My Phone -Zenfone2!!

Favourite phone ? Well ,I guess many would take a chance to ponder ,think over the pros & cons & then might be able to rate their Smart Phones close to 8 out of 10 .. But ,I would love to stand apart from thinking like a think tank ,trying to memorize all the features & would out rightly quote Asus Zenfone2 as my favourite phone!

Among the crowd of budgeted, trendy smartphones, showcasing their features on limited platform of screen size & camera Mega pixels ,ASUS stands differently & with able features demarking their series ,luring the Global customers over its quality ,grandeur.

Recently I had a chance to buy Zenfone2 for my dad, & since then I have fallen in love with its specifications, the robustness, the sexy design, the grand look it portrays & yes in such an affordable price. A click from 13MP camera of ASUS vs 13 MP camera of competition will lead one to a significant difference due to the in built technology rather than just the megapixel.

Their first series was unforgettable & yes, in news from past few months is Zenfone2, the glimpse of it is bound to make one fall in love at their first sight.

Grand Zenfone2!

What does one expect? A dashing look ,Wonderful clicks ,selfie & panoramic views ,enormous memory to fill in with loads of pics ,videos ,books ,movies ,apps, & yes an everlasting battery.

So does it get fulfilled by new Asus Zenfone2? Read below as to why it is my favorite phone & why it is a must in my sexy hands 😉 (although I took for my dad ,but since Day 1 ,it has been explored in my hands)–

Get up & #”See what others can’t see “-

1.As claimed, it is world’s 1st Smartphone with 4GB RAM – Now forget the numerous issues of spacing, click & move, save books /movies & go..4GB is enormous to support superior functioning with Intel processor for better switching in between apps ,smooth video play, quick surfing & a faster performance altogether.

2.It pains to charge my handset of 1800 mAh every now & then & charging to 100% takes nearly 2 hours. Actually I never see it 100% charged due to my constant need .Here goes this lovely Zenfone ,with 3000 mAH battery & a brilliant technology –“BoostMaster technology” embedded to charge the phone at double speed & you’ll see,60% in 39 minutes. Cool!!

3.In love with Selfie?

  • 5MP  front camera with 85 degree wide angle lens is bound to give great selfie. Even group of friends can have a lovely snap with 140 degree panoramic selfie or to capture some beautiful landscapes.
  • 13MP back camera with 5 element lens is bound to capture the minutest details with precision.
  • Tired of getting the wrong color tones? Onion color looking purple or Pink?
  •  Ah! That mark on my face will narrow down my picture ?

Huh! Zenfone2 will get you out of this mess & ensure you have a look at the true colors on captured shots. & yes it also takes care of your beauty by removing those marks, enlightening the complexion to give a flawless picture to fall in love with self once again:)


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4. Amazing ZenUI is all the more interesting! Customization of themes, Icons, Wallpapers seems to be scintillating. Furthermore typing ,a “C” on screen to launch camera,”W” for browser ,”E” for Email ,any similar other shortcuts ,seems to be appealing.

5.Tap twice to wake it up from sleep, Tap for One hand mode by shrinking UI, again seems exciting. Managing schedules by Whats Next, Do it later, enabling Kid’s mode to keep a watch on the content visible to them, are also some features worth use in day to day life.

6.Added security in the form of “Trend Micro Security” for heavy browsers to keep mobile on the go without any viral attack.

So, I can be sure, the first glimpse of Asus Zenfone2 shared is fascinating enough to have a look & feel with those amazing accessories & intelligent covers!

Gadget –O- King …Asus !!


Being a technocrat professional which demands quick updates on the embedded technology, innovative features, Pricing & finding out the value for money product has kept me on toes from past 2 years with respect to handsets /Tabs/E-Books .By the way, at the back of my mind ,PC’s or the desktops seemed to be a gone history ,with limited utility & usage mainly restricted to Offices .

But, it seems ASUS has inculcated so many innovative & interesting features in its All-In-One PC ET2040 that PC industry is gonna see a growth in its sale trajectory. Instead of All –in –one, I should name it, Innovative-Modern All in One PC suitable for all genres. I really loved 2 features of ET2040:

  1. 1 hour of Backup power, even when the lights turn off? Isn’t that good, to keep your work on the same pace without any hindrance ,especially when you know that it’ll last for an hour? I guess, you have ample time to complete tasks on hand ,to save & prevent sudden file corruption /lost data ,which is a major problem in areas with poor power backup ,with every line typed there has to be Ctrl+S with fear of losing the data worked upon! Hell, I’ve experienced what it calls for, energy drainer to know that the complete data worked upon has been lost ,& that too ‘coz of the power in today’s world! This PC is bound to ensure no such hiccups in your life 🙂
  2. The Brilliant Gesture Control system: “The NO –Touch feature!! Just a thumb up from max. Distance of 5mts, will play the video or the song, hey I bet U gonna have crush on these features! Shh…A hush sign to “mute”, waving enabling Flipping, & Fist to control volumes?? Great, now there is no need to rush from the kitchen to enhance the volume or play the video I love to hear. Thanks, Asus for making it a Techno –Modern day friend of mine. These two form the bigger picture ensuring initial crush ,but there are more to follow as Smart Charging with Ultra fast 3.0USB,recharging our very much used Smartphones cum whats app devices;) ,draining their batteries heavily upto 50times faster compared to USB2.0 & not just charging ,even transferring the data from PC to Tablet or vice versa is much more faster than the current & above all ,Intel processor ,synonym of speed is dam sure to lighten up our life ,enhance multi-tasking without any unresponsive pages. Its sleek design of 19.5-Inch HD screen is also a thumb up from my side. Isn’t it convincing from ASUS to have hands on & a must buy product for our home ,Do try out! Guys do check the links mentioned for a quick overview on these devices, come fall in love & nurture them by buying if you like !


