Pre-Marital Physical Relation – The other Side

“You’ll never regret taking it slow in relationships, but you’ll always regret going too fast!!”

Playing Devil’s Advocate , What My Husband Point’s of View on this Topic mentioned as under :

Marriage ,trust has been an integral part of Indian society ,wherein physical relation is meant to be the purest thing & the virginity needs to be preserved for the life partner only. Although there has been a lot of influence in modern day be it from the western culture rushing in,or by the medium of movies,videos ,which are resulting in creating a distinguished thoughts by the youths who are adopting this as a mode of enjoyment in their relationships.

Agree that it is no longer taboo ,but getting involved with multiple partners ,losing the sanctity of pure relation of husband-wife ,the word “Intimacy” has lost its significance. It’s is a holy thing & should originate out of true love of the partners .Physical activity done just out of enjoyment at any age will definitely lead to the misconception that sex is to be enjoyed at whatever ways possible.

Impact of Premarital lovemaking: It can always lead to mental depression and dilemma, the feeling of guilt & of being discovered can always haunt one’s mind, exchange of sexually transmitted diseases, Unplanned pregnancies (cases of adolescent mothers & fathers are getting very common& the future of their kids, their acceptance in society is still a question mark) ,Emotional turmoil of being discovered post marriage to another partner could be the result of most premarital sexual affairs.

Indian society & culture in which we have been brought up, has nurtured mature relationships and mutual respect between both the partners of this society. The main aim of barring sex before marriage is that each partner should be treated with dignity and not as instruments of fulfilling lust.

Today’s youth are experimenting their compatibility with Live in relationships to have satisfying & long lasting marriages ,but many studies have found that those who live together before marriage have less satisfying marriages and a considerably higher chance of eventually breaking up. Live in calls for a rosier picture without the actual sense of responsibility towards partner, family, societal formalities, hence youths into live in are more likely to call it quit when problems arise in real world post marriage.

When we make love before time, it becomes immature and ill-prepared to handle the ups and downs of life.When a man and woman marry , when a husband and wife make love, it becomes holy ,it is spiritual in nature. Marriage is the unison of a man and woman at —not just sexually but emotionally, spiritually, and in every other way ,to abide with all responsibilities & relationships in life.

It is my view of opposition, but I would like to question those who opt Yes for it ,that are we willing to educate our daughters -sons, sisters-brothers to engage in Pre –Marital Sex or accept happily if they indulge in physical closeness with someone who is not their life partner?  If the answer from the core of heart is “No”,then one is just a superficial believer of Pre marital physical relation!

Let’s respect the dignity, feminity,culture & get modernized in many other ways to bring an impact to our society!

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