Nature Park Unfolded- Bharatpur Bird sanctuary

Winters.. Sunny day..what could be better than visit a Nature Park or Bird Sanctuary to pamper your eyes with some amazing Avifauna’s around us?

Yes, We did the same & visited Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or often called as Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, Rajasthan , situated very close to Delhi (3.5-4hrs run) & Agra and poses as a perfect weekend destination .

All the more why this place stands apart from many small bio-diversity parks, is the quantum of Migratory birds visiting Bharatpur Nature Park or Bird Sanctuary during the winter season.

Encapsulating close to 350 species in itself, this Nature park is a treat to Bird lover, Ornithologists , you just cant stop the lenses to click & click.

Here lies my detailed post live on Thrillophilia travelogue on Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, an amazing Nature park for Avifauna in Rajasthan.

Sharing few pics other than those on my travelogue on Thrillophilia site for WP followers:

Bharatpur Nature Park

                                                                 Grey heron , PC :Jhilmil

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary                     Beautiful White Egrets, PC :Jhilmil

Bird Sanctuary

  Humungous Wings spread !! The Great Stork , PC :Jhilmil

rajasthan Nature Park

                                              Darter drying up wings, PC :Jhilmil

Visit up thrillophilia site to get a detailed review /tips/information on travelling to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Bharatpur Nature park or Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary.

Nature..Sea..Sand..Beauty…That’s called GOA!!

Guys Let’s have a look at the scintillating beauty of GOA in Monsoon ,before my detailed post comes across:)

Let’s refresh our thoughts ,minds & have a relaxing look !!

Amazing morning Breeze,..Swaying coco trees:)
Amazing morning Breeze,. Swaying coco trees:)
The Rocky one..With amazing Red Rock Crabs!!
The Rocky one. Anjuna Beach..With amazing Red Rock Crabs!!
Nature's Force!! Whatta Gushing of Waves!!
Nature’s Force!! Whatta Gushing of Waves!!
Astounding Sunset after Rains @ Candolim Beach!!
Astounding Sunset after Rains @ Candolim Beach!!
Another one from Candolim! Nature at its best:)
Another one from Candolim! Nature at its best:)
Vagator...Simply cool ..No crowd..
Vagator…Simply cool ..No crowd..
Mesmerizing view@ Sinq Beach ,one of the best view fronts!
Mesmerizing view@ Sinq Beach ,one of the best view fronts!

So just Wait for next post.. For  some fauna’s ,hidden jewels of GOAn sea:)


Living on the Edge -Pangong -Leh part IV

An Excursion to Pangong:

PANGONG TSO lake , a synonym of pristine ,exquisite ,magnificent nature! & yes ,this is the last scene where 3 Idiots was shot. Getting curious?? Read on..

This day started as early as 6am to start off for Pangong & have a magnificent time there.

A bit of history:

Situated at approx. 4250mts ,far away in the barren terrain of Ladhak ,this gorgeous lake spread across 134 kms ,60% of which lies in China(Basically Tibet ,but the region is controlled by Chinese) & rest 40% in India. It falls under the Army & require special approvals to access the same (An Inner Line Permit is required to visit the lake as it lies on the Sino-Indian Line of Actual Control)

Travel from Leh to Pangong :

Approx. 155-160 Kms from Leh , it took us some 5 hours to reach Pangong lake via Changla Pass.

The scintillating route is something which keeps you binding & fall in love with this place even before reaching.

So the route took as –

Leh –Karu (45 Kms) ,this is the easiest Leh Manali stretch which makes your car run with great road maintenance

Karu –Chang La(35Kms) – Initially the roads are good but once Changla peak is touched which again gives you a cold chill in itself , slowly the roads begin to deteriorate. Hault at CHangla is a must to enjoy the chill waves & have some play in the snow spreaded across. At 17800 ft ,it is the 2nd highest pass & you can have a very warn handshake & pic with the saviours of our Nation…Our very own Army:) .On the top ,there is a Changla Baba temple with a little story & a cabin to protect oneself from the shrill of weather & enjoy some hot black tea & momo’s!!