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Along with the rejuvenation of PC ,I found ASUS Eee Book X205 equally convincing with its compactness of 1.75 Cm sleekness & light in weight modality ,which gives it an immense appeal .Built in with Quad core processor & Intel ATOM processor, ensuring again the multi tasking feature with great speed & much easiness for today’s women ,where in we need to be live on social media apps ,kitchen recipe apps &side by side clicking pics & videos & demand all of them to work simultaneously on a super fast speed. All this is ensured by the New Generation ASUS devices mentioned .

Guys do check the links mentioned for a quick overview on these devices, Come fall in love & nurture them by buying if you like !

This blog has been written for Indiblogger in association with Asus ,check out the best features at the links mentioned below –

ASUS EeeBook X205TA & ASUS All In One PC ET2040.


Lightening Up your Life Ji :) – Courtesy: Micromax Canvas Tab P666

NO more… is unresponsive 🙂

My profession calls for me being gadget savy, specifically for Smart Phones & tabs & this in turn has grown into a big passion for me to keep a check on the upcoming flow of smart handsets & tabs, mostly with nearly the same features & engaging in just the price war.  A plethora of handsets calls for no distinguishing feature, but just highlighting on apps, increasing their sale graphs. With all focusing on Camera /Screen Size, Android Latest versions, it came as a wonderful “Bolt from the blue” Micromax canvas Tab P666 focusing on their Processor, Intel Atom.

Well ,it’s no longer just the looks that matter ,it’s the fastest Finger first that has attained the prime importance due to the power of social apps as Skype ,HD Videos on Youtube ,downloading of movies ,Books & blah much more.“Hanging problems ,sudden stopping of smart apps, pose as the major crankiness in many android handsets ,but yes this Tab calls for a thumbs up & is up to be adopted by the “Faster World”.

It is this processor which will make my HD videos effortlessly, help me downloading & reading books (I’ m a huge bookworm ,reading atleast 2-3 e-books a month ,apart from managing my profession & experiencing Motherhood J ) ,help me sail smoothly between super responsive apps.

Since I’ve recently entered into the amazing avatar of “Motherhood” & due to my professional responsibilities ,I’m a bit far from my family .But in this Tech –world & with the help of Canvas P666,I don’t think any distance matters ,In India or Out of India ,it’s the same. Nana –Nani ,Dada-Dadi ,with their 4 month old grandson are always in complaint mode towards me for being lethargic & not being swift in updating his actions ,it seems have also gone Tech savy .So ,this New year it’s a definite resolution from my side to them ,ensuring no lag in getting them see their grandson🙂 .Getting crazier to see his smile ,his new activities ,this device would certainly light up their lives ,with me sharing his day to day activity videos ,his chat videos(not yet de-coded what he speaks) in a speedy manner , chat on Skype & that too in a flawless manner. Few videos a day will bring smile on their faces & P666 will ensure their ecstasies!

 It’s not just the speed; ruling out the dilemma of Power Optimization also holds a key importance with Intel Atom processor & 4400MaH Battery .Entry into motherhood had exited me from the “Movie world” but yes post P666 ,it would be  a re-entry for sure! No cinema’s but yes I’ll do own this tab &it’ll for sure turn on the movie keeda in 2015 in me.

Well, that’s not fair if the readership is not taken to next levels. Being a Book worm from studying books while graduating to Novels & Adventure Magazines post that, my tabs come as handy to explore more of my interest & again the credit will go to Micromax in association with Intel to facilitate a faster switch among the work & my hobby. A book junkie, I usually download approx 4-5 books a month & my recent read through has been “Playing It My Way (Sachin Tendulkar)” ,”Common Sense” ,Pitch Dark ,The Bankster” ,So that calls for a definitive look on this tab ,to swiftly read aside my work ,with larger single screen !

Who needs laptops with Intel Pentium now? Guys, go out & get Micromax Canvas Tab P666 & light up your lives.

Go All out, take pictures, videos, experience super surfing, explore all amazing features of this tab By Clicking Here or Copy this web address

Guys,have a look at the video below to explore the tab’s Feature : 

{This blog has been written for Indiblogger Happy hour in association with Micromax for “Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside™”}