Pink :: Captivating Dark TRUTH -Movie Review

“NO” is not just a word but a complete sentence in itself ,No means NO , if a girl says to her friend or to an unknown or even if a wife says to a husband!! This dark story leaves you suspicious & cynical with the so called “Friends”,one have to have faith for the first time to convert the “Jaan pehchaan” into friendship & this is when these cold –blooded “not so holy cows” take their seat!

Wearing shorts or skimpy dresses ,a friendly talk or a drink doesn’t define a girl’s character to be called as “Promiscuous” or hanging out with boys doesn’t define they are into some “pesha” ,yes this story claims upon the “Moral rule book for girls ”out rightly as a sarcasm. If our boys are safe with no tinge of feudalism, we the girls will be safe everywhere!

The actual incident gets so brilliantly hidden in the “thanking names” ,you just hear some conversations in the back drop & it’s only in the end (during end credits) that you get to see the actual incident which happened in a resort at Surajkund (so called “Surajkund Kand”) between three young girls & three brats ,one from an influential society. One need to scratch up the heads & hear out the conversations & the dark plot to understand what could have happed that night.. Why did the girls hang with the unknown guys? What was the trigger that drew Meenal to hit Rajveer with the drink bottle which could have taken his life..Its not very soon that the “plot” would have got framed in your mind!

Compromise, but only till your heart allows!! But what if even then the monsters wish to teach you a lesson (for not getting sexually engaged with them & hitting out for self defence) ,what would an independent modern day woman do if she gets kidnapped & falls into the nasty inhuman acts of molestation? Reverse way ,its she who gets jail term ,an un-bailable warrant ; irony even the woman SHO ignoring the factual of the case against a woman & just working around the political power!

The 2nd half narrating trail scenes (court) seems to surely make one uncomfortable of the attacks against the women but alongside I sensed that the courtroom swayed away with the emotions (along with the judge). There could have been more of intellectual evidence reports ,rather than just fake aggression of prosecution to “admit money making business by the girls” ! Nowhere was the case discussed upon the kidnapping & molestation but just the crime was imposed upon by the judge on the boys. Well ,the presence of “AB” was a big impact on the movie ,his fight to help girls get justice even under his own “constant medication condition” ,his wife’s critical illness” ,his dialogues of creating rule book for women (if she laughs ,smiles & behave friendly with gang of boys) really amused us to the most ,but that is actually the characteristic mark on our society ! His terming of SHO as “Superwoman” & proving her report as false & back dated triggered applause. Prosecutions & Rajveer’s arguments of Girls drinking & partying do not belong to “Good family” ,hanging out with boys mean “they are into some business”.. made me yell! But, yes really it is a heart wrenching truth even in 21st century!

Presence of Andrea from north east & her being treated in a biased manner in Delhi did not actually mean anything in the movie context ,as the issue of North east students treatment was altogether a different issue in reality.

Summarising, “This movie stands as a big support to the women to stand out against this vicious circle of feudalism, masculine & political power ,to be determined to raise the voice & get the justice ! It also portrays relations beautifully be it faith of a landlord in the 3 girls even when he is attacked to drag out the girls from his flat; the love & togetherness of room-mates (Falak & Meenal) ; sheer coward of the “elder man” in relation with Falak ,who broke with her in the light of this incidence & above all the “Fight of Renowned Lawyer –Deepak Sehgal ,against the black power & for the respect of “She” power!

Scripting, performance is brilliant by all the actors, narrations by AB are actually laudable, background song “Kaari kaari raina saari…scorches your soul”

Pink , makes you scratch your heart & soul

Pink asks woman not to endure & lead the battle,

Pink asks the society & men to evolve now

It will sadden you ,it will make your soul cry ,it will make you more conscious!

Go watch it to acknowledge the truth of this society!! 4-Star for PINK!


Shaandaar..Not so Shaandaar!!

Well ,a lot more could have been done & expected with 3 out of the 4 makers of Queen who handshake again to give this not at all “Shaandaar” ,lose script ,lost story ,unnecessary songs (just to utilize shahid’s dancing) ,out of the way pre-marriage song torturing the feminine & countering the male’s again..

I expected something fab from this movie ,but 10 minutes the start & I could barely hold on to my seat (although I did to justify the tickets;)) ,poor direction ,failing logics all through.

It encompasses a wedding sequence right in the centre of England ,beautifully decorated ,amidst two highly influential business families ,both of which are bankrupt (but unknown to one another) & wanna get through this marriage just to secure a deal & get out of bankruptcy.

The story ventured around the marriage events of an eight -n-a half pack abs Bobby (Groom) ,hating his to be bride Esha coz she being oversized & both unable to step out from this marriage “just coz of a deal” ,Esha being pretty loving knowing all the fancies & likes of her to be hubby (with the hope that bobby might turn around some day) ,winning up the “Sangeet with Karan Hamper” was sweet & lovely. Shahid with the role of “Wedding Planner” could be expected to get some better role than this rather than just try being an “Insomniac”.

Yes ,Both Alia & Shahid(Jagjinder Joginder) were Insomniac’s ,Alia(as she knew she was adopted child) swimming along the nights in the waterfalls ,pampering her Ashok (The frog) ,eating banana’s ,reading ..Well what else would one do in the starry night & yes having a combined dream of her pops aka Pankaj Kapur to find a person who could make her sleep (How romantic..Isn’t it :@) & Shahid well afraid of the dark nights but every times runs to do biking on the roads & with Alia from the moment both the insomniacs meet ..

Movie will take you to all night sequences (better suited for insomniacs) ,trying to avoid most of the day lights or ensuing animated versions or stupidity engrossed in the day..

Letting the family eat mushroom’s & muffin’s in the day (coz it was Tuesday in India & none could eat Non-veg arranged by the Wedding planner JJ) ,which created a deadly combo & drifted all the members to an elongated comedy sequences ,sanjay kapur (Groom’s well rich golden Bro)searching his legs ,Bipin Aka Pankaj Kapur chatting to his Prabha with this boot (The then girl friend ,who got separated coz of his donning mother when she was pregnant –& yes tat was the truth behind creation of Alia;) ). & many more ..All these funny sequences being recorded in JJ’s Lumia & he decides to show it to all ,this is when he tries to create tender moments between father Pankaj Kapur & Alia ,to let Alia know that she is not adopted but “so cool Najayaz”.

Being engrossed in all this bull shit ,suddenly “Mamiji ,the donning Mamiji” dies out of a foolish sequence & then suddenly all want to break the deal ,the marriage which does happens ,with everyone speaking up their truth’s in front of all ,Esha breaking her marriage ,Alia speaking of her being actual daughter of Pankaj,Their designer chachu acknowledging that he is a gay ,Panditji (in mandap) telling out that he is a commentator & what not..Huh ! As expected marriage breaks ..The Arora’s & Sindhi’s deal breaks ,Pankaj Kapur runs with his 2 daughter ,JJ & the captured groom (who doesn’t have money to buy his protein shake) & share his dream of JJ & Alia getting together as he is the man with whom Alia can sleep & same for JJ!!

Gosh !! That’s the end ..Well one thing I forgot to tell..Bipin aka Pankaj Kapur could draw his dreams cartoons who could actually move ,bounce ,dance like Harry potter films.. This was very absurd could just smile & let it go!

Karan Johar made a cameo for Mehendi with karan & got 2 rounds played off..

That’s it guys ,this not-so-expected blunder doesn’t deserves more than 2 n a half .

Disappointed completely! Better use your day lazing around in the bed than to stick to your seats for 146 minutes!