Chang La -Tanskey (58Kms) – Next few Kms are a real adventure with dreaded roads in a very difficult terrain ,but the serene natural beauty is damn sure make you forget the tough time.. Although a rough patch ,but the amazing changing views & all shades of nature in a single stretch makes you feel stunned. Grasslands with little wild flowers in the mid ,rivulet flowing near to it ,huge rocky mountains on left & snowy caped in right? Isn’t it a miraculous place to be at? Horses running down the grasses just adds to the beauty of the passage. We did stop & took break for 15-20 minutes to capture these enticing scenes & imprison them in our eyes & minds for ever:)

What a beauty!!

What a beauty!!

Chang -La:)

Chang -La:)

Tangste (Tanskey) has few hotels & is a good place for a lunch stoppage!

Tanskey –Pangong Tso (32 Kms) – The similar views continue in this passage ,with sometimes water streams in the mid of the roads making a good splash & awakening you for a gala time . A mini crystal blue lake appears some 5-7 kms before the actual origin of Pangong ,which made a picnic spot for us.. Locating numerous fishes ,portraying the beauty & having Sandwiches made our 30-40 minutes fantastic one.

Hurray..New Found Picnic Spot!

Hurray..New Found Picnic Spot!

And yes in this stretch ,you will find numerous “Marmot” running here & there..Do keep an open eye to locate these beautiful creatures:) . You could also locate Ibex & beautiful horses post Chang La.

Cutie Pie!!

Cutie Pie!!



The air soars with freshness ,smiles crops ups widening slowly as some pristine ,huge ,very huge lake starts to appear .Simply breathtaking panorama ,every sight wants to be clasped ,embraced ..Such is the power of this location! The banks house Military camp & few Eco –huts as well. Drive on the rocky terrain until you reach close enough to the lake & appraise the tranquillity.

Here comes Pangong:

One of the brackish lakes in Asia ,the very first glimpse of this pristine Bluish –greenish lake made me fall in Love with itJ Winters leave this lake completely frozen ,despite it being completely saline lake(have even heard of few camps which allow walking on it& can be a superb adventure ,do browse if you wanna try something like this) . Sunrays coming amidst the mountains make the water change its shades so often that you feel magical here. Just don’t do anything ,sit & play on the beach ,walk in the lake near to shores , gaze at the beautiful birds as Brahmani Ducks ,Brown –headed gulls ,Black –necked cranes (if you are lucky enough to spot the specie) ,capture every scene ,as these few hours will make the best & an unforgettable moment for a lifetime. Due to salinity ,there is not much aquatic life or Fishes here except crustaceans.

Scintillating View

Scintillating View

You’ll never feel to go back to camp site or hotel or even the town you came from ..Such is the binding property of this paradise, serenity which allows you to feel bliss, forgetting all behind! It was this location which prompted me to visit at least once a year & it has been twice that I have been here in past 2 years!

Migratory Bird!!

Migratory Bird!!

Important :

  1. There is no eatery close to it ,so better carry your eatables /food along
  2. Best time to visit is May  -September
  3. Better get your car/Bike tanks full as there are no pumps after Karu

By evening we had to bid adieu to this lake & happily returned back to the hotel.

Last day@Ladhak:

Last day was a complete relaxation & a self-drive/walk mode for us .Never wishing to return back ,but this trip had come to an end ,but yes we vowed to love this place for life time & pledged to begin a living at some point of life to have the complete harmony amidst tranquillity of Ladhak!

GOOD BYE!! Miss u

GOOD BYE!! Miss u

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Meeting with Serenity ::NUBRA ::Leh PART II

PART II : NUBRA To LEH via Diskit Monastery

A lovely cloudy morning welcomed us again, drizzling all through the greens of our cottage & we enjoying on the “sleep nets” tied across the trees, relaxing lazily in the morning drizzles. No work, no responsibility, only gazing at the mesmerizing nature was the work left to us;) .After having han interesting breakfast at the cottage of yummy aloo parantha’s ,sipping hot elaichi tea sitting amidst the trees gave a great encounter of the tranquillity. Post breakfast we had to head back to Leh via monastery visit as Diskit & Samstanling!



So, here we reach Diskit Monastry: We visited Leh , Diskit Gompa in the month of July & we were amazed by the incredible magnificence of nature lying in this region.

Diskit Monastery is situated in Nubra Valley, on top of a hill (close to 60-70 stairs), above the plains of river flowing close by from the huge rocky mountains (which can be heard gushing through the mountains) while climbing the hill for monastery.

