CRICKET..A maddening play, A game above everything, A game with players worshipped..Well, that’s the place of Cricket in India & in Indian’s Heart.

A single match, be it 20-20, 50-50, IPL, World Cup or anything, it will gather all chairs at home, just to find all glued to the matches. Such is the situation at my home, where I have freaks as my Dad, Uncle, Younger Brother & even my Grand Pa…

Sometimes I feel this game is worth everything ,as it unites every culture ,every religion ,every person in India ,but simultaneously ,when the turn comes to see the situations at home ,I feel it is a blunder personally as-

    Any Party – Either delay or cancel, as matches cannot be left!

    Office work –Cancelled as Final’s cannot be left out!

    My favourite series House of Cards – Oh! You can watch it later, its match time!

    If Mum asks to bring some urgent grocery, it’s me who is to do the favour!

    College..Tution..All bunked to count on the runs & make home a terrific battleground!

    Leave Navjot Sidhu ,Harsha Bhogle ..Here we have 4 commentators ,with their grand thoughts & predictions on every ball !

    Try calling them even for a moment & they’ll be sounding deaf!

    Any travel plan..Immediately cancelled till match duration!

    Not this much…Situation worsens when Me & Mum are asked to –

    Offer some pakora’s with hot Tea/Coffee..

    Offer some Aloo paratha’s..HUH !!!

    An innings break means a complete sit, over the discussion on the past & expected win/loss..

    OMG! It feels, as suddenly all intellectual people have turned logical Pandits, predicting the future of Indian Cricket team 😉

And, this situation worsens as India progresses, from Quarter Finals to Semi finals & In final’s, home becomes a small Pitch wherein Virtual players play their game & we become the spectators clapping on their shots 😉 😉

And, then after so much of effort of seeing, discussing, if India loses the match…That’s called a Tsunami..Aloo parantha mood changes to Pumpkin Veggie & sometimes even switches to fasting..

Crazy, Wacky & Yes screwy for me!!

It sounds so hilarious isn’t it? And I do laugh at the repercussions of Indian cricket matches. Well ,I believe that this isn’t just my situation ,It must be the case in 95% of the households .Earlier 50-50 were enough ,now T-20’s & IPL’s have added more woes to it;)

Technology has emerged, things have changed, to make my house a more of “Digital Home” & save all the above sequence of events, I did a smart play recently. With all having their individual smart phones/Tablets, I just had to get a new Tab for my Grand Pa.

So the homework started by downloading UC Browser (Surf it fast) & initiating a tutorial sessions for all with the major theme of “Now Watch Cricket at a go”, whether you are travelling or at office or in a social function, just open the browser, connect to UC Cricket Icon & here you go with all infinitesimal of the details & not just one match ,but multiple matches running across. So, the theme became an instant hit due to the ease, convenience & viewing multiple matches (view the one grabbing your interest)

So, this post is more of a public advisory, to re-instate the peace, enhance social visits and to grab up your favourite series again J

Have a look at the links embedded below, to view the details, videos UC Browser –UC Cricket shares & to download the same.

http://www.ucweb.com/ and download the app from UC Cricket.

Watch their amazing video embedded below