energizes it, while few do not add any value except increase in Fat content. Healthy food means better quality of re-fuel to the brain so, better the quality, more is the productivity.
2. Immune Development & Lesser Stress: Vitamins, Minerals, Fats, Proteins are all essential & certain quantity has to be taken daily to have a balanced body & metabolism. Also, some foods help relieving the stress as foods rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega-3 by releasing stress reducing hormones & giving a feeling of freshness.
3. Important for maintaining a better weight : increasing the intake of diets as whole grains ,fruits, sprouts ,light boiled vegetables help one maintain optimum weight ,as it reduces the intake of fried & low-nutrient eatables ,which just increase the Fat & Calorie intake while providing zero nutrition.
4. A healthy heart :Above mentioned foods as whole grains ,fibres ,fruits ,not only control body weight ,but also maintain an optimum Blood Pressure & reduce Cholesterol leading to healthy heart!

It’s very popular these days, with the absence of quality time, most of us instead of refraining to Fried /Junk food, are more into it. Hungry? Here we go to have a cheese burger & sip soda/cold drink .These heavy breads ,oily foods ,chaat corners are not just providing enough sensation to taste buds but these are the major reasons for an unhealthy heart & when the waist line starts to increase we consult with our friends & pounce on “Crash Diets”.
So what are crash diets & how do they “Put body in stress” rather than making it healthier?
Sudden aerobics, fasting or relying just on protein diet, or just a lemonade diet or some soupy diet, detoxification programs are a part of crash diets & they prove serious damage to our body.

It can lead to –
1. Improper Metabolism -restriction of regular calories result in lowering of the metabolism & turning of blood fats into body fats & this starts working against us. After a while when one switch to normal eating again, you bounce back & gain more weight because of the low calorie benchmark which was set earlier.
2. Loss of Good Fat: crash diets not only cut on bad fats but good high level fats as well, which might impair the proper metabolism, resulting in loss of essential fatty acids which are important for for wear & tear.
3. Increase in Insulin: Due to low calorie intake while on crash diets, there can be a dip in the blood sugar level, resulting in increase in the hunger. Increased hunger can lead to extra intake of carbohydrates if not fats, which trigger body insulin levels & again an increase in extra fat storage.
4. Impact on Heart: Crash diets have serious impact on heart if done very frequently by increasing the risk of dehydration, heart palpitations & sudden cardiac arrests along with damage to blood vessels.

So with that much of scientific knowledge, let’s turn back to healthy lifestyle & follow the diet our elders did..A glass of lemon juice or Lemon juice & honey in the morning ,Fruits & milk for breakfast ,healthy (not extra cooked) green vegetables for lunch ,curd ,whole grains ,all should be an important part of daily lives.

Honey, (Natural Dabur Honey) a great & natural ingredient with many properties should be a part of your system.
Check out various delicious recipes, Fitness tips, more details & importance of Honey or you could even take an expert advice at http://www.daburhoney.com/ ,Honey Diet.
Enjoy Healthy life!