It is the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery (termed as gompa’s in Leh) & encompasses the statue of “Maitreya” Buddha in the prayer hall, a huge drum and several images of fierce guardian deities. Just opposite to the Buddha prayer hall, is another part of monastery, having huge statue of “Maa Durga” which is said to be worshiped only once a year.

Near Diskit monastery is a massive scintillating, 32 mt. Buddha Statue termed as “Future Buddha”& can be seen overhead the hill. View from this place gives heavenly peace & ensure that we fall in love with the nature once again!

Future Buddha!!

Future Buddha!!

Also ,Route to Nubra Valley gives you the most stupendous enjoyable & chilling feel ,while crossing “Khardung La” (18379 ft) &It can be acclaimed that this place is the heavenly abode & not to be missed in lifetime. En-route, we were lucky enough when God showered Snowflakes on us..For some 4-5 kms we experience light snow flakes, so pleasant, a complete merriment!!

SnowFlakes:) Yooo

SnowFlakes:) Yooo

Samstanling Monastery, located in one of the remotest villages ,Summor Village ,is a place amidst a picturesque valley. Home to some 50-60 Monks ,it’s a calm ,serene place , close to which flows waterfall & a stream from huge mountains in the back .Also un-crowded ,this place especially amidst waterfall gives you a gala time to chill out in the stream.

A travel of 5 hours brought us back to Leh, & after having yummy Lafa’s & Almond cakes at the local restraunt, we proceeded for the most awaited visit to Leh Market .With an amazing collection of art ,stones ,Leh Bazaar is an optimum place for antique lover with lots of souvenirs & some fabulous art available . Relaxed ,returned at our lovely stay to enjoy a fulfilling mean in the evening.

Lafa..You made my day!

Lafa..You made my day!

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Tranquil Zenith :: Leh PART I

PART I -Heaven of India: Delhi TO Leh & NUBRA Valley

Guys, no quiz, no contest, its none other than Leh, The paradise of India !

I had always dreamt to have a biking trip on the world’s motorable road ,but fulfilment of this wish is yet awaited .Due to lack of holidays ,we planned our expedition to Ladhak ,but via plane & since God ensure thrill at every moment in life & in my Kundli;) , we kicked off our adventure hovering over the clouds in Leh! Boarded early morning flight from Delhi to leh ,which takes around 2 hours ,but since the climate of Leh is highly unpredictable ,just as a smile came across on looking @ Huge snowy mountains ,ping ping & here came the pilot’s voice – “Ladies & Gentleman ,We are expecting a lot of turbulence & difficulty in landing at Leh ,so we will be waiting for another 10-15 min & give another try to land if weather permits to.. Oh ! That’s bad …all passengers buzzing the probability & we hovering over the clouds for next 10 min..But as fate would have it, another ping…Ladies & Gentleman ,Sorry to say ,but the condition is worsening for landing & we will have to return back to Delhi..Oh No!! I swung back to my seat ,hiding my face under the pillow , with hands joined paying that we return back by another flight during daytime.. How innocent my prayers were !! As soon we landed @Delhi & questioned our Trip managers & airport authorities ,we got to know that this is a military airport & planes carrying civilians are allowed only till noon & that we could go back not before the next day! Huh!

Ahhh..felt as if my dreams were shattered ,as if what will happen if similar conditions prevailed the next day as well?(& yes predictions did worsen it up ,by saying “yes” to more cloud & rains). Well, amidst some serious speculation, we reached @the hotel arranged by the trip manager & spent a full luxurious day out!

Intense & sombre discussions wearying out all since the next day breakfast, till boarding the plane..Same time, same altitude, felt same place, my ears did not wish to hear any announcement & yes.. We did not, & in next few minutes, we were pleased to know that we were landing, the weather was clear. My happiness knew no bounds as I grounded & emerged from the Airport .What an amazing first look this place gave us ,What a scene, slight clouds ,little sunlight peeping from the clouds(saying Hi to us;)) ,cool breeze flowing ,huge mountains ,some with snow & some as barren as roads…WOW! I exclaimed with immense delight.

Finally Arrived:)

Finally Arrived:)

Our cab was ready to drive us to our hotel ,& since we landed on 11000 ft altitude, it is strongly recommend to take complete rest on the first day (not engage in any strenuous activity –No fighting with hubby pl;)) ,so that one can acclimatize to the high altitude of Ladakh.(people do feel low oxygen pressures ,resulting in giddiness ,headaches ,so even a medicine is prescribed as a prevention).So ,it was another day at luxury ,watching the beautiful scenes unfolding in the skies ,(sometimes bright sunlight ,sometimes cloudy ,drizzling ,all in a day) ,sitting besides the hotel grown vegetation land ,studying the local lifestyle of people ,how warm & balanced with nature they were ,having hot home style lunch sitting in the sun & just ordering! This itself seemed so pleasant & unsullied, that the thought of excursion to Nubra ,Pangong ,Sangam ,just threw me out of my gear!


Afresh & whole heartedly welcoming our voyage to Nubra ,via Khardungla pass ,which is world’s Highest Motorable Road ,the travel time of this is approx. 5 hours from the city of Leh. Well, every bit of the journey has a sense of refreshness in itself..Huge Karakoram ranges, some completely dry & huge ones tip covered with snow ..hiding sun on the top & dark misty cloudy look on those huge ranges ..One side covered with tress & the other completely barren..Such a twist of nature at every moment..

Amazing Landscape:)

Amazing Landscape:)

Welcoming the Jam --Courtesy -Landslides

Welcoming the Jam –Courtesy -Landslides

The curvy bumpy ride (although the road is maintained by the BRO –Border Road Organization & is on frequent maintenance the moment landslide or similar happens) ,made us feel a little dizzy but soon cool breeze chilled us apart ,reason being ::Khardungla was approaching ,an elevation of 5359Mts or some 18k Ft high. Chill chill..Nerve wrecking cold breeze, all pullovers tightly pulled in..We stooped for more than an hour at Khardung La pass..It was so cold, that the water on the road has frozen & we could try & break the recently formed ice out of them 😉 ,yes this little stretch was rocky ,snowy but it was an ideal location to feel the chilly winds , sipping special black tea & hot Maggie out there .Bothe sides covered by huge mountains ,near ones covered with snow perfect to trek & play all Ice ball games on one another. Stop of over an hour & we again started our journey for Nubra via North Pullu.



A lovely valley formed by meeting of Shyok & Siachen River separating ladhak & Karakoram ranges ,which will for sure give you a great sight ,an altogether different sight from Leh/Khardung-La. At about 10k Ft high, this valley was actually “Valley of Flowers”, so pristine, so clear, and famous for Bactarian Camels of Hunder.

Never thought of Sand dunes at such an altitude & cold place? Well, yes, the first thing we did post reaching Nubra Valley was jumping at Hunder for astounding Bactrian (Double Humped) camel ride along the dunes. Ride on the cold desert was a first time experience. One side enormous mountains & Grasslands seen on the other end.. I was ecstatic to see nature unfold with so much of beauty.



Every moment was a bliss in itself.. From the ride, we came to our Camp “Apple Cottage” which was again a calm, serene camp amidst nature, seemed as in nature welcomed us with folding hands. Exploring camp for some time, we decided to walk through the roads leading to nowhere, exploring the place all by ourselves while chatting with the locals there. As guided by locals, a walk of some 3-4kms, led us to grassland crossing which a stream of river Shyok was flowing across. Removing our shoes we just sat across t feel the tranquillity within, observing the fisherman on the other side catching fishes in the stream for his survival…1/2/3 in front of us he gathered some 7-8 fishes & even we tried our hands at the same (although had no success in it) ,listening to his way of life ,their source of earning..& we could just conclude that work…eat..Enjoy…was their only funda of life, way apart from out life at the Metro!

Searching the way!!

Searching the way!!

Night had begun to set in, when we decided to finally return to our camp, since there was no local then & the complete path became lonely, it was very difficult to trace up the path correctly & it took some 30-40 min to reach back safely.. Tired & happy, we grinned, had dinner, called it a day & had a peaceful cozy sleep in our tents.

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With love..JC!!

Nonetheless had we thought to visit China ,but any opportunity to be blessed to have a meet & greet JC could not be avoidable!

Similar was the day when destiny turned things for us & we had an exquisite wonder coming across to visit Shanghai & Beijing & all the more ,to be a part of an International event –Celebration of Jackie Chan’s Birthday! A completely not to be missed event.

JC had been a childhood hero for me but to meet him in person was all together so different, It was such a WOW moment, a moment when I felt in love with him once again not as an actor or singer or Martial art champion but as a noble soul, as a loving person, as a person with a motive to work for society.

So it was day 2 @China ,post doing some great excursion tour of Forbidden city ,it was a chance to meet & greet JC ,on his 60th Birthday. A lovely gathering, beautifully built up stages, live recording equipments, projectors displaying some precious moments. Here came loud thunders, JC JC JC…maddening crowd, people applauding, cheering, shouting, & amongst a big mad fanfare ,here came Jackie .The very next moment ,I was stunned to see him in tears ,reason being vast fan following in the auditorium ,such a humble personality he was!

Soon an AV “Secrets of JC” began playing, which made me fall in love with Jackie, all the more again. Such a beautiful AV it was ,describing & reflecting him as a person ,very much a family person ,preparing orange juice for his family , a professional being a Kid ,spreading the message of cleanliness drive by indulging himself into cleaning not just house but even sets & even in social life ,as in completely unaware of his stardom. Such a down to earth person ,a person well aware of his reason to be there in this world ,who has played an important role for little children across the world to make their life a happy one.

That was a moment , which triggered tears in my eyes ,thud of sudden silence set in ,it was so touchy, no stardom ,no big talks but just a normal person standing in front of us which his life depicted all over again . It made me crazy once again for Jackie ,along with a passion in me to give my life a direction & work towards a noble cause .

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Love u JC!

Love u JC!

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Tranquil Lansdowne!! My Travel diary with my KID

Travel Brief :

  • Location –Lansdowne (Pauri district of Uttarakhand ,45 Kms of Kotdwar)
  • Best Duration – Feb end –May ,September –November ,rains set in during July
  • How to go about – About 250 Kms from Delhi ,one can opt for private car/Train (Delhi –Kotdwar)
  • Major Attractions : Tip n Top ,Bhulla Tal ,Garhwal museum ,St. Mary’s Church ,Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple

It had been approx. 6 months of going through the preeminent & simultaneously the most rigorous phase in life of any woman…Yes, I’m talking about Motherhood..A fascinating beginning, a significant optimism, a sparkling smile, is what this word ushers our lives with!

First time experience had to be adventurous, with bounty of new surprises day by day ,some snatching the leisure time ,compelling us to work more hard ,& some bringing a sense of joy & contentment within! But ,amongst all this ,I had waited that as soon as my kid turns 6m ,Me ,a “traveloholic” person would begin my travel diary again(after a break of approx.a year) & yes I had been frantically googling for a leisure trip nearby to Delhi.

Many places in Uttarakhand shortlisted, few rejected keeping in mind sudden changes of temperature for the 6m old, some rejected for long distances..A frenzied me…24 hours of hunt zeroed out the little pristine hill station of “Lansdowne”, a weekend Garhwali destination to rejuvenate & chill out!

Gusto set in me!!Well it was a well deserved break!! Bags packed & we (along with our travel friends) boarded our train direct to the Kotdwar, a perfect ride with kids enjoying their first train journey with ample eagerness! Gush of winds blowing past our faces , Little drizzling ,fragrance of wet trees @Kotdwar while climbing own the train itself enthralled me & I dreamt of a perfect 3 day weekend!

So easy to reach Lansdowne from Kotdwar, frequent 8-10 seaters available which drop to the destined hotel..Well, we had intentionally got a resort booked which was some 20 Kms before Lansdowne main city..S.B. Mount Resort —A perfect resort –

    • Giving a sense of Freshness & tranquillity
    • A sense of adventure by trekking on the hills opposite to it
    • A sense of closeness to nature ,with the rivulet flowing across it
    • An opportunity for Bird watching & might be lucky if some deer’s say Hi in the mornings due to its vicinity to Jim Corbett!!

We reached our resort by 4pm, with hunger pangs reckoning our body systems…Within 5 minutes, we requested resort manager to arrange lunch tables for us..Wow, that seemed absolutely pleasant, table in lawn, stream flowing across, & we pouncing on nearly home-made food..Paneer lababdaar ,mix veg.,daal makhani ,raita ,kheer ,salad…& hot fulka’s..In just 5 minutes I felt myself so vivid, so overwhelmed being in vicinity to the nature. A stomach full lunch demands some rest …but don’t forget our 6 months old kids were with us..So had to make them take a nap for at least & hour which gave us also the chance to relax..

Weather was pleasant, drizzling had stopped, stomach was tight, all this called for a trek right ahead on the hillock opposite to the resort..But the question…KIDS?? C’mmon, for adventure loving parents, kids might have got those genes right at the birth.So, we decided to take them along with us..Harsh , narrow ,insignificant path throughout the trek..Didn’t knew where it would lead to…few steps & then anxiety of kids gripping us…but yes we did it…we reached the top ,which was a big plane ,with a spectacular scene of the surroundings !!Wow, it gave us a great sense of accomplishment! With sun-setting in the scene cannot be described..We just stayed & captured the beauty in our lenses for next 30-35 minutes..As the night was beginning to fall, we decided to climb down & reach back for a tempting Dinner .Day 1 passed chatting across the tables, mostly around these naughty boys, their tantrums & plan for next 2 days 🙂


It had to be special, very special, with clouds engulfing all night & experiencing good rains .Morning was stunning…Little sunshine peeking from the huge trees & drizzling simultaneously made a merry morning! Soon drizzling stopped & we decided to welcome dawn by having coffee besides the river stream, puling our chairs across it..So serene, so calm, it had been ages I had experienced this serenity (before this my last trip was to China, which didn’t got me into calm mode ;))

A rejuvenating hour …shook…wake up…my kid was wailing in search of me 😉 Yes, it was his breakfast time too & my coffee time was over !So an hour of cajoling & pampering, we all got ready to head towards Lansdowne..Well the manager had suggested..Book a cab for an easy ride…but we don’t understand easiness ;)Well, we planned to opt for local bus & have its ride..God, such an entertaining ride was it…Kids almost slept & we enjoying local music, with those sharp & steep twists & turns reached main town of Lansdowne..Well, it’s a pretty small town & requires just a day to enjoy the tourist places & rest dedicate all time to admire the beauty it entails within itself.

We covered 5 places in a span of 8-9 hours, although a bit hectic yet delightful…



3 Lansdowne



With a day full of bliss, calmness, we returned back to our hotel by 8 in the night only to find an amazing night hosted with DJ & dance floor ready for us to rock with the nature!
A break of 30 minutes to stretch out & then we rocked the dance floor with other groups as well..That was absolutely astonishing & a memorable experience to make our lil kido dance in our arms .With no mood to stop ,rather bon fire in the midst of windy night elevated our moods & for next 2 hours there was no looking back from the dance floor (yes ,we took breaks to pacify ,feed kids ) ,but that was the perfect ending of the day ..Seeing hot gulab jamuns at the other end of the table, mouth watered us & finally we planned to break from the dance floor & grab the sumptuous hot dinner & yummy delicacies of halwa & Jamun’s
What a sparkling day it was!
Day 3:
Well Lansdowne has nothing more than this, but we had our train in after noon, so had a great chance to experience another captivating morning!
This morning gave me a chance to watch beautiful birds, although drizzling post 8 narrowed down my search, but still I was pleasantly surprised & glad to follow those colourful birds to capture them .

A relaxed breakfast made our start ecstatic & we decided to climb down into the stream to have some delightfully brilliant pic before returning back to the hustle bustle city of Delhi!
Very short but a blissful trip, a must visit place to experience serenity!!!

Do’s & don’t with kids as small as 6 months –
1. Plan a short trip of 2-3 days only as it does not hamper your kid’s routine
2. Try to make journey as comfortable as it can be ;Train is one of the most comfortable mode & kids too enjoy it
3. Check out the weather on Hill stations & do take along an extra inner wear for kids
4. Don’t plan travel/sightseeing at a stretch, take tours of some 4-5 hours & then break for relaxation with kids.
5. Prefer not to take kids on twisty routes as we took from Lansdowne to Tarkeshwar as kids are prone to motion sickness on those routes & vomit out frequently, also they become cranky on those routes.
6. Do take Gripe Water/Bonisan to avoid constipation to kids